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Pet Fresh Wash Mitts Pet Fresh Wash Mitts or Alternatives
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Pet Fresh Wash Mitts are white mitts that have been created with the aim of helping pet owners quickly clean the coats of their furry friends. These mitts have been designed with dogs of all breeds, shapes, and sizes in mind, but it's specified that they're also suitable for use on the coats of other furry animals. Each set contains five of the mitts, and once you add water, it's claimed that this will release the pH-neutral shampoo contained within each one.

Pet Fresh Wash Mitts Pet Fresh Wash Mitts or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Pet Fresh Wash Mitts is $9.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Add Water to Mitt

    To get started with your Pet Fresh Wash Mitts, grab one of the mitts and add water that's neither too cold or too hot to its surface. If you're not near a tap, you can dump this water straight out of a water bottle.

  2. Create Lather

    Next, create a lather by putting your dampened mitt on the hand of your choice and rubbing your fingers together. This will release the lightly fragrant shampoo within each mitt and allow it to combine with the water. If you're not sure which hand to wear your mitt on, it's probably best to go with your dominant hand.

  3. Scrub Pet's Coat

    Once you've created a lather by rubbing your fingers together for about a minute or so, use your mitt to scrub whatever areas of your pet's coat are dirty. It's safe to use this mitt from your pet's head to their tail—just keep the lather away from their eyes, nose, and mouth, similar to how you'd keep shampoo away from your own face. If your pet holds still and you work quickly, an entire coat-cleaning should take a few minutes at most.

  4. Towel-Dry Pet's Coat

    When you're done scrubbing your pet's coat, you'll be able to simply dry it with a towel without taking the time to give them a rinse. Then they'll be able to get back to playing, sleeping, walking or whatever they were doing before their short bath.


  • For Various Furry Pets

    As mentioned, these mitts are suitable for use on the coat of virtually any type of dog, and they're also suitable if you want to clean a cat or a rabbit's fur. Basically, as long as your pet has fur, you'll be able to use one of these mitts to clean it. If you've got a mix of animals in your home, you may want to obtain just one set of these mitts at a time and divide it among the furry animals.

  • Five Mitts Per Set

    On a related note, you'll get five mitts in one set, and they'll all be the same shade of white, which will allow you to see the dirt you're picking up with clarity. Typically, you'll get one use out of each mitt, but if you don't use one for long and it doesn't get too dirty, you might get a second use out of a particular one.

  • Lightweight and Portable

    These mitts are all lightweight, and they'll sit fairly flat when they're not on a person's hand, which makes them highly portable. If you're on the go with another pet, you'll be able to carry them in a handbag or backpack or store them in your glove compartment as you drive. Similarly, they won't take up a whole lot of space in a drawer or cabinet at home.

  • Gentle on Fur and Skin

    Unlike some grooming brushes that can literally rip out tangles or single strands of hair as they move along an animal's coat, these mitts are gentle on any type of fur. They shouldn't have a lot of contact with a furry pet's skin, but if they do come in contact with any area of skin, they'll be gentle on it, too. Therefore, your pet likely won't find being cleaned with one of these mitts to be an uncomfortable experience.

Positive Points

  • No Super-strong Odor

    The shampoo that's emitted by the Pet Fresh Wash Mitts only has a light fragrance, so it likely won't disturb an owner or a pet who is sensitive to strong smells. If you decide to wash your pet's coat in a public place, the smell of the shampoo probably won't disturb anyone else who is there, either.

  • Humans Can Stay Dry

    Aside from the hand that they're wearing a mitt on, these mitts will allow an owner to stay dry while washing their pet's coat. If you often end up getting soaked yourself as you try to get your pet into a tub or hose them down with a garden hose, you may greatly appreciate this. Along the same lines, if your pet doesn't like to be in the water, they may also appreciate the fact that they'll only have to get wet enough to get clean.

  • Can Use on Both Hands

    As an owner washing your pet's coat, you'll be able to wear one of your Pet Fresh Wash Mitts on either your left or right hand. Furthermore, while most users will choose to wash their pets with one mitt at a time, wearing a mitt on each hand for a super-efficient wash is also an option. If time is of the essence, this may allow you to wash your pet in half the time you'd normally take.

Negative Points

  • Must Remember Water

    Since the shampoo within these mitts is only released when they come in contact with water, you'll need to remember to bring water along if you want to use them while you're away from home. Without water, no matter how much you rub your fingers together, the lather won't work properly. The only time you may not need your own water is when you're headed to a freshwater beach, as you'll be able to dip a mitt in the water there.

  • May Create Extra Waste

    You'll likely have to use a new mitt each time you want to give your pet's coat a cleaning, so it follows that the previous mitt will have become garbage. If you were to try and use the same mitt over and over again, the shampoo would eventually get depleted. Plus, it's probable that you'd also end up rubbing old dirt back onto your pet while wiping the fresh dirt away. Unfortunately, these mitts are not machine washable like most traditional washcloths are, and rinsing one of them off probably wouldn't remove all the old dirt.

Critical Advice

If you wash a pet's coat with one of these mitts, but forget to bring a drying towel, that likely won't be a big issue. You can use nearly anything, such as an old shirt, a sock or even another unused mitt to dry off your pet. If you don't have anything to dry them off with at all, just let them air-dry for a few minutes before letting them back in your vehicle.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Pet Fresh Wash Mitts online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Pet Fresh Wash Mitts online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 09 Jan 2021 Lynette vogel - (St. George, UT)

I Love These Mitts! Work Great!

I have w German Shepherd that is scared of everything. So we can not take him to the groomers. He did great with this product it was so easy to use I probably should not have but I got a little more water on the MIT and did two other dogs with the same one. I will be buying more. I got mine from dollar general. 10.00 a great deal. Worth it. Thanks.

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Posted: 17 Dec 2020 STACY KOSER - (Chicago, IL)

Pet Fresh Mitts

I use pet fresh and loved it. My dog did great with it, it lathered up well.
As of right now, I'm really pleased with the product.

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Posted: 26 Feb 2020 Deborah Gordon Charles - (Philadelphia, PA)

Worst Spent Money

This is the worst product ever. I purchased them to help keep my dog's paws clean after walking or being in the yard. The mitts started coming apart as soon as they were wet and I began working up the lather. By the time I cleaned one paw I had to throw it out and get another one. So I used four mitts for one outing. It is cheaper to continue with a pail of water and washcloth. My saying is. You get what you pay for. If they can give you double then that’s all they are worth. Thank you Fur Mom.

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