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Phoenix Gold Iron is a product that comes from JML products. This steam iron claims to give users the perfect temperature setting and pressure needed to get rid of wrinkles from all fabric types. Said iron comes with adjustable components that make different cleaning tasks simpler and faster. As far as steam irons go, this option is decent and reliable. It is marketed as more than a mere iron, but rather, a gold level iron.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Phoenix Gold is $59.98 plus $9.99 shipping, for a total price of $69.97.

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  • Adjustable With Separations

    The company claims that each iron has a steam drive system which comes with a separate generator for heating. It is these two in combination which give the ideal temperature and pressure for removing wrinkles out of all fabrics. Said company claims that Phoenix Gold lets users adjust pressure for varying fabrics and change the iron to a vertical formation so that things like drapes and curtains can be reached.

  • Ceramic Coating and Non-stick

    With a ceramic coating, this iron boasts of a non-stick sole plate so that no clothing accidentally sticks and ends up burned. Rather, the manufacturer claims that the iron glides over the creases and is able to remove wrinkles by way of steaming them out multiple layers at a time.

  • Texture Care Brush

    There is a texture care brush which can be used to remove pet hair or fluff.

  • Refillable Tank

    The water tank on the iron can be refilled without having to turn off the iron.

  • Swivel Joint Cable

    A swivel joint cable lets users operate the iron without getting knots or kinks in the cord.

Positive Aspects

  • Reliable Manufacturer

    Phoenix Gold Iron is a product that comes from JML items. John Mills Limited, jml, is a direct response company out of the United Kingdom. This particular company has shown a great deal of long term success with its customers. In fact, it offers many direct sale items in the kitchen and cleaning categories.

  • Two Options

    There are two different offers available for the iron. Users can opt for the single iron, which costs two thirty dollar payments and the ten dollars in shipping plus handling. Alternatively, they can opt for the two iron offer and only make two payments of twenty dollars with the thirty dollar fee and ten dollars in shipping plus handling. In total this makes the cost of two irons only ten dollars more expensive than buying just one iron.

  • Free Gift

    The company offers a texture care brush for free with each purchase.

  • Warranty

    This company gives users a thirty day return on all purchases in conjunction with a lifetime guarantee on any breaks along the way. So a user who orders one or two of the irons can send it back and get a replacement if things stop working at any point over the course of the product lifetime.

Negative Aspects

  • Not for Every User

    Traditional irons are the least technologically advanced irons out there, with steam irons in second place, followed by steam generates and standalone steams. So this technology is really just a traditional iron with the special steam feature added. This means it might not be the best iron for everyone. Some people might prefer the traditional design while others might want a standalone unit. It all depends on your ironing needs.

  • Mixed Reviews

    The company purports that this iron is the best selling iron in England, and yet no statistics are provided to substantiate such a claim. Yet the majority of compliments on the customer review sections refer to how easy the iron is to use, the nice construction quality, and the effectiveness it has with regard to removing wrinkles. Complaints stated that this iron does not work better compared to other steam irons, and in the worst of cases it performs below comparative products. Other negative remarks have also stated that the water leaks from it easily. Prolonged use might be possible, but is certainly not easy, as the weight of the iron in and of itself makes it challenging to use it upright or vertically for a long time.

How It Works

Steam irons have flooded the market place since the 1950’s when they dispensed water and used heating elements to turn that water into steam. Since then, improvements have been made to the steam iron designs so that the steam comes out of the holes in the sole plate. The sole plate is the heated bottom part. Such designs meant that the steam was directly applied to the fabric and was able to release wrinkles. This is how the Phoenix Gold Iron works too.

How it's Different from Competitors

Given how long steam irons have been on the market, there are thousands of types on the market today which come in all forms of color, shape, price point, and configuration.

That said, the biggest difference between the Phoenix Gold Iron and other steam irons is that it has the steam drive system with the separate heating generator. In theory, having this separate heating generator is what provides the ideal temperature and ideal pressure. That said, JML did not offer schematics as to the design of their system, so comparing it to other steam irons with pressure and temperature controls is not possible.

What’s more, the ceramic sole plate, the water rank, nor the swivel joint cable are different from other steam irons out there. Generally speaking, higher end iron manufacturers have a similar easy refill option for their water tanks.

Price wise, there are just as many options for steam irons as there are prices. This particular design is actually on the lower end of the price range, making it a lesser expensive model compared to similar irons.

The Phoenix Gold Iron has received mostly positive reviews from online consumers. So, if you are willing to risk the hefty financial loss associated with potentially returning the double offer, then this might be an ideal iron.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Alleviating Build up

    There is a lot of negative talk about the lime scale build up for this iron, which then discharges out of the sole plate. However, this can be prevented if distilled water is used in the water filter areas. If you do not use distilled water, the buildup will happen. Areas where the water is hard will see even worse buildup.

  2. Return Single Offers Only

    Given the fact that the difference between the single and double offers is only ten dollars, the key difference here is the refund policy. Should you get the single iron option, taking advantage of the refund policy means you only lose ten dollars in shipping and handling. However, should you get the double iron option, taking advantage of the refund policy means you lose the fee and shipping which amounts to forty dollars. This is four times the amount you lose with the single offer.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Phoenix Gold online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Phoenix Gold online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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