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Purest Pour Purest Pour or Alternatives
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Purest Pour is a water filtration system built into a water pitcher. With this pitcher you can rely on four separate filtration steps to give you the cleanest drinking water. Easy to hold, to refill, to pour, and to replace filters, the system is very user friendly. What's more, the company offers home delivery for replacement filters so that you never run out of the clean water you feel confident giving to your children, friends, and family.

Purest Pour Purest Pour or Alternatives
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The cost of Purest Pour is $14.95 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Definitions

    This water filter is allegedly one of the few on the market which conforms to the FDA and NSF definitions of purified water.

  • Smell and Taste Better

    Purportedly, the water will smell and taste better. In fact, it is claimed that the water is so pure you can use it to clean fruits and vegetables, to cook, and to drink.

  • Large Volume

    The unit can hold up to twelve cups of filtered water.

  • Lcd Timer

    There is an LCD timer on top of each pitcher which informs the users when it is time to change out the filter. Times are based upon the level of use and how many contaminants are in your water. However, on average, the filter needs to be changed after forty gallons.

  • Fast Filtration

    It is safe and clean, ensuring you never run out of water.


  • Comprehensive Filtration

    Purest Pour is a water filtering water pitcher created by Aerus. Removing lead and other dangerous contaminants from the drinking water you ingest, it keeps water in its purest form. It removes odor, bad taste, cadmium, mercury, and lead with a four stage filter that ensures even the smallest or most dangerous impurities are removed. There is a quick filtering chamber which ensures fast filtration for up to twelve cups of water.

  • Discount Filtration Program

    They have a discount filter replacement program. Due to the fact that this is an as seen on tv product, you will not be able to just go to any store and buy replacement filters, like you can with things like Brita. Instead you have to order them from the company, and to help they give you a discounted rate that is tantamount to fifty cents per day for clean water, delivered right to your door.

  • Ergonomically Friendly

    BPA free, the pitcher is designed to be ergonomically friendly. The refill hatch is convenient and offers a quick filtering chamber so you do not have to wait as long to get the purified drinking water you want. There is a comfortable pour handle which makes it easy to lift and pour from the unit.


  • Fda and Nsf

    The company states multiple times that theirs is the only one on the market which complies with the FDA and NSF definition of purified water. This is a bit misleading. Complying with a definition does not mean anything significant. Rather, it merely means that based on a generic definition posted on the website of both organizations, the filtered water produces that result. There is no certification or anything by the two organizations in question.

  • Cost of Filters

    Like any water filtration system, there are physical filters which help protect the water. These filters must be put inside of the water filter. That means you have to keep buying them regularly, once the water stops filtering. With all water filters you must be aware that if the filter has stopped working properly. Should the water be is exposed to any light, you will start to see green algae developing inside of the container. This is not harmful, but it is indicative that the unit needs to be taken apart, cleaned, and a new filter inserted.

How It Works

This design offers a four stage filtration system intended to purify the water. First it removes particulates thanks to the micro net. Second the ion exchange resin filter will remove any heavy metals. Third the silver-activated carbon will remove any pesticides, mercury, chlorine, or other agents responsible for bad taste or smell from the water. Finally, the fourth step uses an ultra-fine micro net to ensure all natural discoloration is removed.

How it's Different from Competitors

This Purest Pour water pitcher is different from others on the market insofar as it is purportedly the only one on the market which filters out lead. What’s more, it is allegedly one of the only consumer filters which complies with the definition of “purified water” by the FDA and NSF. Their unit has an electronic filter monitor to let you know when you need to change out the filters, a feature other water purification systems lack.

Allegedly the filtration system has been independently tested and certified to filter out cadmium and lead. The company focuses on how news reports highlight the finding of lead and dangerous chemicals in drinking water. These things, however, are often things you cannot see, smell, or taste in your water, especially lead. That is why having the ability to remove the lead agents makes your drinking water safer for children and families alike. Also claimed by the company is that other competing brands, particularly the top leading brand on the market, does not filter out lead at all.


  • Brita Systems

    Brita filtration systems are the most popular products in the world, using silver-impregnated activated carbon in addition to ion-exchange resin filters as the main means of filtration. Carbon activated in these filtration systems come from coconut shells. Brita based products use the double action of the carbon to remove things like chlorine which impairs taste in addition to the ion exchange resin. Said resin removes lime scale, metals like lead or copper, and anything that can occur when tap water hardens.

    They offer units that affix to the tap or sink, in addition to standalone units which have a spout at the bottom to dispense water as needed. There are also pitchers that you can keep in the fridge. Like the other water filtration systems, they have filters that need to regularly be replaced.

Save Money

You save money by no longer buying bottled water. Bottled water is incredibly bad for the environment. Requiring oil to create, many of the water bottle companies have ruined local environments. Doing so has cut locals off from their natural water sources, and forced people to pay for bottled water they cannot afford, especially in places like Pakistan. What’s more, without proper recycling programs, the bottles become one of the highest forms of waste, collecting in droves. You can slowly put a stop to this by no longer buying expensive bottled water and instead using the same bottle or glass with this filtration system.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Purest Pour online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Purest Pour online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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