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PowerXL Power Clean PowerXL Power Clean or Alternatives
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PowerXL Power Clean is a device that allows you to power spray and clean a variety of items without having to use a long hose, batteries, or electricity. It includes a chamber that you fill up with water and a pump that you can use to activate the internal pressurized chamber. This is supposed to allow for a very powerful spray that is strong enough to clean off tires, dirty shoes, equipment, and basically anything else.

PowerXL Power Clean PowerXL Power Clean or Alternatives
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The cost of PowerXL Power Clean is $44.98 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Chamber and Hose

    The product contains a small chamber that you fill with water to use for cleaning. Attached to it is a long, thin hose that the water travels through. You can carry the device around to wherever you need it, as it's small and light.

  • Pump and Internal Chamber

    There's a pump inside the chamber that you have to activate before you close the top and pump out the water. The pump activates the internal pressurized chamber, which allows for a very strong spray to come out of the hose. According to the manufacturer, it should be strong enough to clean almost anything.

  • Brush

    The device comes with a brush as an attachment. It's a strong brush which you can use to scrub down whatever item it is that you're cleaning. This allows you to clean more thoroughly.

  • No Batteries or Electricity

    One of the difficult things about using a hose to clean outside is that you often have to search around for an electrical outlet. If it's not close to where you're cleaning, you have to figure out how to manage logistically. On the other hand, if you use a device with batteries, you constantly have to change them. That also costs extra money. This product uses neither.

  • Reasonable Price

    This product is not priced very high and would be affordable for many people. In addition, the manufacturer is offering free shipping for the item.

Positive Aspects

  • Portable

    This product is small and light, meaning it's very portable. You can take it on a camping trip, or to a friend's house to clean up after a BBQ. Anywhere you think you may need this, you can just stick it in the car - or even carry it - and bring it along.

  • You Don't Need a Long Hose

    You know how annoying it can be when you're cleaning outside and you have to drag one of those long hoses around. The hose often gets caught on different items and you have to go untangle it. With PowerXL Power Clean, all you need is a thin, compact hose that is completely in your control.

  • Easy to Store

    This is a compact item that is not only easy to travel with, it's also very easy to store. It takes up very little room in a cupboard in the house, in a corner of the garage, or any other place to want to put it.

  • Versatile

    When it comes to cleaning, this is supposed to be an incredibly versatile tool. The spray is said to be very strong, so you can clean items that are full of dirt or normally difficult to cleanse. At the same time, the device is meant to be gentle enough to use to clean your dog, or for children to play with.

  • Sprays Upwards

    The device will spray in every direction, including upwards. This is very helpful if you have hanging plants, or want to clean the outside of the house, to give a couple of examples. It certainly adds to the versatility of the product.

  • Safe for Kids and Animals

    The fact that this product is supposed to be safe enough to use on children and animals is an excellent safety feature. A very strong spray of water could harm a child or pet, so this takes away that possible risk.

Negative Aspects

  • Small Chamber

    The chamber for this product really isn't very big. That means when you're using the device to clean, you're going to run out of the water quickly. This is going to be a real hassle, as you'll have to keep going to fill it up over and over again. If you're working outside the house, having to go back inside to keep filling up may entail tracking water in the house if you've gotten wet.

  • Not a Strong Spray

    It's pretty clear from the commercial that this really isn't a strong spray at all. You may be able to clean a tire or some equipment, but it would probably take a long time. If the spray is safe enough to use on kids and animals, there's no way it's very powerful. This device is better for lighter cleaning, like hosing your feet off after you come back from the beach.

  • Brush Will Get Grimy

    The brush attachment is a nice idea, but that item is going to get dirty really fast, especially if you're using it to scrub tires and the like. Once it's caked in dirt, it will be much less useful or will have to be replaced.

  • Dirt Will Blow on You

    When you're using this device to clean, to spray will cause particles of dirt - and water - to spray back onto you. Some of the dirt and dust you may breathe into your lungs, which isn't very healthy. In addition, you'll just get really dirty. Count on having to take a good shower after you use this product.

  • Double Offer is Fake

    The manufacturer claims to have a 'double offer' which sounds as if you'd be getting 2 products for the price of one. In actual fact, if you read the fine print, you see that the second item is just slightly reduced in price. This is quite deceptive on the part of the company which doesn't look good on them.

Save Time

If you were planning to scrub all these items by hand with a brush and a pail, this device will save you time. You'll have to refill the water a lot in both situations, but the moderate spray will make it easier and faster to clean.

Does It Really Work?

Unfortunately, there are no reviews of this product online. Therefore we can't get a really good impression of whether this device works or not. In the opinion of this reviewer, it probably does not work as the manufacturer says it does. The spray is clearly not as powerful as advertised, meaning it's likely less versatile than as advertised. You may be able to use it to clean items that aren't caked in dirt fairly easily. Bigger items will take a long time with this device.

Wise Advice

Do not buy PowerXL Power Clean online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy PowerXL Power Clean online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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