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Paw Perfect Hair Trimmer Paw Perfect Hair Trimmer or Alternatives
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The Paw Perfect Hair Trimmer is a compact, cordless, and safe hair trimmer for pets. This hair trimmer is safe for most pets and is gentle enough that it works well for those with sensitive skin. The hair trimmer exhibits a quiet sound so that the pets are not startled. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts for long usage and a built-in light to make trimming easier. There are also 4 different comb heads that can be attached to match your pet's hair texture.

Paw Perfect Hair Trimmer Paw Perfect Hair Trimmer or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Paw Perfect Hair Trimmer is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Compact Shape

    This hair trimmer is known for its compact shape which makes it easy to travel with and use when trimming the pet. It is small enough to fit comfortably in your hand so that you can get a precise cut on the animal's fur.

  • Cordless and Rechargeable

    The Paw Perfect Hair Trimmer is a cordless product. This allows for easy movement of the device when trimming your pet's hair. The trimmer will not be caught on anything as you try to cut through the hair. Since there is no cord, it is also rechargeable and allows for you to use the product for the duration of the cut then recharge it when needed.

  • Built-in Light

    There is a built-in light on the hair trimmer that allows for more clarity when trimming the pet's hair. The light is at the top of the trimmer and shines onto the pet's fur so that it is easy to see. This feature allows you to see what you are doing and not make any mistakes.

  • Stainless Steel Ceramic Blades

    The blades on the Paw Perfect Hair Trimmer are made from high-quality material. These blades are stainless steel and ceramic which help them to cut precisely and also last for a long time.


  • Easy to Use

    The Paw Perfect Hair Trimmer is very simple and easy to use. There is a large red button on the middle of it that signals you to push it and turn on the trimming feature.

  • Safe to the Touch

    This device is safe to the touch of humans and animals. If you place the blades on your skin, it will not puncture you, due to safety precautions the device took. This makes it great for animals' skin so that it only cuts the hair and not their skin.

  • Versatile

    This trimmer has four different comb heads. Each of these heads was made to match the length or texture of your pet's hair. You can interchange the comb heads to match your pet's hair accurately.

  • Quiet

    The Paw Perfect Hair Trimmer has a quiet motor. This is a great feature for the device because it will not distract the user. Most importantly, pets can become very anxious when getting grooming done, especially with motorized devices. This quiet feature allows the pet to stay calmer because they don't hear the typical loud motor noise. Having this can help the pet to stay still while getting their hair trimmed.

Negative Aspects

  • Battery Life

    Although the device is cordless and rechargeable, this means that the battery can die out at some point where you will need to stop and charge it. This is in opposition to having a corded device where it stays charged as long as it is plugged in.

  • Simple Choices

    Since the Paw Perfect Hair Trimmer is so easy to use, there is only one button on it. There are not many options to customize the trimmer besides changing the speed a couple of levels up and down. On the device, there is only one button to actually use the trimming device.


  • Usage

    It is important to remember that although this is an easy-to-use device, you must still know how to trim your pet's hair. If you are not experienced trimming it, the end result of your pet's hair may not come out how you want it. It's essentially up to you to cut it in the way you desire. If you do cut too much, it may not look how you envisioned.

  • Animal Safety

    Since animals can get nervous about many things, it is important to figure out if your pet has any anxieties about the device before using it. This will allow you to know how to move forward. If you begin and your pet does not like it, they may snap or run out of nervousness. It is also important to have the pet in a safe location where they cannot run or jump off of high surfaces if they do get nervous. When trimming the hair it is essential to make sure that you have a good grip.

How It Works

The Paw Perfect Hair Trimmer works fairly simply. What you need to do is charge the device with the included charger to begin. After that, you can choose which comb size fits your pet's hair the best. Attach the comb to the trimmer. Next, you can adjust the speed of the device after turning it on by pushing the red button. Once you get to your desired speed, begin carefully trimming your pet's hair.

How it's Different from Competitors

This trimmer is different than its competitors because of a few reasons. First, the compact and easy to use design allows anybody to be able to use the product without much assistance. Next, the device is cordless and rechargeable. By not having a cord, in comparison to some other competitors, users can navigate the device easier and reach spots without tangling themself or the pet in the cord. This trimmer also has 4 different detachable comb lengths so that you can choose which one works best for your unique pet. Some competitor's models only have one comb attached.

Save Time

By purchasing this trimmer, you are saving a lot of time. It can take days to get your pet to a groomer because you have to call and set up appointments. When you get to the shop, you may even have to wait a little longer until it is your turn to go. With the Paw Perfect Hair Trimmer, you can surpass all wait times. You can trim your pet's hair whenever you want or feel it is necessary because the device is right there in your hands!

Save Money

This device when bought off its website has a special offer. When you buy one full-priced Paw Perfect Hair Trimmer, you are able to buy a second one for 65% of the price! That way you can have two trimmers nearby in case one runs out of battery or you need an emergency backup. This also allows you to make a one time purchase and be able to groom your pet yourself instead of having to pay each time you need a haircut for the pet.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Paw Perfect Hair Trimmer online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Paw Perfect Hair Trimmer online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 09 Mar 2021 Ruth - (Saskatoon, SK)

Won't Work After Charge

Why when I charge this product it no longer turns on. Used it to trim my dogs, was ready for charge and no longer works.

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Paw Perfect Hair Trimmer Infomercial
Paw Perfect Hair Trimmer Infomercial

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