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Creepy Peeper

The Original Creepy Peeper is a three dimensional Halloween decoration that sits on the outside of your window to scare people on the inside. It can be used to play pranks on people or simply use it to decorate during everybody's favorite spooky holiday.

The Creepy Peeper has the appearance of a man or "peeping tom" looking in through your window.
This product is meant to look real and is of life like size and has real looking features.

Creepy Peeper Commercial


  • Construction

    The Creepy Peeper is made of vinyl and includes a real fabric hoodie. It is three dimensional and its hoodie helps make it look even more realistic.

  • Lifelike

    This product is meant to be used to scare people and is designed to look like a real person. True to an actual person's size, it features life like, sparkling eyes.

  • Use Inside or Out

    You can put the Creepy Peeper on the outside of your window to scare people on the inside or place it inside to scare those walking past it.

    It uses suction cups to.

Does It Really Work?

Yes. Many of the reviews on this product mention that they successfully used the Creepy Peeper as a prank or just enjoyed using it to decorate their homes. Some people even mentioned that they set it up and ended up scaring themselves with it.
You can use this product almost anywhere. It is recommend for use in a passenger side window of a car, in a bedroom, basement, kitchen, bathroom or garage window. However, you can be as creative with this prop as you would like.


  • Scary Peeper Giggle

    This is another "peeper" product from the same company. The sole difference being that the Scary Peeper Giggle appears as a man wearing clown make up.

  • Scary Peeper Cling

    A much cheaper alternative for only a fraction of the price. However, Scary Peeper Cling is only two dimensional and uses suctions cup the stick to your window.

  • Animated Eyes Scary Peeper

    This peeper has a motion sensor that activates realistic eye movement every time that some one walks by. It also features a "On' setting that cycles through the movements of 8 or 10 seconds.

  • Scary Intruder

    Another similar product except that it is designed to look like a man wearing a black mask and attaches to the inside of a door frame, rather than a window.

  • Tapping Peeper

    Another peeper product. This one, however, is motion activated and looks like a creepy man tapping on the window. Has a "On" setting that taps several times every 8 seconds.

  • Reaper Peeper

    This product is meant to look like a skeleton or grim reaper and features red LED eyes that give it a spooky appearance.


  • Limited Time Offer

    For a limited time, you also get a Scary Peeper Cling with every purchase of the Original Creepy Peeper.


  • Truly Scary

    This product is designed to appear as real, lifelike and scary as possible and while it meant to be a spooky prop, it may not be suitable for all ages. Just make sure not to use it around very young children who may become very upset by it.

How it's Different from Competitors

Many Halloween props are cheap and flimsy. Most reviews on this product claim that is made of quality construction, appears real and actually performs the way that it is supposed to.
Its three dimensional built is somewhere between 3 to 6 inches deep and its sparkling eyes truly make it look life like.


  1. Cost

    The only complaint has been that this product is a bit costly.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Creepy Peeper online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Creepy Peeper online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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