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Purple Mattress Purple Mattress or Alternatives
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Purple Mattress is the world's first no pressure mattress. It offers support for different parts of the body without compromising support for other areas. The mattress aims to reduce spinal compressions and pressure points no matter how the user lies, reducing the amount of pain that can be felt upon waking up. Regardless of weight, the Purple Mattress is able to offer maximum support without many of the negatives that other fully supportive mattresses are known to have.

Purple Mattress Purple Mattress or Alternatives
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  • Hyper-elastic Polymer

    The material that the Purple Mattress is made up of is called Hyper-Elastic Polymer and it allows the user to feel the right level of support. This is regardless of how heavy the user is or how they lie comfortably in bed. The material is formed in a grid pattern and this pattern is what makes it so effective at offering excellent support. Purple Mattress is effective as the Hyper-Elastic Polymer can either hold its structure or bend depending on the amount of pressure it has being placed upon it.

  • Durability

    Purple Mattress has been designed with a view to this being a long lasting mattress. It will be able to last for decades as the structural support to the body is effective while helping it to retain its integrity.

  • No Motion Transfer

    As the Hyper-Elastic Polymer is structured in a grid pattern that directly responds to the weight on it from above, users won't be able to feel another person moving around as much. This motion isolation makes for a better nights sleep for all involved.

  • Allergen Resistant

    Made from food and food-contact-grade ingredients, the mattress offers protection from allergens. It is also non-toxic and will leave the user to sleep soundly without worry about outside substances.

  • Temperature Neutral

    Many brands of mattress suffer from overheating, however, the Purple Mattress is temperature due to the design of the material. The grid pattern of the Hyper-Elastic Polymer allows for excellent airflow which means the body can stay cool while remaining fully supported.


  • Spinal Alignment

    The supportive nature of the mattress means it is possible to offer the support of a firm mattress and a soft mattress all rolled into one. This is particularly important because it means the spine is always fully supported without activating pressure points. This is an excellent way to help reduce that amount of back pain that many people feel when they awake when they are sleeping on a mattress with improper support.

  • Cool Sleep

    Fully supportive mattresses are well known for leaving the user overly hot during the night. The material and design used in the Purple Mattress ensures that there is sufficient air flow to the user's body that they will have a cool night's sleep.

  • Non-toxic

    The materials used in the making of the Purple Mattress have all been tested thoroughly and are not only non-toxic but are allergen resistant. The result is that many people with compromised immune systems or those that suffer from breathing difficulties are in for a better sleep.

  • 10 Year Warranty

    This says a lot for the mattress on its own and goes to show that they really do believe in its durability. The Purple Mattress will last decades and, as the lifespan of standard sprung mattresses is around 7 years, a 10-year warranty is a definite plus.

  • Movement

    The product is not only easy to move on but is completely silent. If there are two people sharing the bed then the movement transfer is minimal resulting in a better night's sleep all round.

  • Recyclable

    Everything used to create this mattress is entirely recyclable and the company reduces as much waste as possible by reusing materials when and where possible.


  • Online Sales

    The Purple Mattress is only available online which might put many users off. This means that a buyer cannot test the mattress before committing to buying it, however, the mattress does come with a 100-day money back guarantee. This guarantee acts to ensure that the user can test the mattress fully before they decide whether they like it or not.

  • Firmness

    Despite claiming to support as and where is needed, the mattress is still on the firm side. If the buyer prefers a softer bed then the Purple Mattress might fail to impress in such situations.

  • Thin

    The Mattress itself measures only 9.5" deep compared to 11" for standard mattresses. This isn't an issue for the majority of users, however, tall people might find it more difficult to get on and off this mattress. It might not be much of a difference but when you are using it on a daily basis, it can be very inconvenient.


  • Mattress Depth

    Slightly thinner than the average mattress, this is an issue for taller people. Getting on and off the bed on a daily basis using a thinner mattress can be more difficult and less comfortable, resulting in strains in the body.

How it's Different from Competitors

The Hyper-Elastic Polymer used in the product is different to standard mattresses. Sprung mattresses are not able to offer the same levels of support as they use only one firmness throughout. Other forms of multi-support style mattresses are made from different materials that are notorious for leaving the user hot at night. The formation of the Hyper-Elastic Polymer allows for the user to have full support throughout the body while enjoying a cool night's sleep.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Purple Mattress online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Purple Mattress online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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