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Paint Sation Paint Sation or Alternatives
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Paint Sation is a special type of paint for children that won't spill or drip like ordinary paint often does. It's stored in containers that'll hold onto every drop of paint like a paintbrush can, so the paint will always stay put when you need it to. In each Paint Sation set, you'll get four different shades of paint, along with a paintbrush and a carrying case. Due to the fact that it won't create a mess, this paint is ideal for use both at home and at school.

Paint Sation Paint Sation or Alternatives
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The cost of Paint Sation is $24.95 plus $6.95 shipping, for a total price of $31.90.

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  • Four Shades

    This paint comes in red, yellow, green and blue, and you'll get one container of each color in any set. Each container is the same, so they'll all hold the paint inside securely within, even if you accidentally tip a container upside down.

  • Water-based

    Paint Sation is water-based, so if any stray amount of paint happens to travel from a brush to clothing, skin, or furniture, you'll be able to wash it off without a struggle. You'll even be able to remove it from the floor or walls with soap and water.

  • Carrying Case Included

    With each set of paints, you'll get a plastic carrying case, which will enable anyone to transport the paints safely from place to place. Therefore, if you like painting outdoor scenes or landscapes, you'll be able to go to the park, beach or wherever to paint them without carrying paint in your hands or searching for an alternative case.

Positive Points

  • Eases Stress for Parents

    If you're a parent, giving your child or children a Paint Sation set instead of another type of paint will likely reduce your stress level. You won't need to constantly worry about the paint getting all over everything in the painting area, and if a small mess is made, you'll be able to wipe it up in seconds.

  • Fun in Classrooms

    The fact that this type of paint won't make a colossal mess also makes it a great choice for classrooms. If you're a teacher, students of almost any age will be able to have fun while remaining fairly clean, and you won't find yourself wiping a whole lot of paint off desks, either.

  • Encourages Creativity

    Since the majority of kids spend tons of time using electronics these days, any activity that prompts them to use their hands creatively, along with their imagination, is a valuable one. As there are absolutely no electronics involved—there isn't even an accompanying app to download—painting with a Paint Sation set is certainly that type of activity.

  • Makes Good Gift

    One of these paint sets will make a good gift for almost any child, regardless of the occasion. If you give it to your child at a birthday party, you can even honor a request to open up the paints immediately without worrying about a bunch of young painters destroying your furniture.

Negative Points

  • Few Colors in Set

    A lot of paint sets for kids contain more than the four shades of paint that these sets offer. Although you can mix any of the four shades to make other shades, it would be nice if it wasn't necessary to take that extra, potentially time-consuming step.

  • Only Get One Paintbrush

    Each Paint Sation set also only comes with one paintbrush, so you'll have to obtain more paintbrushes on your own if there's more than one child around who wants to paint.


  • Standard Watercolors

    There are other varieties of water-based paints available, commonly known as watercolors, and many children choose to use these. However, other brands don't put each shade of paint in a special container that won't drip or spill, so if you go with one of those, you might end up doing a lot of cleaning.

  • Tempera or Acrylic Paint

    Some kids ( and adults ) paint with tempera or acrylic paint, but these types are thicker than watercolors, which can make it difficult to create the desired effect on paper. Moreover, containers of tempera or acrylic paint are not un-spillable, and acrylic paint can create permanent stains.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Paint Sation online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Paint Sation online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 16 Aug 2018 Hayley Chittock - (Polson, MT)

Paint Station Pods

Hi brought this product a couple of months ago and the paint has dried up so my daughter couldn't use it. Is this normal for this product. My daughter was disappointed she couldn't use it. Thanks.

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