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Paint Racer Paint Racer or Alternatives
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Paint Racer is a system that's been designed to enable you to paint a wide variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces without making tons of trips to a paint tray or pail. The main component of each system is a roller with an onboard compartment that will actually store paint and dispense it out through the roller's super-absorbent pad. With each of these rollers, you'll also receive a smaller edging tool with a handle (to help you paint corners), a jug for paint-pouring and a resting tray.

Paint Racer Paint Racer or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Paint Racer is $19.99 plus $9.99 shipping, for a total price of $29.98.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Fill Roller With Paint

    The first thing you'll need to do is fill your roller with paint. To do so, remove the gray lid from the right-hand side of the roller and get ready to pour the paint of your choice into the roller's inner compartment. You can either pour your paint directly from its original pail or transfer it to the included pouring jug first. If you're not extremely coordinated, using the pouring jug is probably the best option for you. The brand of paint you add to your roller doesn't matter—just use the type you'd normally use to paint a certain area.

  2. Paint Surface of Choice

    Once you've filled your roller with paint and have returned its lid to its original place, you can start using the roller to paint a surface of your choice, such as a wall or ceiling. This could be a surface inside or outside your home or another building, and this roller will even work on vinyl house siding. Keep in mind that the harder you push down on your roller as you paint, the thicker the coat of paint that comes out of it will be. As a result, more pressure will result in a more quickly completed paint job.

  3. Use Corner Pad (Optional)

    If you need to add paint to the edges or corners of a particular surface, you'll be able to grab the corner pad that's part of the Paint Racer system to do so. With this tool, you will have to dip it in paint first, as none of these contains an inner compartment. Like the larger roller, however, each one has a handle for a painter to hold onto.

  4. Rinse and Store

    When you're done using your roller (and your corner pad, if applicable), rinse them off with water and store them somewhere safe, such as in a drawer. You may want to store both tools in the resting tray that's included with each system. If you've used your pouring jug, you'll also need to rinse that and find a place to store it, like a cupboard.


  • Can Extend Handle

    Each of the rollers within the Paint Racer system comes with a handle that's a few inches long. If that isn't long enough for the paint job that you need to complete with the roller, you'll be able to attach the built-in handle to most broom handles in order to extend it. Once it's extended, you'll be able to reach much further in all directions without moving around a lot, crouching or climbing up a ladder.

  • Portable

    Every Paint Racer roller is mainly made up of plastic, which means that these rollers won't be as heavy to carry as those made from metal or wood. The other pieces that make up each system have mainly been constructed from plastic, too. That means most users will be able to carry all the pieces from room to room or from indoors to outdoors (and vice versa) without a struggle. Plus, if you need to transport your system to another location by using your vehicle, it'll only take up a few feet of space in there, at most.

  • Super-Absorbent Pad

    When you paint with other rollers or paintbrushes, you may find yourself covering objects that aren't to be painted with cloths, so your paint doesn't drip on or splatter them. Fortunately, you'll no longer need to do this once you start using your Paint Racer roller. The roller's super-absorbent pad will cause paint to cling to its surface instead of flying every which way while you're painting, with the aim of completely eliminating any dribbling or splattering. While using this roller, you may also end up with less paint on your clothes or skin than you otherwise would pick up.

Positive Points

  • No Complicated Cleanup

    Cleaning your Paint Racer roller (or corner pad) will be a very quick process when you're done painting with these tools. You won't have to take either of them apart or use any special soaps or solutions to clean their pads. Instead, any paint on them should rinse clean after each pad is doused in cold water, without any scrubbing action from you.

  • Good For Novice Painters

    This paint system is an excellent one for people who are just learning how to paint, such as kids and teenagers, to use. If you've got a child or teenager under your care who's never painted before, you can simply fill the roller up for them and let them go to town on a flat surface without edges. That way, they won't have to travel back and forth to a paint pail or tray, so there'll be little risk that they'll set the roller down where it shouldn't be.

Critical Advice

To avoid wasting paint, you shouldn't rinse your entire roller out if there's still usable paint that hasn't dried up inside it. Instead, you should keep the lid fastened securely to the right-hand side of the roller as you rinse it, to preserve the paint inside while you clean the rest of the device. If there's just a dribble of paint left in the roller, though, or it has all dried up, it's fine to add water to the inner compartment and rinse it out. This step is especially important if you plan on painting with another shade of paint the next time you use the roller, so the two shades don't end up mixing.

Save Time

With this painting system, it's stated that you may be able to paint a small room in five minutes and a large room in 20 minutes by using the roller with the inner compartment. On the other hand, painting a large room could take you hours if you were to use paintbrushes or a roller without a compartment. If the 20-minute job prediction holds true for you, you may end up with a few hours of extra time for other household chores or fun activities after you've finished your painting.

Save Money

If you usually hire professional painters to complete important paint jobs in and around your home—especially outdoor ones that involve heights—you may no longer need to after starting to use the Paint Racer system. This efficient system will likely enable you to complete quick, professional-looking paint jobs both inside and outside the home without hired help.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Paint Racer online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Paint Racer online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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