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Power Precision Cooker Power Precision Cooker or Alternatives
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Power Precision Cooker is an automated electrical cooking device fitted with an in-built temperature regulator, and uses an immersion circulator to cook food contained in a jug or plastic bag, within a water bath. Once immersed within the pot containing your water bath, this device has been built to simultaneously heat and circulate the water in such a way that your food is cooked totally uniformly throughout every time. Thus, grilling or frying becomes unnecessary.

Power Precision Cooker Power Precision Cooker or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

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  • 360-degree Technology

    When water is heated in a pot, the heat has to gradually spread from one point of the water to the other, thus conveying the heat to the entire pot of water. However, this takes some time and does not happen instantly. During this time-lag between the initial heating of the water to it being completely and uniformly heated, can cause the food to cook unevenly.

    However, using 360-degree technology, this device helps circulate the hot water all around the pot, thus, ensuring that the food inside the plastic bag is cooked evenly and in the most efficient manner.

  • Temperature Fine-tuning

    There are similar devices out there which do not have that fine a temperature gauge for precision cooking. These devices are not calibrated to that high a level to offer the user to choose temperatures needed for highly sensitive cooking. However, this is not a problem with Power Precision Cooker, as it is developed keeping the professional in mind. This device has been specially designed for customers who might very well be requiring a device that can cook at just the right temperature without the slightest of deviation from temperature needed for the dish.

  • Variety of Dishes Possible

    When one buys a stove or a cooking device to heat or cook one’s food one expects to be able to cook practically anything that does not need specialized equipment like an oven or grill. However, this device goes one step further. It is capable of not only cooking a wide variety of foodstuffs from vegetables to meats and fish, from soups to desserts, but is also a great replacement for the oven or the grill.

  • Don’t Lose Moisture

    To use this device, your food has to be locked up inside a plastic bag, even though of course, it doesn’t necessarily have to be vacuum-sealed. Such a closed environment inside this plastic bag is ideal to allow your food being cooked to have all of its moisture kept intact. This, in turn, helps in keeping your cooked food tender and juicy all throughout.


  • Healthier Option

    Cooking with this device helps one to avoid the use of oil while frying or grilling, thus, making your food healthier.

  • Consistent Results

    Getting the same results every time you use a device is very important if you are to be satisfied with the product. This is not just true for food-processing devices like this, but for all devices, in general. If one is used to a particular recipe that involves a particular temperature, it is crucial that the device used to cook that particular dish does not create variations in one’s food. Variations include changes in the way the final product feels, such as tenderness of the cooked food, its consistency on the tongue, intensity of flavors, etc.

    Due to the manner in which this device is built, one can be sure of getting consistent results no matter what one is cooking, may it be potatoes, meat, or broccoli. You will get the same results that you always see with way your food is cooked, without worrying about compensating for inconsistencies.

  • Raised Meal Standards

    The standard of everything is constantly increasing, but at times we tend to ignore the standard of food prepared within our homes, because we don’t feel obligated to give ourselves anything more than the best. Sometimes we are just too tired and unmotivated to simply do with a sandwich spread and some bread.

    Fortunately, with Power Precision Cooker, you don’t need to spend unnecessarily extra time or energy in the kitchen. You can make yourself a wholesome meal while the device does most of your work, leaving you more time to relax or finish up a pending chore at hand.

    Thus, you can cook with much higher standards and, that too, as if you were a chef by profession, all with the help of Power Precision Cooker.

  • Superior Flavor

    By very nature, this device is designed to help retain the flavor of your cooked food, leaving it superbly infused with flavors that might not have been otherwise possible without such a device.

How It Works

There is no complicated system involved in the operation of this cooker. Using this device does not involve several pieces of equipment to be first put together and assembled before it is functional. All you need to do is place the foodstuff you want to cook within a heat-resistant plastic bag or jug and place this bag or jug into a pot containing a water bath. The bag doesn’t even have to be vacuum-sealable.

Keeping the food to be cooked below the water level, attach the immersion circulator to the rim of the cooking pot so that it is secure and stable. To begin the cooking process, simply turn on the device by pressing a simple button present on it. Once the device is on, immediately use the digital dial present on the device to select the duration for and temperature at which you would like the food cooked.

How it's Different from Competitors

Unlike other devices out there, Power Precision Cooker does not require any fancy equipment to get it going. There is also no need to arrange for any special vacuum-sealed bag to be able to use this device. Any bag that is sealable enough to not allow the water to enter it should suffice. The device is also built with the Sous Vide technique in mind, which, as opposed to grilling or frying, provides consistent, penetrating and evenly textured cooked food.

In fact, when using this fully automated device to cook one’s food, the last thing one wants is for it to get overcooked just because the device was not clever enough. Well, fortunately the Power Precision Cooker is smart enough to know exactly when your food is cooked as per the temperature and duration instructions you fed into its memory at the start of your cooking. Thus, you can have your food cooked with optimum level of doneness as per your desire, every time.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Power Precision Cooker online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Power Precision Cooker online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Power Precision Cooker Infomercial
Power Precision Cooker Infomercial

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