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Paper Plane Palooza kits can be used to make supersonic paper airplanes that will fly quickly and further than standard paper planes. In each kit, you'll get 100 sheets of thicker-than-average, flight-tested paper, plus a manual containing step-by-step instructions for more than 25 different plane designs. You can launch your new planes alone, but having all that paper means that there'll be enough for some of your friends, too. The paper comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns so everyone's plane can look unique.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Paper Plane Palooza is $10.00 plus $5.99 shipping, for a total price of $15.99. Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:

How It Works

The thick paper you'll find within each plane-making kit will make your planes durable, while the aerodynamic shape of each plane will allow it to fly far and fast. Paper Plane Palooza's paper has been flight-tested, so if you make your planes according to the manual's directions, you'll be more than likely to get the results you're looking for.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Select Sheet of Paper

    For your first plane, you'll need to select a sheet of paper from your kit. You'll notice that each piece of paper is decorated with a unique design, so you'll have a wide variety of options when it comes to your first plane's physical appearance.

  2. Choose a Design

    After you've selected a sheet of paper, you'll need to choose the design from the book that you want to start with. You may want to start with one that's less complex and work you way up to the more complicated ones later.

  3. Follow Instructions

    Regardless of the design you choose, you'll need to follow your manual's step-by-step instructions to fold a plane in accordance with that design. The instructions contain words and pictures, so if you tend to be a visual learner, you may want to pay close attention to the latter.

  4. Fly Your Plane

    Once you've completed the last step of your design, you'll be ready to launch your new paper airplane. If your plane seems to be having trouble staying off the ground, you can always revisit your instruction manual to see if you missed a step or didn't complete one correctly.


  • 100 Pieces of Paper

    Since you'll find 100 pieces of paper in your kit, you'll be able to make 100 planes ( unless, of course, you share your paper with others ).

  • Variety of Colors, Designs

    The sheets of paper you'll get are decorated with a variety of designs, such as stripes, swirls, dots, and even camouflage print, and the designs have been created with a variety of different colors.

  • 25 Airplane Designs

    In regard to the shape of your airplane, you'll also have a lot of options, as your Paper Plane Palooza book will contain instructions for more than 25 aerodynamic designs.

Positive Points

  • For Boys and Girls

    Boys and girls alike will enjoy creating planes with Paper Plane Palooza kits, as each kit contains paper in colors that tend to be popular with each gender.

  • Fun in Groups

    Whether you're making planes with your friends, siblings, or parents, these kits are fun to use in groups. If you and your companions become skilled at launching your creations, you may even want to compete to see who can launch theirs the farthest or highest.

  • No Tools Required

    To make these paper planes, you won't need any tools or adhesives—you'll be able to simply fold them into shape with your hands and let them fly. You'll see that your paper is already cut to an ideal size, so you won't even need to get out your scissors.

Negative Points

  • Could Become a Nuisance

    If Paper Plane Palooza aircarft are flown when they shouldn't be, such as at the dinner table, on the school bus, or in the classroom, they may annoy people ( like parents and teachers! ).

Wise Advice

Do not buy Paper Plane Palooza online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Paper Plane Palooza online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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