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ProDogg Shirt ProDogg Shirt or Alternatives
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ProDogg is a highly innovative compression garment for canines that can alleviate anxiety and several anxiety-related issues that could trouble a dog. The material is both stretchable and extremely durable, ensuring the best fit for a pet. The fabric used is a special mix of spandex and nylon, ensuring that the garment is also very lightweight. It is especially suited to a canine's physiology, improves the flow of blood and increases the mobility of your dog.

ProDogg Shirt ProDogg Shirt or Alternatives
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The cost of ProDogg Shirt is $29.95 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total price of $39.90.

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  • Lightweight and Durable

    The special mix of spandex and nylon that is used in this compression shirt ensures that it fits snugly, applying pressure in all the right places, to stimulate better blood flow. This means that the compression shirt can also be used as a physiotherapeutic device because it can help injuries to heal and improve mobility.

  • Designed to Fit Perfectly

    Both the fabrics involved and the cut of the shirt ensure that it will fir your pet's body snugly and comfortably.

  • Easy to Put on

    The compression shirt is fastened by high-quality Velcro fastenings that are hidden beneath the body, which ensures that not only they are out of sight, but also that the shirt can be worn securely.

  • The Leash is Accessible

    The shirt has been designed with a special gap where you would attach a leash to ensure that you can easily put a leash on your dog when it is wearing the shirt.

  • Built to Canine Physiology

    The compression shirt has been designed with five panels that shape the shirt so that it can focus on pressure points in the canine physiology. This means that when the shirt is on the dog, it can provide maximum stress relief and the best fir for comfort.

  • A Very Attractive Look

    The ProDogg Shirt uses a contrast stitching to ensure the best possible look, and your pet's look will be enhanced by wearing it.

  • Chest Pocket for Physiotherapy

    The vest contains a hidden pocket that allows you to insert gels for heating or cooling, which are very useful in physiotherapy and which can also be used to treat anxieties.

  • Night Visibility

    The ProDogg logo on the compression shirt glows in the dark, allowing you to keep track of your pet easily at night. This enhances the safety of your pet.


  • Negates the Need for Training

    The compression shirt negates any need for expensive training sessions and gives very quick results. You will begin to see improvements in your pet's behavior within forty to eighty minutes after the shirt is put on the dog. However, as dogs are unique individuals, just like people, results may take a little more time with certain individual animals. Nevertheless, even serious cases of anxiety and stress should show a response within forty-eight hours.

    If the pet is suffering from the results of some serious trauma, especially when it was very young, a good trainer should be consulted as an adjunct to use the compression shirt. A good trainer will also be able to integrate this compression garment into his or her training system.

  • Machine Washable

    The ProDogg Shirt can be washed in just about any machine. This is because the fabric is especially durable. To machine wash the shirt, the garment should be reversed. After reversing the garment, make sure that the Velcro is shut and use cold water without bleach to wash the shirt. After washing, the garment can be either tumble dried or simply hung out to dry.

  • Multipurpose

    The product helps with many issues. This shirt can be used to alleviate anxiety in many relatively common cases, such as when a pet is suffering anxiety after being separated from its mother or its well-loved owner. It can also be used to reduce stress in the pet while traveling, as journeys by car tend to stress pets out. The compression shirt is being seen effective in cases when a pet is too active, barks too much or when a pet tends to pull on its leash when it is tethered.

    This shirt alleviates anxiety caused by extremely loud sounds. Thus it can keep your pet calm when there is a firework display or even when there is a violent thunderstorm outside. ProDogg Shirts soothe pets on a visit to a veterinarian.

Available in Many Colors

Since the shirt is available in six different colors, you can buy a shirt to suit the coloring of just any pet. Besides black and white, the shirt is also available in blue, red, pink and grey.

Wise Advice

Do not buy ProDogg Shirt online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy ProDogg Shirt online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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