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Peel N Patch Peel N Patch or Alternatives
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Peel N Patch is a repair patch that will stick to virtually any surface in order to close off a hole, crack or leak. The only surfaces this patch won't work on are ones made of propylene or ones that are wet or dirty. Once a patch has been added to a surface and has hardened, which will take between three and 20 minutes, you'll be able to paint or sand over it without damaging it. Peel N Patch comes in three different sizes and can be cut, too.

Peel N Patch Peel N Patch or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Peel N Patch is $19.95 plus $9.90 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Peel N Patch by paying an extra fee of $0.00 for a total price of $29.85.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Open Peel n Patch Package

    To get started with Peel N Patch, you'll need to open up your first package and pull out a patch. Once you've opened up a package, you must use the patch inside within an hour, or it may not work properly after that.

  2. Peel Backing Off Patch

    Next, after your package has been opened, peel the backing off your patch to get it ready to be affixed to a surface.

  3. Stick Patch to Surface

    Making sure your chosen surface is clean first, stick your patch to that surface, directly covering the leak, crack or hole on that surface as effectively as you possibly can. After you've added a patch, no part of the leak, crack or hole should be showing.

  4. Wait for Curing

    Provided that you have an appropriate light source (UV light or sunlight), the patch you've used will begin to cure as you wait. With sunlight, it'll go from being soft to being hard in three to five minutes, while it'll take 10 to 20 if your source of light is of the UV kind.

  5. Wash Hands

    While no Peel N Patch repair patch is toxic, it's best if you wash your hands with both soap and water after you attach one to a flat surface.


  • Three Sizes Available

    This repair patch comes in three sizes, including three by six inches, six by nine and nine by 12. When you're selecting one, you can make your choice depending on the size of the crack, hole or leak that you'll need to repair. These patches come in sets of two, but you'll be able to obtain as many as you want, so you'll be able to use them for multiple repairs in and around your home.

  • Water and Weather Resistant

    These patches are completely waterproof, so you'll be able to hang them outdoors without worrying about them falling off in the rain. You'll also be able to use them to repair objects that regularly come in contact with water, such as boats, pools, some kitchen or bathroom pipes, and glass showers. Plus, along with rain, the patches will be resistant to potential damage arising from other types of weather, such as snow, heavy winds or excessive humidity.

  • Withstand Heat, Weight

    Along with being waterproof and weather resistant, your Peel N Patch patches will be able to tolerate temperatures ranging from minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit to 365 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, you'll be able to use them in a refrigerator or microwave if needed (a freezer may be too cold and an oven may be too hot). What's more, even one patch on its own will be able to withstand the weight of an average-sized person stepping on it.

  • Made in the United States

    All of these patches are manufactured in the United States, so when you use them, it can be with the knowledge that certain safety and labor standards have been followed during the manufacturing process.

Positive Points

  • Can Cut Patches

    Although these patches come in different sizes, you'll also be able to cut each one after you take it out of its package, if you'd like. This option may come in handy if the hole or crack you need to repair is smaller than even the smallest patch available. If you cut the patch instead of using the whole thing anyway, you'll be able to save the rest for another small repair.

  • Not Toxic or Flammable

    The Peel N Patch repair patches aren't toxic or flammable right after they've been taken out of their packages, nor after they've been cured, either. As a result, you won't need to worry about any of them releasing toxic fumes into the air of your home, nor will you need to worry about any patch catching on fire.

  • Able to be Layered

    If one patch isn't enough to seal off a hole or crack, you'll be able to layer up to five on top of each other, or place as many as you want side by side. To add more layers after you've laid one patch, wait until it has cured, and then repeat the same process used with the first patch. Never add a patch directly on top of another one that's still somewhat wet.

  • No Smell and No Mess

    A lot of substances one might use to complete repairs in and around the house can make a mess of the user and the immediate area. Additionally, they might give off a foul odor. Fortunately, Peel N Patch repair patches don't come with an unpleasant smell, and the adhesive backing on each patch isn't so gooey that it'll make a mess of you or your surroundings. After you complete a repair job with one of these patches, you probably won't need to change your clothes.

Negative Points

  • Light is Required

    In order for these patches to stick to your chosen surfaces properly, either sunlight or ultraviolet (UV) light is required. That means if you're adding a patch to something in an area that gets no sunlight, such as a wall or shelf in a dark closet, you'll need to obtain a UV light to use. Otherwise, your patch won't dry as it should and may just fall off the surface it's been attached to.

  • Surfaces Must be Dry, Clean

    Although Peel N Patch repair patches are waterproof when dry, they won't stick to wet surfaces very effectively when they're wet. They also won't stick to dirty surfaces very well. Consequently, you'll need to clean and dry off any surface you're going to affix a patch to. This could be quite time-consuming, especially if the object you plan on fixing is something like a pool or toilet that's normally filled with water.

Save Time

If you decide to use another method of repairing a leak, crack or hole, you may take up to a few hours to complete the job. However, if you use one of these patches instead, you'll take between a few minutes and a half hour. Even if you need to add extra patches, adding each additional patch will only take up a few more minutes of your time.

Save Money

With these patches on hand, you'll be able to eliminate the option of calling a professional to help you complete a home repair, especially considering that many of them use these same patches. You also won't be tempted to replace objects around your home instead of repairing them, since repairing them will become such a quick and painless task.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Peel N Patch online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Peel N Patch online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 07 Jun 2018 Randy - (Jasper, IN)

Peel N Patch

Tried Peel N Patch on a camper . Total Junk . Does not go around curves, hard to peel outside part waste of money . Flex tape works much better .

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