Perfect Match Belt Set

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Perfect Match Belt Set Perfect Match Belt Set or Alternatives
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The Perfect Match Belt Set is a set of three genuine leather belts that are also reversible. It's stated that when you flip them over, they instantly become a different color, so you'll get six shades in total. Plus, each belt set comes with two buckles that are meant to be interchangeable, giving you the ability to create 12 different looks with just one set. These belt sets have been designed with men and boys in mind, but women and girls may be able to use them, too.

Perfect Match Belt Set Perfect Match Belt Set or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Perfect Match Belt Set is $19.95 plus $5.95 shipping, for a total price of $25.90.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Choose Shade

    Each belt set will allow you to wear a blue, grey, brown, dark brown, black or tan belt, so to get started, you'll need to pick the shade you'd like to wear first. It's best to choose a shade you like that also matches the clothing you're going to be wearing. You may have to flip over one of the belts to see the shade you're most interested in.

  2. Cut Belt Down (optional)

    If the distance between the end of your belt without holes and the closest hole is still far too large when you wrap it around your waist, you can cut the belt down. It's best to cut from the end with no holes, and you can use an ordinary pair of scissors to do so. If you choose to cut your belt down, though, be sure to give yourself at least a couple of extra inches in case your waist expands after you eat a large meal.

  3. Select Buckle

    The next thing you'll need to do is select either the silver or bronze buckle and attach it to the end of your belt that has no holes. These buckles have been designed to clip onto any of the belts in seconds (and you should be able to unclip them just as quickly when you want to switch between them).

  4. Put Belt on Waist

    Once your belt is all set up with a buckle, put it on your waist as you would an ordinary belt. If you're not well-versed in the process, you'll need to string it through your belt loops and put the appropriate part of the metal clip through the hole of your choice. Later, you can undo this connection between the clip and the hole in order to take the belt off.


  • Six Shades and Two Buckles

    Since each belt set contains three reversible belts, it's like you'll be getting six belts in six different shades instead of just three. What's more, since you can wear each belt shade with either the bronze or silver clip, you'll be able to make it look like you have 12 belts instead of three. Unless you tell them, it's unlikely that anyone will figure out that you're getting 12 different looks from just three belts.

  • Genuine Leather

    Each belt that's included in a Perfect Match Belt Set has been made from genuine leather, as opposed to a lower-quality mix of polyester and vinyl. If you wear the same real leather belt frequently, it may start looking worn-out quickly, but since you'll get three belts with two different sides in each of these sets, that won't happen as fast.

  • Fits Most Waist Sizes

    Any belt in one of these sets can be cut down as small as you'd like it to be, and without being cut, each belt will accommodate waists that are up to 48 inches around. If your waist circumference is larger than that, due to the typical male shape, you may be able to wear your belt under your stomach (closer to your hips) instead.

  • Moderate Width

    As for the width of each belt, each one is neither extremely skinny nor extremely thick, so each one will fit nicely through the belt loops of most pairs of pants or shorts for men.

Positive Points

  • Can be Dressy or Casual

    These belts will look good with casual clothes, such as jeans, and formal clothing, such as suits—and virtually everything in between. If you wear men's clothes, regardless of your age, you'll likely be able to find a shade of belt and buckle that suits almost any outfit in your closet. It's probable that the only outfits you won't be able to wear one of your Perfect Match belts with are ones that don't include belt loops.

  • May Work for Women

    While the belt loops on women's bottoms tend to be a bit smaller than those attached to men's bottoms, women can wear these belts if they can get them to fit through their belt loops. Women who wear men's clothing, for whatever reason, will also be able to make use of these belts if they'd like to. If you still want to give off a feminine vibe, you won't have to worry, as these belts won't give off a distinctly masculine vibe when paired with feminine clothing and accessories.

  • Make a Good Gift

    Almost all men and boys wear belts to hold up their pants or shorts at some point, so one of these belt sets will make a good gift for almost any male on your list. Even a toddler with few gross motor skills or a senior with arthritic fingers will be able to put the belts on with a bit of help.

Negative Points

  • Not Machine Washable

    Washing leather in the washing machine typically isn't recommended, as the leather could end up getting damaged. Instead, leather items should be wiped down with water or hand-washed in cold water with a soap that's been specifically formulated for leather. If you're the type of person who doesn't like to take a lot of time to wash your accessories, you may be disappointed that you can't just toss these belts in the washing machine. You might choose to go with a belt material that's a bit simpler to clean.

  • Won't Suit Obese Men

    Most men can expect to comfortably get themselves into a Perfect Match belt, whether it's sitting on their actual waist or their hips. However, extremely obese men likely won't be able to fit these belts around their waists, their bellies or their hips, so they won't be able to wear them. It would be helpful if these belts could be made just a bit larger, or if an additional size could be created since some men have waist circumferences of 50-plus inches these days.

Save Time

If you're leaving on a trip and want to bring along belts in six different shades, you won't have to search for six separate belts in your closet and then pack them all. You'll simply be able to pack your Perfect Match Belt Set, and you'll get six belt shades from just the effort of finding and taking the time to pack three.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Perfect Match Belt Set online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Perfect Match Belt Set online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Perfect Match Belt Set Infomercial
Perfect Match Belt Set Infomercial
Perfect Match Belt Set Infomercial

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