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Pod Tracker Pod Tracker or Alternatives
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Pod Tracker is a tracking system that uses cell technology to check on the whereabouts of loved ones, pets, even personal items. You just take the independent pod and affix it to something or someone using the strap. Once in place, you can use your phone to get updates about the pod and its location. Check on location history, set up safe areas or off limits areas, and know when your loved ones or things are in them.

Pod Tracker Pod Tracker or Alternatives
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  • Tracker

    You can track the things that matter the most to you using this modular GPS tracker and the corresponding activity monitor.

  • Gps

    You can get live indoor or outdoor tracking with an unlimited range. Said range spans one hundred and seventy five countries using four layers of tracking technology.

  • Location History

    Look at 24 hours of location history using this app so that you can always access important data at your fingertips.

  • Zone Alerts

    Get zone alerts. You can literally set up a virtual fence and get immediate breach alerts if your loved ones or things are beyond that zone.

  • Safe Zones

    You can create as many of these virtual fences as you need so that not only are your things safe in more than one place, but your loved ones.

  • Health and Fitness

    You can look at activity data for your pets to see if they are getting the exercise that they really need in order to remain healthy.

  • Collisions

    Check movement regularly to see if there is any unusual activity or behavior happening.

  • Record

    You also get the option to record and share while on your adventures, using the continuous location tracking with their unique motion data.


  • Modular System

    There is a modular system too. Light module gives you the power to make high powered LED lights fixed or flash.

  • Newest Tech

    This unit is rather small, just one inch tall, two inches wide, and weighing just over one once. Fully waterproof, you can submerse it. Interchangeable batteries mean it will enjoy a battery life up to five days. Secure it with the simple and secure, reusable strap attachment. Impact resistant designs mean you can go on the toughest adventures without issue. Small and lightweight, it is the ultimate in comfort. Unique modular system means easy customization.

  • Keep Gear Safe

    Hide the pod on valuable items like backpacks or luggage and monitor where it is going at all times. When on a trip or out camping / hiking, you can check that luggage or bags left at a camp site are still there. If they are taken, you will get an alert and can call the authorities. Even keep gear safe in the car when you are out and about sightseeing.

How It Works

Four layers of tracking technology means 2G and 3G cell coverage. You get bluetooth, two way wifi communications, in addition to next generation GPS chips in the unit. Attach it to anything. Pod has an easy to use strap system which is versatile such that you can literally secure it on almost anything you want to track. Secure it to a pet, to a bike, to your car's interior, to a purse, to a backpack, camera, or anything else. Even secure it to a child when they go out.


  • What You Need

    Cell reception is required for it to communicate with whatever device you want. Pod runs on the 3G and 3G networks in many countries, as mentioned, and works with multiple carriers. This gives you widespread overage. You do, however, need to know if the pod works in your country and whether you have coverage in your area. Luckily you can check these things using the website.

How it's Different from Competitors

Pod is an individual, small unit that you just affix somewhere. Theoretically you can leave it inside the bottom of a bag, strapped around something in your home that is of value, or wrapped around the wrist of your child. Seeing as each order gives you one, be sure to buy more than one if you want to secure them and track multiple things. Compared to other tracking systems, this one requires the physical unit be on the time you want tracked, like buried in a car or something.

Other tracker apps often have a download that you can use to track other phones and the activity therein. Obviously you can use pod to track more than phones. It would be too small, however, to really keep your phone safe if you wanted to protect your phone. Since you need a phone or computer device to read the data for tracking purposes, this would not work.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Track Kids Safely

    One thing you can do to establish better trust and watch over your family members if to affix this Pod to them when they are on their own. Set up zones which are safe and virtual fences where you do not want them to go. Then you can monitor where they have been for the last day, checking in that they really did go to the movies when they said they were going to. Or, conversely, making sure they really did travel to school and home without any stops on the way.

    Often when kids are in groups or school events, there might be delays. As a parent, you might be stuck waiting at home or in the car, not knowing what is going on. You can better maintain a watchful eye on kids with the Pod, checking to see when they are still in rehearsal rooms or when they have instead gone into a nearby office or just left. Even if you are not the one picking them up, you can check that another driver has gotten them and is on the way home.

  2. New Drivers

    Use it also for new drivers in the home. Set up virtual fences where the new driver is allowed to go and get a notification if your car is taken without your knowledge, being driven outside of those areas. Check previous data to see if a teen has taken the car when they were not supposed to.

  3. Pets

    Put the Pod on your pets and track whether family members have been walking them regularly, and where. See when and where they are exercising or whether they have gone out of the yard at night without you being aware of it. Keep an eye on multiple pets to make sure they are traveling without the bounds of the home or yard, then get updates when you see them leaving the property. Know where to find them, especially pets like cats.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Pod Tracker online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Pod Tracker online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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