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PurAir Filters PurAir Filters or Alternatives
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PurAir Filters are soft, compact filters that have been made to serve as an eco-friendly alternative to frequently dusting or vacuuming your home, and spraying chemical sprays in the rooms to cover up odors. When they're placed anywhere in a particular room, such as under or behind a piece of furniture, it's specified that they'll attract and neutralize the effects of bacteria, dust, and other potentially odorous molecules. In each set of filters, you'll get two six-inch filters, two 12-inch filters, and two travel sprays that work to neutralize odors in the same way.

PurAir Filters PurAir Filters or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of PurAir Filters is $49.95 and the shipping is FREE!

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How It Works

PurAir Filters look like soft, fluffy sponges that are no bigger than a Frisbee, but unlike sponges, they're made of a special material that takes on a positive charge when placed in a new environment. This positive charge allows them to attract unwanted molecules, such as pieces of dust and bacteria. Once one of these molecules has been attracted to one of your filters, it will fall to the floor or straight onto the filter, depending on its location, and become neutralized. After it's been neutralized, anyone in the room or area won't have to deal with its effects, such as its odor or the way it may stuff someone up and interfere with their breathing. Take note that each filter will need to sit in place for 24 hours before positive results become obvious, but each one will also continue to work for up to 30 days.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Add Filter to Chosen Location

    To start using your first PurAir Filter, select either a six-inch or 12-inch filter and add it to the location of your choice. A smaller filter is ideal for a smaller area in your home, while the larger filters should be saved for larger areas. You can place your filter under or behind any piece of furniture or appliance in any room, as long as the furniture or appliance isn't giving off heat. Plus, you can even put one in a refrigerator or cupboard if you want to neutralize bacteria that may be present around the food.

  2. Leave for 24 Hours

    Once your filter is in place, it's best to leave it for 24 hours, although you can alter its location if you feel the need to. It'll take about 24 hours for you to notice any positive results, such as an improvement in your chosen room's air quality, as the filter will need time to attract and neutralize unwanted molecules. You can leave the filter in the same spot for up to a month at a time. However, you may want to exchange a filter with a new one if you think its performance level is dropping.

  3. Dispose of Filter

    After a month, you should dispose of any PurAir Filter that you've used in your residence. The filters have been deemed eco-friendly, so before you simply toss a used one in the garbage, you should check your packaging to determine whether the filters can be recycled.


  • Compact Size

    Since none of the filters in a set of PurAir Filters are very large, even the 12-inch ones, each one won't take up a lot of space in a room of any size. In fact, if you place your filters behind or underneath pieces of furniture, you may not have to step around them or even look at them as they do their work. They can also be concealed from guests who might come to your home, so you won't have to deal with questions about any prior dust or odor problems in the residence.

  • Not Chemical-based

    These air-purifying filters are made of eco-friendly materials, instead of being chemical-based, which means that you'll be able to safely use them around food. While you shouldn't rest a filter directly on top of a piece of food, one of these can sit on a counter or in a refrigerator without harming the contents. In fact, the filters may neutralize so much bacteria around the food that it lasts for up to a week longer than it otherwise would.

  • Come in Sets of Four

    Each set of PurAir Filters contains a 30-day supply, including two smaller filters, two larger filters, and two travel sprays housed in bottles. When sprayed in a particular area, the travel sprays will work in the same way that the filters do to neutralize certain molecules. If you're traveling with a very limited amount of space in your luggage or vehicle, these two-ounce bottles may come in handy in regard to eliminating odors in unfamiliar environments, such as hotel rooms.

  • For Any Enclosed Environment

    Although these filters have been created with at-home use in mind, they can actually be used in any enclosed environment. If you find them useful at home, you may want to use them at your workplace or in your car. Within your vehicle, just be sure to tuck each one away in a place in which it won't be able to fall on your head and distract you while you're driving.

Positive Points

  • May Aid With Breathing

    Having a home filled with dirt, dust, and bacteria can cause the residents to have trouble breathing, especially if some residents are asthmatic or sensitive to allergens. Fortunately, when you add one or more PurAir Filters to your home environment, it'll help you do away with the negative effects of a lot of this dust, dirt, and bacteria. In turn, the air will be cleaner and this should make every resident's lungs and sinuses clearer, too. If a specific person tends to have difficulty breathing in your household, you may want to place one of these filters under their bed.

  • Reduce Cleaning Task List

    Once you're using one or more of these filters in your home, you'll notice that you won't have to dust or vacuum as often to keep each room clean and odor-free. Consequently, you'll have more time to spend working, hanging out with family or friends, or doing other things you enjoy. If you feel like one set of filters isn't enough to keep every room in your home free of dust and odors—and your hands off the vacuum or duster—you can obtain more than one.

  • Ideal for Pet Areas

    An area where a dog hangs out after coming in from outdoors or a place in which a cat uses their litter pan can be one of the stinkiest areas in a home. The same goes for areas where cats and dogs may consume food that humans don't like the smell of. If you decide to add a PurAir Filter to one of these areas, though, you should notice that it's far less smelly within a day. This reduction in odors will likely make your home more appealing to friends, not to mention your own family.

Wise Advice

Do not buy PurAir Filters online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy PurAir Filters online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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