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Paint Runner Paint Runner or Alternatives
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The Renovator Paint Runner Pro is a device that gives you the opportunity to paint like a professional without enduring the preparations or mess. Their kit comes with the easy flow paint pourer, the special corner cutter, the fine flocked edger, the resting try, and the Paint Runner. With this, you just pour the paint into the roller handle and watch as each coat comes out evenly and equally across your walls or ceiling. No more mess, no more prep!

Paint Runner Paint Runner or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Paint Runner is $39.99 plus $9.99 shipping, for a total price of $49.98.

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  • One Coat

    Paint things with just one coat. Cut down the time it takes to paint your home.

  • No Drips

    Avoid drips or splatters. What’s more, alleviate tape masking, drop sheets, and any prep.

  • Easy Clean up

    It is easy to clean. Just run it through water when you are done.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Open Cap

    Turn the unit on its side and open the cap.

  2. Pour in Paint

    Pour the paint into the container, say goodbye to paint trays. Seal the unit closed.

  3. Get it Started

    Roll the unit on unwanted newspaper for about two minutes to give the paint a chance to spread through the foam roller design. Wait until the paint spreads evenly across the roller. This is something you only have to do the first time you are painting with a new paint.

  4. Start Painting

    Start painting. Watch as you get an even, perfect coat each time.

  5. Rest Standing

    Place the unit in a standing position each time you are not using it.

  6. Ceiling

    If you are going to paint your ceiling, only load half of the brush with paint.

  7. Unused Paint

    Pour any unused paint at the end of a paint job right back into the tin by opening the cap and emptying it.

How to Clean

When you are done using the Paint Runner pro, you want to remove the open cap and flush it out with warm, running water. Do this until the water comes out clear and the unit is clean. Dry it out for immediate use by rolling it on paper towels or clothes. You can also air dry it for later use. In order to change the head on the unit, remove the open cap, then remove the safety cap. Pry the handle apart and release the head. Replace the new head and then re-seal the safety cap alongside the open cap.

Positive Points

  • Less Strain

    You endure less strain when you use this because you do not have to regularly bend over to reapply paint from the tray into the brush. What’s more, you avoid climbing up or down ladders to reach the paint below.

  • Painting is Easy

    It makes painting easy, especially compared to the mess that traditional paint rollers make. This unit perfectly distributes the exact amount of paint each time. With a patented distribution system, you get an even coat of paint each time. Such a distribution system also saves time and money that is normally wasted with uneven coats, reapplications, or the need to waste paint that gets stuck in the roller. No other roller on the market competes with the performance or versatility of this one.

  • Anyone

    Anyone can use it. In fact, the unit is so simple that even kids can help out painting a room while still giving a professional looking job.

  • Any Surface

    You can use it on any surface. This unit works for painting walls, ceilings, furniture, or decks. Use it indoors or outdoors. Cover up stains or scuff marks in a matter of seconds. Transform the entire home and increase property values in no time.

  • Edges and Corners

    The unit comes with the flocked edger and corner cutter to make it easier to quickly paint tricky corners, paint around door frames, or paint around light switches. Not worried about messes, you can avoid the time consumption of removing each switch or covering each door frame. What’s more, you can attach this paint handle to a mop or broom stick and reach ceilings in no time.

Save Time

When you set out to the paint one of the most time consuming aspects is the preparation. Not only do you need to remove any and all furniture, you have to cover things that remain. Wall décor must be removed. Flooring must be protected. Tape must be applied to the lines where you must not cross. Ceilings, for example, which are not getting a new coat of paint must be taped off. So that if the paint roller extends beyond the edge of the wall, it does not accidentally paint the ceiling.

This is the most time consuming process. You must do it to prevent extra paint from going where it should not, and to protect the entire room against paint splatter from the brush when you dip it into the paint tray. This unit alleviates all of that, saving an extraordinary amount of time. By alleviating the preparation time, you can cut the amount of time it takes to paint a room in half.

Save Money

This design saves you a great deal of money. Without the need to do preparatory work, you do not have to pay the exorbitant cost for painters tape and other protective products. This means the only thing for which you pay is the paint.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Weight of Paint

    Make sure you can handle the weight of the unit. Be careful about the amount of paint you pour inside. Most people are not used to holding the paint, by extension, in their hand. Therefore, you might want to fill the unit halfway, test out the weight, and maybe even pour some back into the tin. There is no harm in only filling it part of the way each time.

  2. High Walls or Ceilings

    For high walls or ceilings, you can use a threaded pole or a broom handle to extend the reach. When you do work at any height, it is recommended by the company that you have a firm footing and both of your hands on the pole at all times. Also, when using a pole, make sure you are positioned right underneath the weight of the paint roller.

  3. Painting Pressure

    When you apply paint, avoid pressing too hard. The Paint Runner will do most of the work for you if you let it.

  4. What it Holds

    The unit can hold up to one quart of paint, an amount which lets you use it consistently for up to ten minutes. During that time you should be able to cover about twenty square yards of wall surface. Due to the patented fabric and distribution system, you get even coverage on every surface.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Paint Runner online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Paint Runner online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 20 Jan 2019 Wendy Literski - (Saint Paul, MN)

Not Exactly True

My edger head was poorly made, the cap did not lock/screw tight. It was snapped in loosely - I didn’t trust it. It also didn’t lock onto the handle, if I held it flush like described, it came off the handle or it leaked at the handle. Also, the roller started leaving roller bits on the wall the more painting I did with it. I had to throw it out, not worth cleaning -falling apart. I’m going back to the old-fashioned way of painting.

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Posted: 21 Apr 2018 Linda Scott - (North Lauderdale, FL)

Handle Attachment

I bought this to paint ceiling, however it says you can you use a broom or mop handle to screw into the handle of the roller. However it does not fit is there a special size or attachment that is needed? Without a handle doing the ceiling is quite difficult.

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