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Over Lite is a versatile motion sensor activated light, which can be mounted on a ceiling or wall without the hassle of complicated wiring. It is meant to be installed in a dark space, as the light sensor is sensitive to motion only if it is installed somewhere with little to no light. Motion can be detected up to fifteen feet, which can be useful for homes with high vaulted ceilings. This is a new way to light your home using state of the art motion and light sensor technology.

Over Lite Over Lite or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Over Lite is $19.99 plus $6.99 shipping, for a total price of $26.98.

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How It Works

It is powered by a 24 LED power bulb, which casts out 300 Lumens of soft white light when activated. The fixture is battery powered by two AA batteries and does not need any wiring or a nearby outlet. This device can furnish a space in two ways, either a peel and stick adhesive can be installed with provided screw mount hardware. The placement of the light fixture does not only belong in the home but can also be used outdoors. Over Lite possesses weather resistant technology meaning that it can withstand the elements such as rain, snow or wind.

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Positive Aspects

  • Versatile Placement

    Over Lite can be placed in whatever place needs a little bit more light. This can extend to deep cabinets, large pantries, shadowy showers, or less frequented places such as sheds, attics, or basements. The product's features can help with safety in and around the house with strategic placement over stairs, sidewalks up to the house, or any uneven surfaces needing extra visibility. Being weather resistant, it is easier to detect any weather-related hazards such as ice, or any slippery surface leading up to the house.

  • Energy Efficient

    Over Lite cannot be accidentally left on because it turns off twenty seconds after it's the last detection of motion in its fifteen feet radius. It will not be draining power from outlets, and neither is it wired into the electrical system of the home. The battery operated nature of the product is economical and energy efficient.

  • Easy To Install

    The installation of an Over Lite does not require any extensive knowledge of electrical wiring, unlike installing a standard household light bulb. You do not need any extra tools to get the light in the desired place. Instead, it is installed by a simple and durable adhesive or, if desired, mounting hardware if the surface requires that set up instead. The company gives you two options of installation to make sure that it can be hung in any space.

  • Light Sensor Technology

    The light sensor ensures that the switching on and off of lights is not one more thing to remember, because of its built-in intuitive motion sensor. The motion sensor anticipates your presence in the room and adjusts accordingly to you either entering or exiting the room.

  • No External Electrical Work

    It does not need a light switch, therefore the switch will not be awkwardly placed to either be integrated into the electrical system or be close to an outlet. You won't have to use a bulky extension cord to reach the nearest outlet, which could be far away.


  • Necessary Movement For Light

    It must be noted that for the light to stay engaged there must be some form of movement for the sensor to register. This could cause problems if the person in the room is not in a state of movement and would need to, every twenty seconds, re-engage the light.

  • Customer Assurance

    Over Lite at this moment in time does not offer a manufacturer warranty for their product. Over Lite does not possess a product certification.

How it's Different from Competitors

Over Lite needs no external power source to operate. It requires no interaction except the entering and exiting in and out of a room. There is no light switch to flip or any touch required to engage the light. Many motion sensor lights are installed outside of a home for precautionary and safety aspects, but many can involve complicated wiring. This product can ensure safety while offering no hassle lighting installation.

Save Time

You do not need to fumble for light switches every time you want to enter a particular space. Full illumination is offered at all times so that you can get done exactly what you need to and find everything quickly. Due to the battery saving technology, you will not have to regularly replace light bulbs.

Save Money

The Over Lite installation process does not require you to hire an electrician, handyman, or an expert to handle this matter. This is a product that you can install on your own without paying someone due to the accessible and straightforward hardware and adhesive options provided.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Choose Adhesive

    Examine surface you want to mount your light on and decide whether an adhesive or mounting hardware is needed.

  2. Install Over Lite

    Choose a position which will ensure that a maximum amount of light can be cast from the fixture. Use chosen adhesive to mount onto the surface.

  3. Test Light

    Walk by your Over Lite to see if it responds to your motion; if it does you have successfully installed the product.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Over Lite online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Over Lite online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 12 Dec 2019 Jay Laprell - (Salem, NH)

Use of Magnet Instead of Tape or Screws?

I would like to stick a magnet to the peel & stick as the ceiling is a double-hung type with metal ribs I do not want to Mark up this area. Will a magnet on top of the peel & Stick stop the function of my light?

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Posted: 24 Jul 2019 Diane - (Grand Falls-Windsor, NL)

Great Product

I purchased this item at Canadian Tire for $14.99 with low expectations. I was surprised to find that it worked extremely well. Quite bright. The sensor worked well during evening and night. Does not light during daylight /brighter hours which makes sense. I'm hoping it will continue to work well. Would recommend.

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Posted: 18 Dec 2018 Albert E Sell - (Memphis, TN)

Ordered lights on or about Dec. 8, 2018. Have not received lights or any notifications of any reason as to why I have not received them.

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