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ProsVent ProsVent or Alternatives
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Prosvent is a gel capsule treatment for prostate problems. Purportedly this product has been helping 1,000’s of men for over 8 years. The ingredients are all natural, without any toxic chemicals, harmful drugs, side effects, or surgeries necessary. Such pills are allegedly safe and effective. Increases urine flow and decreases the symptoms of enlarged prostates, including frequent urination especially at night. You get guaranteed results within thirty days or they will allegedly give you a refund.

ProsVent ProsVent or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of ProsVent is $1.00 plus $9.95 shipping for a total price of $10.95.

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Positive Points

  • Natural

    It claims to be a blend of natural ingredients which reduce the symptoms associated with enlarged prostates.

  • Reduced Issues

    Visible improvement should be seen in the functional status of your urinary tract. This product should reduce hesitancy, frequency of your urine, and urgency. You should see a reduction in the number of trips you need to make for urination during the night. What’s more, you can likely decrease the probability of needing to undergo prostate surgery if you are able to manage your symptoms. Their antioxidants help to decrease the chances of getting a urinary tract infection.

  • Few Side Effects

    The drug has a reduced chance of complications with other drugs because it is a synthetic mixture of natural items.

  • Harvard Grad

    The formula was developed by a Harvard graduate, Dr. Larry May and contains things like beta-sitosterol that you might not be able to find in competing products.

Negative Points

  • Won't Fix Problems

    As with any supplement, this is not a way to fix your problem. It is instead a way for you to manage the symptoms of your problem. That said, you will have to continue taking the supplement in order to enjoy the results.

  • Dissatisfaction

    There are many complaints from dissatisfied customers over the last eight years who claim that these products did not work as advertised, the customer service was poor, and the price was too high.

  • High Price

    The price is much higher compared to equally effective products on the market.

  • No Bbb

    There is no rating from the BBB.

How It Works

When a prostate is enlarged, the flow of urine by way of your urethra is blocked. This causes you to urinate frequently. It can also interfere with daily activities and sleep. Studies show that at some point or another most men will face an enlarged prostate, if only for a short amount of time. According to the website, there are over thirty million men who suffer from enlarged prostate, something that eventually half of all men will face. Similar to the PT9 Prostate Formula or the Whole Body True Prostate Formula, the Prosvent formula is a nutritional supplement sold on the as seen on tv sites. This formula claims to address the symptoms of prostate issues with a “synergistic blend” of ingredients. Included in the mixture is beta-sitosterol which improves urinary symptoms. Saw Palmetto Extract can reduce muscular tension around your bladder neck.

Nettle Root Extract promotes healthy prostate tissue. Pygeum Africanum can help to reduce inflammation in the prostate. Lycopene is a natural antioxidant. Black Pepper Extract is another antioxidant which boasts anti-bacterial properties. Pumpkin Seed Oil helps to support urinary function. Vitamin D helps your body to maintain the right levels of calcium. Finally, zinc helps to improve immunity and nerve signals.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Order

    The website claims that you will see your symptoms reverse themselves the day you start taking the supplements. With regular use you can start sleeping through the night, enjoy better antioxidant protection, better urinary function, and better sex.

  2. Take With Food

    You are advised to take one of the soft gel capsules twice per day, preferably with food. Taking it with food will reduce any gastric side effects.


  1. Get Herbs in Stores

    These supplements are all things available in health food stores. The company says that buying the natural ingredients individually would be less convenient and more expensive for you which is why you should use the soft gel capsules. What’s more, the company advises against just going out and buying these same natural supplements because the gel capsules mean faster absorption by the body with the appropriate amount of each supplement inside each capsule. However, this is not to say that you could not just as easily head to a store and get the same ingredients yourself.

  2. Evidence Lacking

    Some of the ingredients used in the formula have been shown to help with symptoms of BPH. However, the company does not provide any scientific evidence, or any other form of evidence to support why and how their product works.


  • Prostate Cancer

    This does not treat prostate cancer. It might, in some cases, reduce the size of the prostate for those who suffer from BPH, but it will not help to treat prostate cancer. Oxford journals online has shown studies which indicate that using ProsVent might lead to a late detection of prostate cancer because of the high amount of zinc. High zinc consumption leads to the progression of prostate cancer into latter stages.

  • Avoid With Certain Meds

    There are no reported side effects, but with natural, herbal supplements like those included, doctors and manufacturers alike do not have to list reported side effects. What’s more, because everything is a natural herbal supplement, they do not have to give out a prescription for it, or list any information about potential complications when used with other medication. That said, you should not take Prosvent if you are taking anti-inflammatory or anti-coagulant medication.

  • Talk to Doctor

    You are still advised by the company to speak with your primary care physician before you start taking these supplements. Having the herbal ingredients and information will help you and your doctor to decide if this is a natural way for you to help combat the symptoms of your problem. In the meantime, you should be working with your doctor to find a way to cure the issue itself.

    Remember that if you change your medications or the supplements you are taking at any time, it is advised to speak with a doctor about it and any possibly interference or complications from Prosvent.


  • Prostara

    Prostara maintains prostate health, has a good quality of ingredients, offers speedy results, and is a safe product of much cheaper costs.

  • Prostacet

    Prostacet will maintain better prostate health, give you fast results, and has high quality natural ingredients. It is safe to use long term and will continue to offer long term results.

  • Super Beta Prostate

    Super Beta Prostate is a cheaper option which maintains long term prostate health, gives you fast results, is a safe product, and has all natural ingredients.

Wise Advice

Do not buy ProsVent online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy ProsVent online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 24 Mar 2017 Milan Dean - (Danville, VA)


This is a rip-off company! Do not give them your financial information.

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