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PopLite Hot Air Popper PopLite Hot Air Popper or Alternatives
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PopLight Hot Air Popper is, as the name would suggest, an air popping machine. With this machine you can get the best popcorn around, light, fluffy, with fewer unpopped kernels. You can reduce the amount of sodium or butter that is used because air requires none of that. Additionally, you can control the batches and sizes which are made. Watch as this machine pops enough for the whole family in under three minutes, the same speed as a microwave.

PopLite Hot Air Popper PopLite Hot Air Popper or Alternatives
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  • Faster and Better

    This popper is faster than a microwave and can produce up to 18 cups in less than 2 1 / 2 minutes. With this particular popper, it is better than leading brands and it will produce 30% faster with no unpopped kernels. When you use regular popcorn you end up with a savings of up to 70% compared to microwave bags. This unit pops with no oils which means 42% fewer calories per bag, no artificial flavors, saturated fats, no preservatives, no added salt. It is built to electrical standards for North America.


  • Healthier

    This particular design uses air and no oil. Due to this fact, you can come in theory create healthier versions of popcorn which do not use any type of extra fat source or extra salt. For people who are trying to watch what they consume, people who need to reduce sodium, this is ideal.

  • Better Results

    This particular unit lets you pop multiple batches of popcorn in a row without having to stop. Due to the fact that there's no oil required you are able to produce batch after batch without having to add more oils and butters. Likewise, after each batch, each individual person can add whatever toppings or seasonings they prefer. This allows you a greater variety of finished products without the high expense.

  • No Unpopped Corn

    Compared to other oil-based poppers, individual kernels are fluffier and there are fewer unpopped kernels. There's nothing worse than finishing a batch of popcorn only to find that half of the kernels did not pop.

How It Works

An air popper works by using hot air in order to pop each of the kernels. Historically, corn was typically exposed to an open fire or it was exposed to hot vegetable oil inside of the pot in order to get it to pop. Neither method was the most reliable nor particularly healthy.

Air poppers were designed to add no additional fax to the existing popcorn and instead to heat each kernel evenly to reduce the amount of waste. Popcorn kernels only pop because they needed outside heat source to convert water to steam. As the pressure from the steam tickets great, the outer husk explodes in the fluffy treat is left behind. How the heat arrives makes no difference to the actual pumping process as long as the heat source stays hot enough, long enough, to generate steam necessary. Said air steamers spend the raw popcorn kernels inside of the central chamber. At the point that each kernel reaches the outside part, the hot air generated by the electrical element collides with them.

Easy to Use

  1. Simple Design

    Within a few minutes the small not water that is trapped inside each and every kernel converts to steam. When the fibrous hole cannot resist the pressure, the kernel explodes and starchy fibers inside combined with the air to create popcorn. Due to the fact that popcorn is much lighter, the popping circulating air blows it out into the chamber when it is done. Once the kernel has popped it travels through a plastic shoot and lands inside of a bowl.

    Most popper have containers or compartment for melting butter or adding seasonings if you so choose. Generally, most models also include a way to measure different batches.

  2. Using the Machine

    Put the desired amount of butter or margarine at room temperature, if you choose into the top. It will melt from the heat which is produced during the popping process. Place the clear plastic cover and cup on the machine and leave them on the machine during the pumping process to prevent the popcorn from flying all over the room.

    Put in the popcorn kernels and turn it on. Watch as the popcorn pops right in front of you and drops down into the bowl. Remove each of the pieces when you are done and clean them by hand with warm water and soap. No other cleaning is required.


  • Cancer

    This product does contain a chemical which is known to the state of California to cause birth defects or cancer.


  • Other Air Poppers

    Other air poppers are slightly bigger than this particular design by roughly 2 to 3 inches all the way around. They are also higher in cost. Hamilton Beach has a similar design available in red. West Bend has a design that is circular and also in red, producing 6 quarts at a time. Cuisinart has a red design which looks very similar to this particular Presto popper but it is larger. All of the main competing products are made from plastic and have the same weight.

How it's Different from Competitors

When you are popcorn you can prepare it from regular kernels on the stove top. With the stovetop you do have to add oils for butters and keep them before you can use the method to pop the kernels. As such many people argue that this particular method is much less healthy. Each kernel in theory should be covered by the butter or oil that you are using which is what leads to a high consumption rate. Individual bags are an alternative to individual popcorn kernels. The downside here is that you do not have control over the amount that you are cooking. This leads to a lot of waste. Excess popcorn might be prepared, some of the kernels might not pop properly, or you might burn the contents inside.

What's more, individual bags that are microwavable have higher amounts of sodium, oils, and fats. You have no control over what is already inside the bag designed to make it pop. Each package is individually wrapped with an individual plastic cover which is very bad for the environment. It is more fiscally responsible to purchase the kernels and then use the kernels on an as needed basis specific to the amount that you are looking for at the time. When you buy larger bags of kernels then you have control over what additives or facts you use and you also have control over how much is wasted.

Wise Advice

Do not buy PopLite Hot Air Popper online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy PopLite Hot Air Popper online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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PopLite Hot Air Popper Infomercial
PopLite Hot Air Popper Infomercial

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