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Hempvana Pocket Relief Hempvana Pocket Relief or Alternatives
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The Hempvana Pocket Relief is a pocket-sized acupuncture pen that uses TENS technology to deliver small electrical pulses to the muscles, relieving pain. TENS technology is "transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation" technology. Normally you need a machine with electrodes to create this sensation, but this is a portable, pen-sized pain relief device. With adjustable current levels, you can press this acupuncture pen to a muscle and choose the amount of electrical stimulation you need. It also comes with a larger flat head for treating bigger muscles.

Hempvana Pocket Relief Hempvana Pocket Relief or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Hempvana Pocket Relief is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE!

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:


  • Portable

    The Hempvana Pocket Relief really is just the size of a pen. Carry it in your pocket wherever you wish.

  • Nine Levels of Intensity

    The Hempvana Pocket Relief has nine different levels of electrical stimulation. This affords you the ability to go deeper into a tight muscle with the currents. There is also enough variation that the stimulation will not be too strong for sensitive people.

  • Large Digital Display

    A large, red LED display mid-pen indicates what level of current you are using.

  • Flat Head Massager

    For larger muscles, the Hempvana Pocket Relief, which normally terminates in a ballpoint-pen-like tip, has a flat head that can be attached. This larger size flathead, similar to the head of a bolt or screw, only without any indentations into the head, can press into big muscles. For example, a thigh muscle is rather large, and the electrical pulses will come through to a wider muscle area with the flat head attached. Thus, the pen is adjustable for both small and large size muscles.

Positive Points

  • Relieves Muscle Pain

    TENS technology such as this floods the nervous system with electrical impulses, thus overstimulating the muscle so that it does not feel the pain. All the muscle can feel is the stimulation, and this stunning effect can last for hours afterwards.

  • Good for Chronic Conditions

    This acupuncture pen can be used by those affected with arthritis and fibromyalgia. It can be carried with you to relieve pain throughout the day that might normally make it hard to function. The Hempvana Pocket Relief can be used repeatedly by chronic pain sufferers.

  • Good for Sports Injuries

    Pain from overextending and tearing muscles during sports or exercise can also be relieved by this pen.

  • Watch it Work

    Although not necessarily demonstrating that it relieves pain, the pen will make your muscle twitch and it is satisfying to have a physical result. The pulsing of your muscle when the Pocket Relief is applied proves that something different is happening to the muscle.

  • Trigger Point Massage

    The Hempvana Pocket Relief is designed to be aimed at trigger points. Trigger points are those especially painful spots, sometimes referred to as "knots" in the muscles. When trigger points are stimulated by electrical impulses such as this, the. Trigger point may release and thus release any pull or relation it has to the surrounding muscles. The whole area can loosen up.

  • Painless

    Someone using the Hempvana Pocket Relief will feel it work, but the sensation is not painful. On the video on the product webpage, you can see a woman exclaim how powerful it is. Yet, she seems excited that it is really working, and she does not express any pain. In fact, the acupuncture pen is advertised as painless.

  • Boosts Endorphins

    TENS technology such as this. Stimulates the muscles to produce the body's natural pain relievers, endorphins. In many ways, the body is actually fighting back against the electrical impulses coming from the pen, which makes it stronger. The body's natural defenses come to your aid.


  • How Does it Work?

    It is not clear whether the product requires a battery, which would be an additional cost. An at-home muscle stimulator either needs a battery or to be plugged in and recharged.

  • Not 100% Effective

    Some individuals report getting relief from wireless muscle stimulators, but others report little to no relief. For example, the acupuncture pen may work to relieve pain in one muscle group, but do nothing in others.

  • Not Regulated

    Some wireless TENS stimulators like the Hempvana Pocket Relief are FDA approved. FDA approval is not mentioned on the manufacturer's webpage for this device. Since a manufacturer with FDA approval would want to advertise it, one would assume the device here is not regulated. FDA approval, also known as clearance, of a wireless electrical stimulator means that the product is safer for use at home without getting shocks or burns. The FDA mandates safer components and clear instructions on use.

Critical Advice

Do not use a muscle stimulator such as the Hempvana Pocket Relief on the biceps and triceps at the same time. These muscles work in. Opposition to each other and it will cause pain to stimulate both at the same time. However, with this type of pen, it is really hard to aim a small pen at two muscle groups, so you will probably be safe.

How it's Different from Competitors

There are several wireless TENS stimulators on the market. One, the "Dr Pocket, " is in production after an Indiegogo (fundraising) campaign. Overall, these range in price and size. None appear to have this pen shape. The pen design of the Hempvana Pocket Relief makes it useful for applying pressure to the area you would like to treat. Dr Pocket is an oval shape and appears to be flexible and something you can strap on. Something called the iReliev looks similar, with some aspects of an iPod mini, with a small circle attached to a patch. Some competitors' products are FDA cleared, such as the Beurer EM44 TENS unit. These can run from thirty to a hundred dollars, whereas the pen reviewed here is less than that. In sum, it is cheaper, but not FDA cleared, and is featured in a helpful pen-shape.

Save Money

The double offer saves you money on a pain relief cream that comes free when you buy two. When you buy two, you also get a free Hempvana Cold As Ice pain relief gel. Otherwise, the offer for two is almost exactly double the price of one acupuncture pen. Shipping and handling is included.

Does It Really Work?

As reported, some people do not feel complete relief with the use of a wireless TENS unit such as this. It is not clear unless you try it whether this product is more or less effective compared to other home electrical stimulation devices. This also varies based on the unique sensitivity of your own body. The pen device does come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you want to try it, you can always try it and return it. Of course, you will have to make the effort to return, and pay shipping and handling.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Hempvana Pocket Relief online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Hempvana Pocket Relief online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 22 Jan 2021 Bonnie Hand - (Rio Rancho, NM)

I order a rocket for 19.95 no shipping. I am sorry I did now. Just found out I may not be able to get a battery. That is wrong to do to people. I am not happy now.

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Posted: 21 Jan 2021 jeff bottom - (Brunswick, ME)

Piece of Junk

I recieved more shock from handle area than the head. Might as well have thrown that twenty bucks in the street!

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Posted: 15 Aug 2020 John rogers - (Phoenix, AZ)

False Company

Hempvana is a fake company. They have no products. Their customer service email is invalid. Their phone number is invalid. Their mailing address doesn't exist. Don't order from them.

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Posted: 06 Jul 2020 Pain Sufferer - (Burlington, KY)

Product Never Delivered, Ordered one Month Ago

Would be nice to be able to review this product, but one month after ordering, it still has not been delivered. Also, no response from their customer service to my inquiry regarding failure to notify that the item was shipping in addition to never receiving it.

7 of 7 people found this review helpful.

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Posted: 14 Jul 2020 Gwen

I ordered mine on June 7th and still have not received it.


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Hempvana Pocket Relief Infomercial
Hempvana Pocket Relief Infomercial
Hempvana Pocket Relief Infomercial

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