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Perfect Slicer

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Perfect Slicer is a fruit and vegetable slicer that cores and cuts 12 perfect slices in just seconds. It’s very easy and safe to use. Simply hold the easy grip handles and push the Perfect Slicer down. It does all the work easily and quickly. Perfect Slicer works great on any-sized fruits and vegetables. With it, you can core and slice the perfect pineapple. Cantaloupes and melons are easy to prepare, too. You can easily core and slice apples for your kids’ lunch box. They’re great in cutting vegetables too, for your salads. Perfect Slicer is dishwasher safe, so cleaning it is not a problem.

The Claim

Preparing your fruits and vegetables the traditional way is a hit and miss process. It’s hard to come up with perfect and even slices. You’d sometimes end up cutting yourself, too. You can forget all these hassles with the Perfect Slicer. It takes all the hard work in preparing your fruits and vegetables. You can also use it to perfectly slice your cakes, too. Now, you don’t have to struggle with dangerous blades. . Do it the fast and easy way with the Perfect Slicer. When you order Perfect Slicer, you will also get the Perfect Slicing Mat and the 5-piece Perfect Storage System that uses advanced freshness technology to remove damaging gasses so your food lasts up to weeks longer.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Perfect Slicer is $10.00 plus $6.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows a free gift which you will receive by paying an extra fee of $6.99 for a total price of $23.98.

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:

How It Works

The Perfect Slicer is a wheel-shaped device that is able to slice virtually any fruit or vegetable, even the most hard-to-cut ones, in seconds. Its blades, which look like the spokes of a wheel, cut the fruit or vegetable into twelve different pieces, and the circular blade in the middle will even core the produce item, if needed. The only thing you need to do is hang onto the two outer handles. Besides fruits and vegetables, the Perfect Slicer also works on other thick, rounded items such as cakes.


  1. School Lunches
  2. You can use the Perfect Slicer to nicely cut up and core apples to put in children’s lunches, so they don’t have to eat them whole.

  3. Snacks
  4. The Perfect Slicer will cut up fruits such as canteloupe, watermelon and pineapple so you and your family can eat them as snacks at home or while on a picnic. You can also combine the slices into an attractive, delicious fruit salad.

  5. Vegetable Platters
  6. The Perfect Slicer will also slice up vegetables like zucchini and peppers so that you can serve them to your family and / or guests on a platter with smaller veggies.

  7. Dinner
  8. This product can be useful at dinnertime when you need to slice up a vegetable, such as eggplant, that you plan on cooking and serving.

  9. Desserts
  10. The Perfect Slicer will slice up all cakes, including those with a donut hole and those without. If the ice cream is hard enough, it’ll even work on ice cream cake.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Place Food Item
  2. Place a vegetable, fruit or cake on a cutting board in front of you. Make sure the food item is face-up and not lying on its side.

  3. Grip Handles
  4. Position the Perfect Slicer slightly above the food item, holding onto its two easy-grip handles.

  5. Push Down
  6. Push down on the handles to cut your vegetable, fruit or cake.

  7. Clean Up
  8. Get your resulting slices ready to serve, throw out any cores, and put the Perfect Slicer in the dishwasher, if needed. You may be able to cut several fruits or vegetables in succession without giving the product a full wash, as you can rinse it off.

Positive Points

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • The materials used to make the Perfect Slicer are dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to clean.

  • Not Dangerous
  • While struggling to cut a large fruit or vegetable with a knife is dangerous, as the knife could slip and cut you severely, the Perfect Slicer offers no such danger. Due to its shape and the way you must hold it, it is stable and won’t slip easily.


In the Perfect Slicer infomercial, it is demonstrated that the product is capable of cutting 120 good-looking slices of fruit in only 30 seconds.

Save Time

When you use the Perfect Slicer, you will be able to get your meals ready much more quickly, as you won’t have to spend up to 15 minutes trying to cut one tough fruit or vegetable. Instead, you’ll take 30 seconds or less to cut each one, and you’ll be able to use this slicer on some of your desserts, too. If you have children, you’ll also cut down on the time you spend making their school lunches or afternoon snacks once you start using the Perfect Slicer to cut and core smaller fruits.

Save Money

Using the Perfect Slicer will also save you a bit of money at the grocery store. You’ll no longer be as tempted to buy pre-cut fruits and vegetables in order to save you the energy you’d expend by cutting your own up with a knife.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Perfect Slicer online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Perfect Slicer online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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Anita Taylor - (De Land, FL)
Posted: 20 Jul 2017
I Regret Buying it!

Omg you need to read this right now!

The middle of the unperfect squasher is made of medal in the other places, but not at where I've have seen it. And not, with me, it's plastic with every one else so it's garbage, nothing else than garbage.

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Karen - (Ellendale, ND)
Posted: 29 Jun 2016
I Regret Buying it!

Very Disappointed

A very flimsy product. Would not cut through a mini water melon no matter how hard I pushed down. I ended up with a squashed melon and a counter running with juice.
Having failed with the melon I moved on to an apple. This was somewhat more successful, but took an awful lot of strength.
I would not recommend this product.

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Connie - (Preston, ID)
Posted: 10 May 2016
I have something to say!

I Don't Believe It

I watched this review and you make it look so easy - It is not that easy - neither my husband or I can push it down like that and make it work.

0 of 0 people found this review helpful.

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Judy K.  - (Des Moines, IA)
Posted: 29 Jul 2015
I have something to say!

I was seriously considering purchasing this but was looking for reviews. After reading that review, though it was only 1. I will wait, as I often do, until Walmart carries it. Their return policy is great, if I don't like the 'perfect slicer". Thank you Arab, AL for the review.

0 of 0 people found this review helpful.

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Judyk - (Des Moines, IA)
Posted: 29 Jul 2015
I Regret Buying it!

- Read more at:
- Read more at:

1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

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H Slate - (Arab, AL)
Posted: 27 May 2015
I Regret Buying it!

Inferior Product

I purchased this product and it fell apart while I was using. What they show in the video cannot be the same quality as what I received. I would advise anyone thinking about ordering to NOT do so!

3 of 3 people found this review helpful.

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