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Pet Cube Camera

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Pet Cube Camera is an indoor pet camera. Night vision, digital zoom, video recordings, live streaming, compact, two way audio, alerts, and a built in laser allows you to check in on your pet regularly. If you opt for the play cube, you can remotely trigger the built in laser toy so that your furry friends get exercise and play time at home. Even if you are busy that day, you can set up an auto play mode so that they stay entertained in your absence.


  1. Petcube Play

    Play is an interactive pet camera which you can use to see your pets, talk to them, or play with them from a distance. This cube is obviously a cube shape, and meant to sit anywhere in your home. Rubber, non slip bottom with standard tripod mount means you can set it up on a shelf, table, or position it with a tripod to aim high.

  2. Petcube Bites

    Bites is an interactive pet cam that enables you to train your pet with treats anywhere you are. All in one wifi pet camera has a built in treat dispenser so you can see, talk to, or play with your pet directly from your phone when you are out. Said indoor pet camera lets you check in on your pets when you are away, giving you peace of mind that the pets and home are secure. Remotely fling out a treat on demand, or make a treat schedule. Stream in 1080p HD video that comes with a wide angle view.

    Hold up to one hundred treats of any kind, up to one inch in size. Enjoy night vision so you can still see what is happening in low light or no light conditions. Use two walk audio to talk to your pets, even say something to intruders so they think someone is in the house. Rely on the sound and motion alerts, zoom in with the digital zoom, and review video recordings later.

  3. Petcube Care

    Petcube Care gives you a 24 / 7 recording of what is happening in your home with your pets. You get to activate your device and start watching your pets immediately. Video provided here is a cloud recording service, so all of the video history is stored on an interactive timeline. Capture those most memorable moments with your pet and rest assured that your house is safe.

Keeping Track of Videos

Watch ten or thirty day increments of cloud recorded history showing up on your timeline. Should you use multiple cameras, you can get additional plans and save money.
Petcube care is not a requirement but rather, an optional cloud recording service. Rewind and play back the moments spent with or without your pet, catching each cute thing they did, or checking out when they are naughty. Use the recordings to teach your pets and train them better, though not necessarily with the video screen, but by finding out what they did.

Combined with the sound and the motion notifications, you get an alert each time there is a disturbance in your home. Sound and motion automatically trigger the recording. View exactly what is happening at home and see if your pet is distressed, if something is wrong, or if they are just playing. See your pets any time you want with the video time line, then show family or friends cute things your pets did while you were away.

Access the subscriptions with the Petcube app right from your phone. Enjoy complete control over the notifications you get and the recording settings. Set it up to be awake, quiet, or sleeping. All videos are secure and private with encryption, so people won't be able to easily hack into the account and view the details of your home interior. Compatible with iOS and Android.

Save Money

There are two options and features. Buying the petcube device only is one. If you buy the petcube device and the subscription to the app / video is another. With both you get 24/7 live video to see what things your pet is doing. Choosing the device only means up to four hours of video history whereas with the subscription you can opt for 10 or 30 day video history. Either option gives activity alerts when noise or movement happen. Only the subscription gives you activity capture that triggers recordings as soon as motion or sound is detected. Finally, with either one you can share the camera so others can watch, zoom in three times to see more details, or enjoy a talk and listen two way audio. Allowing you to speak to your pet and hear them respond.

For the second option, ten days of video history is ten dollars per month, with five dollars per extra device. Naturally, thirty days of video history is thirty per month with fifteen per extra device. Annual plans save you money on either plan.

How It Works

Petcube Bites works be remotely flinging treats to your pets when thy have done a good job, and enabling you to speak the same reward to them through the audio system. Use the sound or motion alerts on your phone to see when the pet is active, monitoring them as they play or do good things.


  • Missing Pets

    If you mess your pet, you can use the push to talk feature and start hearing your pet. Talk to them too. Take a break during your day to let them know that you are still there and still care for them. It is better for their health and well being too.

  • Hd Video

    You can monitor and interact with your pets using the clear 1080P HD video right from your phone.

  • Remote Care

    You can remotely care for your pet by watching them on your phone, seeing the details with the zoom function, and watching them at night through night vision. Never be far from their side ( and keep them off the couch in your absence ).

  • Sleek

    The design is easy to set up and small. Place it on a flat surface like a shelf or table, or mount it to your wall with the included mounting kit. Figure out whichever angle gives the best vantage point for the home. Moreover you can choose a matte silver color, rose gold color, or carbon black color.

  • Alerts

    You can choose to get the sound or motion alerts that matter most. Filters out background noise so you only get alerts when there is a major movement or disturbance in your home. If you do not want to be bothered, you can set up the unit to the "do not disturb" mode and nothing will come your way. Otherwise, get an alert that motion was detected, then review the video recording.

  • Multiple Rooms

    Set them up in multiple rooms to cover the most active spaces where your pets roam. Watch them and treat them accordingly. You can set up the built in laser toy to give your pets even more exercise and play.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Pet Cube Camera online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Pet Cube Camera online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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