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Protect Direct Masks Protect Direct Masks or Alternatives
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Protect Direct Masks are light blue, triple-layered non-medical face masks. They're meant to be worn by adults and children alike, and each one is purported to include a moldable nose clip that'll allow for a customized fit. In each set of masks, you'll get 20 masks to wear yourself or share with other members of your household. While these masks aren't medical-grade, it's probable that they'll protect you from other people's germs (and vice versa) while you're out shopping, socializing, or doing other activities in public.

Protect Direct Masks Protect Direct Masks or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Protect Direct Masks is $20.00 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Place Mask Over Nose and Mouth

    To wear one of these masks, you'll first need to place it over your nose and mouth. It should cover a bit of your chin, too. While you're placing it over part of your face, make sure that the light blue side is facing outward and that the edge with the nose clip is lined up with your nose. If the clip is lined up with your mouth or chin instead, the mask is clearly upside-down and will need to be flipped around.

  2. Attach Loops to Ears

    Next, once you've verified that your mask isn't upside-down, loop one of the ear loops around each of your ears. These loops will bend and flex a bit to suit the unique size and shape of your ears, instead of being so rigid that they'll make you feel uncomfortable.

  3. Adjust Nose Clip (optional)

    You may find that the default positioning of the nose clip fits your nose quite nicely. If not, however, it'll also bend and flex a bit to fit the size and shape of your nose. It should fit your nose tightly enough to prevent your mask from slipping down, but not so tightly that you feel like it's pinching your skin or interfering with your breathing.

  4. Wear Mask in Public

    Once you've customized your nose clip, you can go about your daily business while wearing your mask in virtually any public place of your choice. While many people choose not to wear a mask or to pull their mask down outdoors, many medical professionals now recommend the wearing of masks in indoor public spaces.

  5. Dispose of Mask

    At the end of the day, you should dispose of your Protect Direct Mask instead of continuing to wear it for another day. To dispose of it properly, hold it by one of its ear loops and toss it in a trash receptacle. Whatever you do, don't pose a potential hazard to the environment by leaving it on the ground.


  • Light Blue

    All of the Protect Direct Masks come in a shade of light blue that's traditionally been associated with medical care—not burglars and other masked criminals. Therefore, if you wear one of these masks, it's unlikely that anyone will ever be suspicious of you.

  • Triple-Layered

    One layer of fabric can keep some germs out, but three layers of fabric will keep even more germs in a public environment from reaching your mouth and nose. Plus, if you happen to be infected with the Coronavirus or some other illness, the triple-layered construction of your Protect Direct Mask can help protect others from the viral matter you may be emitting.

  • Undergo Quality Control Tests

    Before any set of these masks is made available to the public, it undergoes quality control testing. As a result of this testing, you'll always get a mask that works properly instead of one that'll do a shoddy job of protecting you.

  • Compatible With Glasses

    When people wear glasses or sunglasses with some non-medical masks, the glasses become fogged up due to air passing out the top of the mask and onto the glasses. However, the nose clip that's included within each Protect Direct Mask will not only help keep the mask in place, but it'll also help stop any air you breathe out from reaching your eyewear.

  • 20 Masks Per Set

    Each set of these non-medical masks contains 20 masks, so if you get one set for yourself, it almost goes without saying that you'll have enough for 20 days. You can get as many sets as you'd like at a time, though, which is an option that may be helpful for people who want to share their masks with their household.

Positive Points

  • Aid Health Care Workers

    When you order a set of Protect Direct Masks, a donation will automatically be passed on to health care workers to help them in their fight against the Coronavirus. With one transaction, you'll get something that will help you out, while at the same time getting the opportunity to support the people on the front lines.

  • Suitable for Children

    Homemade patterned masks that you make yourself or get from someone else may look quirky and fun, but these masks won't always fit kids properly. They may be too large for a child's face, which could cause them to slip off or extend too far into the eye area. Moreover, these masks are often bulky, which can make kids feel irritated and hot. On the other hand, Protect Direct Masks are actually more suitable for children, due to the three lightweight layers of fabric used to construct them and the nose clip that'll hold them securely in place.

Negative Points

  • Not Designed for Reuse

    These non-medical masks are not washable masks that have been designed for reuse. While nothing's stopping anyone from wearing one of them for longer than a day, they may become less effective after approximately 24 hours of use. If washed, they may even disintegrate. Consequently, in order to limit your exposure to germs as much as possible, you should be selecting a new mask to wear for each new day you require one.


  • Don't Stop Washing Hands

    Wearing a mask should be considered another layer of protection, in addition to washing your hands—not a license to stop washing them altogether, or to switch to water only. Your mask will help protect your face while you're out, but germs could still make their way onto other areas of your skin, so you should soap up your hands each time you return home.

  • Don't Share Used Masks

    While it's fine to give a mask from your set that you haven't worn to another member of your household, you should never lend anyone a mask that you've already used. Similarly, you should never put a mask on that has been on a family member's face, even if it looks clean and they didn't wear it for long. Regardless of a clean appearance, a mask may be covered in a fair amount of viral matter that can't be seen by the human eye.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Protect Direct Masks online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Protect Direct Masks online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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