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Power Fit is an oscillating machine whose vibrations purportedly improve fat burning and calorie burning while exercising. The idea is that with a healthy diet ( not something they advertise ) and the workouts they have included, consumers can exercise while on top of the vibrating "system" and enjoy increased results. These increased results don't require increased work, and leave the consumer less exhausted after a workout but still healthier than before they started their new workout.

Power Fit Power Fit or Alternatives
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The cost of Power Fit is $199.96 with Free Shipping!

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  • Fat Burning

    The company claims that this tool will burn more fat and more calories compared to traditional cardiovascular exercise.

  • Low Impact

    The company claims that the low impact nature of the vibrations protects the bones, muscles, and joints. Technically this is true compared to high impact jumping or running but that does not mean it is better for the body or that it offers better exercise.

  • Improves Circulation

    The manufacturers of the Power Fit device claim that it reduces fatigue, increases energy, and improves circulation. Any movement will cause the heart to pump and the blood to circulate, even if that movement is as simple as getting out of bed. Reducing fatigue after exercise should not be a goal, however, for any cardio. Cardio is meant to increase circulation which naturally releases endorphins and improves energy. It is meant to be exhausting physically, but leave you with happy chemicals and increased energy. If users are “less fatigued” after use, it might suggest that it is not working.

  • Engages Core

    The manufacturers claim that this system engages the core for increased results. It is true that almost all full body exercises can do this, which means that nearly all of these exercises are in part a core exercise. However, this machine doesn’t guarantee core engagement, as that is something that each person has to be cognizant of while exercising.

  • Compact Storage

    It is purported that this machine can be stored easily.

  • Bonus Gifts

    When consumers order it online, they get a workout guide and a remote control. The workout guide has legitimate exercises in it which can be done with or without the Power Fit machine. This remote control gives users an automatic versus manual mode and different speeds for the vibrations.

Positive Aspects

  • All Exercise is Good

    Any exercise is good exercise, even if it is with a machine like this. Naturally, just sitting or standing on the vibrating bit won’t amount to any food, but using it in conjunction with other exercises could prove beneficial, mostly because of the other exercises. On a similar note, if consumers really believe it will work, the placebo might cause a rush of endorphins the same way exercise does. Should this happen, it could encourage more frequent exercise which would be healthier.

  • Healthy Diet Encouraged

    The workout guide provided includes dietary information such as a healthy eating program. This is of course where the real benefits are gained. The workouts included and adherence to the diet mentioned are what encourage the real fat burning, not the vibrations in the machine.

Negative Aspects

  • Not Better for You

    There is no substitute for regular exercise and a healthy diet. It is not the vibrations from activities like running which cause the body to work. Rather, it is the movement and the stretching on top of the muscle use. If vibrations were enough to lose weight, people could stand on a vibrating escalator platform, a child’s ride, or a washing machine and enjoy the same benefits purportedly provided with this Power Fit tool.

  • No Proof

    The science behind this tool cannot be proven. There is nothing on the site which points to legitimate scientific studies, nor are there studies found on the open science journals where such work would be featured.


  • Vibroslim

    The biggest competitor online is Vibroslim Ultra. This machine is half the cost, with the same limited results. It offers a three year warranty as opposed to the one year warranty that accompanies this Power Fit machine. This product weighs the same, has the same speeds and setting, uses the same power, and uses the same oscillating technology.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Power Fit online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Power Fit online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 30 Jul 2018 Jacqueline Fitzgerald - (Goodna, QLD)


I am over the moon with our purchase of the Powerfit. I have lost 3 dress sizes, nearly all excess fat gone, my circulation is no longer a problem, my siatic nerve pains no longer keep me awake at night, my damaged achilles heals no longer limit the hours I spend on my feet, (which previously disallowed me to excercise) I have even developed muscle tone, which for a senior is wonderful. Well worth it and so easy. Yayyyy.

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Posted: 01 Aug 2018 Andra

I am very curious about this because I have Achilles heel pain and plantar fasciitis, it makes a lot of exercises impossble to do How long did it take before you started noticing your dress size results and how long before your Achilles heel pain went away?


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Power Fit Infomercial
Power Fit Infomercial

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