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Pillow Pad 360

Pillow Pad 360 is a stand made of cushioned but sturdy foam that's been designed to hold any small or medium-sized digital device, such as a smartphone, tablet or e-reader. Aside from digital devices, this stand is also meant to hold small or medium-sized books as you read. It'll rest at three different angles, and you can rotate it in your lap to find the one that's best for you, regardless of whether you're sitting up straight, leaning back or lying down.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Pillow Pad 360 is $19.99 plus $6.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Pillow Pad 360 at the discounted price of only $6.99 for a total price of $33.97.

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page: buypillowpad.com

Pillow Pad 360 Commercial

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Place In Lap

    To get started with your Pillow Pad 360, place it in your lap with one of the ledges at the bottom and no ledge at the top. If you rotate the stand in a full (vertical) circle, you'll notice that it actually has three different ledges, and that'll give you a choice between three different viewing angles. In the event that the first angle you start with doesn't suit you, just rotate the device in a full or partial circle until you find an angle you like.

  2. Add Device Or Book

    Next, you can add a device or book to your stand by placing it on the ledge. If this first one is small enough, you may even be able to fit another one on the stand beside it, if necessary. That way, you'll be able to do something like work on your tablet while you text a friend, or read a novel while you take notes about it on your tablet. You'll notice that the foam used to create each stand is sturdy enough that when you touch any digital device with your fingers, the stand won't lose its shape.

  3. Put Items In Pocket (Optional)

    Every Pillow Pad 360 comes with a side pocket made of mesh that you can add small objects to, such as glasses or a couple of pencils or pens. If you decide to do so, just be sure you don't add more than two or three items and overload the pocket, which could cause it to rip.


  • Non-Slip Cover

    The cover on each of these stands is made of non-slip fabric that'll help hold anything on the stand securely in place, and can be taken off and safely washed in a washing machine. As for your cover's color, you'll have a choice between three shades, including gray, blue and burgundy. If multiple members of your household are getting these stands to hold their books and devices, you may all want to select a different shade (unless there's more than three of you).

  • Cushioned But Strong

    The foam used to make each Pillow Pad 360 is cushioned, which means that the stand is likely to feel comfortable against your body, even if you use it for long periods of time. However, it's not soft and squishy, so the weight of your fingers as you work on a digital device won't cause your stand to fall over or bend in any way. This foam is also extremely lightweight, so the vast majority of people won't find carrying one of these stands around to be a struggle.

  • Helps Block Glare

    By providing a solid, larger background behind a tablet or a phone as you work with or play with the device, one of these stands will help block glare from the sun and artificial lights. As a result, if you're sitting near a lighting fixture or a window with the sun streaming in, you'll be able to see your phone or tablet more clearly than you'd be able to otherwise.

Positive Points

  • Aids With Car Entertainment

    If you've got a bunch of bored kids in the backseat of a car, you'll be able to set up one of these stands and have them watch a movie on a tablet. They may also be able to use the tablet to play an interactive game. Since the tablet will be on the stand, there'll be no fighting about who gets to hold it in their lap, and all the kids will be able to see it quite clearly.

  • Promotes Good Posture

    Without one of these stands, when you get tired of holding a digital device or book up with your arms, you might put it in your lap and slump your head down to see it. This isn't an ideal way to sit, though, since it may lead to neck pain and strain over time. Fortunately, once you've set up a Pillow Pad 360 to hold your digital device or book, you'll be able to keep your neck much straighter as you read or use your device. Keeping your neck straighter may cause you to sit with a straighter back, too.

  • Keeps Hands Free

    On a related note, you'll never have to hold onto a phone, tablet or book in one or both hands once you've set up one of these sturdy foam stands. As you listen to music, watch a movie or video chat on a digital device, you may even be able to do other things with your hands, such as apply makeup or complete a craft. Of course, you'll still need to turn the pages of a book, but if it's a hardcover, you won't feel like it's weighing your wrists down.

Negative Points

  • Won't Hold Laptop

    The Pillow Pad 360 has not been designed to hold a full laptop with a keyboard. None of its ledges include a spot where one could place a keyboard, and a standard laptop might actually be wider and taller than each stand. That means it might hang over the top and sides, and therefore be less secure than a tablet would be on the same stand. If you prefer working on an ordinary laptop instead of a tablet with a touch screen, you may be stuck literally holding your laptop on your lap for now.

Critical Advice

The cover of the Pillow Pad 360 is the only part of this stand that should be put in a washing machine. After you do so, it's also best to air-dry the cover so it doesn't shrink and become too small to fit over your entire stand. If you ever need to wash your stand without the cover, just dampen a cloth with water and wipe it off by hand.

Save Money

Tablets and smartphones have a tendency to get dropped and broken, especially if they slide off a person's lap or slip between the fingers of a user's hand. When you start using the Pillow Pad 360, though, you probably won't need to replace your tablets or phones as often as you normally do. It'll hold your devices up securely when you're too tired or busy to do it, so they don't crash to the floor and crack.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Pillow Pad 360 online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Pillow Pad 360 online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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Alex - (Buffalo, NY)
Posted: 13 Dec 2019

Beware-dishonest and Fraudulant

Went online to take advantage of Double Offer. Charged $68.94 vs $33.00 that should have been charged. Call to customer service resulted in an effort to cross-sell with their representative offering the excuse their web page is faulty. These folks are crooks. They offered assurances my order was canceled. Based on my experience, I canceled my credit card. May seem a bit drastic action, but for my money, these folks are not to be trusted. I'd give them a zero star if I could. Buyer BEWARE!

1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

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Michael Butcher - (New Bern, NC)
Posted: 11 Dec 2019

Scam Beware

I went online to order just 1. After trying to upsell through multiple pages I finally paid for my order only to find out they charged me the additional for a second pillow. I have not received it yet but will not use them anymore. I even doubt they read reviews. Not a respectable company.

0 of 0 people found this review helpful.

Was this review helpful to you?

Toni Wolf - (Simpsonville, SC)
Posted: 08 Dec 2019

Where's My Pillow Pad?

Ordered 2 weeks ago - haven't received. Hope this isn't a scam!

1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

Was this review helpful to you?

JMH - (Minneapolis, MN)
Posted: 31 Jul 2019

Pillow Pad

I ordered the " two for one" offer. It took several weeks to get, but I was informed about the delay by email. I love this thing! I play games on my tablet & my wrists were getting sore from holding the tablet; the Pillow Pad solved that problem. It' s sturdy enough to hold my tablet both in the vertical & horizontal position so my wrists don' t get too tired.

1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

Was this review helpful to you?

Peaches - (Carthage, TX)
Posted: 25 Jun 2019

No Problems Ordering & we Love 'em!

We ordered two of these in June 2019, and they arrived in about 10 days. There were no problems with the order or the charges. My husband and I absolutely love them, find them very convenient, and wish we'd had them ages ago. I wonder if the company has now dealt with the issues others have described. I just know everything went fine for us, and we couldn't be happier with the Pillow Pads.

3 of 3 people found this review helpful.

Was this review helpful to you?

Charles Seley - (Fresno, CA)
Posted: 25 May 2019

Overcharged for 2 Pillow Pads

I just ordered the buy one get one free. I Declined to add the deluxe options yet I was charged for them. Change my order!

4 of 5 people found this review helpful.

Was this review helpful to you?

kim - (Chicago, IL)
Posted: 18 May 2019

Pillow Pad

Thank you, I won't be buying any from them. Thought they'd be Real Nice X-Mas gifts, But Not Now.

2 of 5 people found this review helpful.

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Posted: 27 Nov 2019

You don't stay why you changed your mind. Can you please explain the reason?

Rosemarie Stanford - (Miami, FL)
Posted: 24 Apr 2019

CEO, Colicare

I ordered this pad in Feb, 1, 2019 and still haven't received 4/25/2019. I want to be taken off their wait list but can find no way to contact them.

7 of 7 people found this review helpful.

Was this review helpful to you?

Carol Muller - (Arnold, MO)
Posted: 14 Apr 2019

I ordered two of these pillows about two months ago. Still have not received them yet!

8 of 9 people found this review helpful.

Was this review helpful to you?

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