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Potty Dance Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby Alive or Alternatives
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Potty Dance Baby Alive is an interactive doll for kids that helps reinforce potty training and good hygiene habits. The doll has 50 phrases, sounds, and songs that she repeats, including mommy and daddy. This product is meant for children ages three and up who like interactive dolls and have recently been potty trained. Three female dolls are available, a blond white doll, a black doll, and a brunette doll. The dolls come with an outfit and a few other items such as a comb and a water bottle.

Potty Dance Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby Alive or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Potty Dance Baby Alive is $49.99 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total price of $59.94.

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  • Phrases, Sounds, and Songs

    The doll has a button on her stomach that children can press, and she has 50 songs, sounds, and phrases. Many of them have something to do with potty training and related points.

  • All the Dolls Are Bilingual

    These dolls are bilingual - they speak English and Spanish. So this is a great way to either expose your child to another language or reinforce existing language skills. It would even be nice to see other language options available, both to open up language learning and so more kids could have a doll that speaks their mother tongue.

  • Accompanying Items

    The dolls come with an outfit, a comb, a water bottle, a pair of underwear, soap, and a rewards chart where the child can give the doll stars for going to the potty correctly. The set also comes with the potty itself.

  • Actions the Dolls Can Take

    There are various actions children can carry out with the doll. The dolls can drink water from the water bottle, and go to the potty. Then your child can use the soap to pretend to wash the doll`s hands.

  • Body Talk

    The doll has a couple of features on her body. She has the button on her stomach which you press to make her talk. There's also her legs, which move as she does her potty dance.

  • Three Dolls Available

    The Potty Dance Baby Alive is available in three models, and they're all female. There's a blond doll, a brunette, and a black doll. Other than those differences they all have the same features and come with the same set of items.

  • Mommy-Daddy Switch

    There's switch on the doll's back that changes which parenting word she uses - mommy or daddy.


  • Educational

    This is an educational product on several levels. If used by a child who has just finished potty training, then it can reinforce what they've learned. It teaches good hygiene habits, like washing your hands after using the potty. The doll can also teach language skills, either English or Spanish, or reinforce language(s) that the child already knows.

  • Diversity Attempt

    The manufacturer has made an attempt at diversity by providing three dolls with different cultural backgrounds. There isn't a huge selection here, but it's a positive thing that they have tried to incorporate some kind of multiculturalism.

  • Pro Body Comfort

    The dolls can help children to feel comfortable with their bodies, and the fact that everyone goes to the bathroom and it's perfectly natural. That's a very positive lesson for a child to learn at any time, but it's ideal after he or she has recently finished potty training.

  • Dolls Are Attractive

    These dolls are all very attractive and likely very appealing to children. They look like they're quite well made and would last some time.

  • Teaches Positive Reinforcement

    Using the star chart and having them reward the doll for going to the potty correctly is a nice way to introduce this kind of positive reinforcement system if you haven't done so yet.


  • The Product Name

    It's only one opinion but in the humble view of this reviewer, the name of the product is terrible. It doesn't have a ring to it at all, and it's not really memorable. This idea of the "potty dance" isn't very clear, in terms of what one has to do with another. The phrase "baby alive" is also not very clear. This could be saying that the baby is only really alive when it's on the potty, which is an odd idea to try to convey. The entire product name seems like four random words strung together. This doll could have a much snappier name and it would be more appealing.

  • Dolls and Ads Are Sexist

    The manufacturer`s Baby Alive line is pretty extensive, and the dolls are very diverse in general. These dolls come in a variety of skin colors and cultural backgrounds. They also come in both male and female versions. However, the Potty Dance subset consists of only three dolls, and they`re all female. Although there`s some diversity in these dolls culturally, the fact that there are no male dolls available nor male users in the commercials sends a very strong message. It`s really quite a sexist message. 

  • If you watch the commercials, all the users are girls around the age of eight or nine - not right after potty training. There are girls feeding the doll a bottle and others having her go to the potty. They`re training to be mothers, not reinforcing potty training skills. A company that is generally so strong in the area of diversity should have caught this, but then again we all have our blind spots.

  • Moderately High Price Point

    The price point is a little bit high, although it`s not a key point. This product is still affordable.

  • Poor Website

    The product website is plain and not very attractive, and this makes a big difference in the impression the product makes.

  • Target Audience Unclear

    Seems to be aimed at kids during and after potty training, and towards older girls.

Does It Really Work?

According to parents who have written reviews, yes, it does. They spoke about the benefits of this product in terms of engaging children in the process of potty training, and in helping to make it a more attainable goal. Some parents also mentioned that the dolls are great for reinforcing potty training lessons in kids who have just completed training. Teachers have given this product their stamp of approval in some cases. The real test would be what kids think, but there are no reviews from kids, unfortunately.

How it's Different from Competitors

There`s a product that`s very similar in terms of the doll using phrases and sounds and going to the potty, but it comes with a whole bathroom set. It has a proper toilet, a sink, and there`s also a toothbrush. This doll is cheaper than Potty Dance Baby Alive. There`s a non-interactive potty doll for much cheaper than either of these models, but children have to use their imaginations.

Besides the potty training dolls that pee, there are a few dolls that poop on the market. These are mostly really unappealing. One doll even comes with some plastic flies to put on the plastic poop. It`s a bit much.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Potty Dance Baby Alive online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Potty Dance Baby Alive online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Potty Dance Baby Alive Infomercial
Potty Dance Baby Alive Infomercial

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