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Philips OneBlade

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Philips OneBlade is an uniquely designed razor that allows men to use one of three guides to shave their beards into three lengths. This razor comes with three attachments that allow men to shave down their beards to different lengths. Men can shave to a one, two, and three millimeter length by changing the guides. PhilipsOneBlade protects the skin on a man's face. It is designed to work so it does not shave into the sensitive skin on the face. The razor contains a double-sided blade which allows for easy styling This razor has a battery that when fully charged lasts 8 hours.


  • Three Guides

    This product comes with three combs that attach to the razor. Men can sculpt their beard into different styles. The one millimeter comb give a man's beard the look of having a five o-clock shadow. It, also, has a three millimeter comb in order to give a short trim, and a five millimeter comb that shaves to a long stubble.

  • Use Wet or Dry

    PhilipsOneBlade may be used wet or dry. It is water resistant. Men may use shaving cream if they want to use it, but it is not necessary for the razor to work.

  • Rechargeable Battery

    The razor has a built-in battery that takes eight hour to fully charge. A fully charged battery gives the user forty-five minutes of use.


  • Fast Trim

    This product has a fast moving cutter. It moves two hundred times per second. This feature makes the product easier to use. Ease of use features, also, include its double-sided blade which makes it possible to trim both backwards and forwards without re-positioning the razor.

  • Water Resistant

    Philips OneBlade is designed to be water resistant. The product may be used wet or dry. Men do not have to wait to turn off the product if they want to clean off the guides or cutter. This razor may be dipped into the water. It, also, can be used with or without shaving foam.

  • Three Styling Combs Included

    Three styling combs are included with the razor. They give the user the ability to get the trim or the style of beard that a man wants. These styling combs will cut a beard to one, three, and five milimeters in length.

  • Comes in Two Colors

    Philips OneBlade comes in two colors. The product comes in lime green, and charcoal grey.

Negative Aspects

  • Only Three Combs

    The razor comes with three combs that attach to it. These combs cut a man's beard to one, three, and five milimeters in length. Men are limited to those length without using some other method. Some men may need other lengths in order to get the style they want.

  • Battery Charge

    PhilipsOne Touch has a battery that requires eight hours to fully charge for forty-five minutes of use. This battery is a NiMH battery. Forty-five minutes of use is not a very long time considering how long it takes to charge the product.

  • Blade Replacement

    A blade head will need to be replaced every four months. These blade heads are pretty expensive.


  1. Not Engough Combs

    Some men want to style their beards in lengths other than one, three, and five milimeters. These users said that other size combs should be included with the product.

  2. Poor Quality Battery

    A few user's complained about the battery. The battery is a NiMH kind that some users complained was not the highest quality type battery. Users complained that the product did not have a longer lasting lithium battery. In addition, a few users complained about how long it takes for the razor to become fully charged. Eight hours was too long according to some users.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Philips OneBlade online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Philips OneBlade online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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