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Pretty Clever Pants

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Pretty Clever Pants is underwear for women who have bladder leakage problems. They have a patented tri-layer design that prevents bladder leaks no matter where they are worn. Pretty Clever Pants are made out of cotton. They are designed to both prevent leaks and look like normal pretty underwear. The underwear can be worn anywhere, and there are no unsightly bulges or bunching. This product is machine washable. These underpants come in various colors and sizes.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Pretty Clever Pants is $11.92 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Patented Design & Pretty

    Pretty Clever Pants have a patented design that prevents embarrassing bladder leaks. The inner layer is a water resistant cotton with a secret layer of waterproof protection. Outside is a layer of light weight comfortable cotton that looks like normal pretty underwear. This underwear comes in four colours: black, blue, pink and grey. Pretty Clever Pants were designed by Carol Smilie.


  • Works Discreetly Everywhere

    Pretty Clever Pants give complete bladder protection everywhere a women goes. A woman can go to the gym and exercise with the underwear on without worrying about an unsightly and uncomfortable leak. The bladder protection is built into the underwear so that there are no noticeable bulges. Women can wear this underwear with confidence when they wear their best work outfit. She can even take an evening jog with her pup without annoying bladder leakage slowing her down. The underwear looks like normal panties so even in the privacy of her home a woman can feel attractive too.

    This item can only be ordered online and arrives in the mail in discreet packaging.

Negative Aspects

  • Regular Sanitation Required

    Pretty Clever Pants is not a substitute for normal sanitary ( menstrual ) protection. The information does not describe how durable the product is after several washings.


  • Product for 1/3 Women

    According to Pretty Clever Pants advertising, one in three women have bladder leakage. There is no source to back up the claim that one in three women have this problem or have this problem to the extent that this product would be a worthwhile expense. Also, the ad does not explicitly use the word incontinence. Its absence may simply be marketing or it may imply that some women with severe bladder incontinence would not benefit that much from the product. The ad says it is machine washable, but there is no information on how durable it is.


  1. Lack of Protection, Room & Hot

    Pretty Clever Pants markets to all women with bladder leakage, but fails to deliver protection for women with moderate to severe urinary incontinence. These women paid the price of the underwear which was much more than regular cotton underwear and still had to wear a pad.
    Some women complained that the leg holes of the underwear did not stretch enough to give comfortable leg room. The reinforced cotton material around the legs needed to give a bit for some leg movement.
    A couple women reported that the underwear made them feel hot and sweaty.

How It Works

Pretty Clever Pants works because of its patented technology built into its underwear. This underwear is designed in the crotch to have three layers that prevents urine from leaking through. Its outer layer is the lightweight cotton which is itself somewhat absorbent. The inner layer is another layer with what is called a "secret" built-in layer of some-kind of water absorbent material. There is no hint as to what this "secret" material may be so there's no way to explain exactly how it works. The other known layers work because cotton is a material already well known to be absorbent.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Pretty Clever Pants online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Pretty Clever Pants online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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mrs b s olive - (Okehampton, ENG)
Posted: 25 Feb 2019

Not as Advertised

This pants are NOT waterproof or leak proof don't BUY THEM.

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