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OCTAsmart Topper OCTAsmart Topper or Alternatives
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The OCTAsmart Topper is a white mattress topper with orange piping that's been made for use on any bed, your sofa or even the floor. It's been created with the aim of enhancing the comfort level of any sleeping surface and thereby increasing the chances that you'll have a deep, long and restful sleep every night. This mattress topper, which can be rolled up for storage, comes in six different sizes to suit different beds. Plus, you'll get a free pillow with each one you obtain.

OCTAsmart Topper OCTAsmart Topper or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of OCTAsmart Topper is $259.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How It Works

The Octaspring technology utilized in the design of each mattress topper combines the support of traditional mattress springs with the soft comfort of foam. More specifically, the inside of each topper is made up of springlike pieces of memory foam that are connected to each other and contain small holes to promote breathability. As a result, when you lie down to rest on one of these toppers, you'll feel both comfortable and cool and will be unlikely to wake up once you do fall asleep. What's more, besides being anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, each topper's soft fabric cover has been designed to wick away moisture as you sleep, which will only add to your level of coolness.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Roll Out Topper

    To get started with this mattress topper, simply roll it out on a bed, a pull-out sofa bed or the floor. You'll also be able to use one on a sofa that isn't pulled out, but you'll likely have to fold your topper in half so it doesn't hang over your sofa's edges. For optimum comfort, if you're using the topper on a full-sized bed, make sure the edges of the topper are as closely aligned as possible with the edges of the mattress underneath.

  2. Lie Down for Comfortable Rest

    Once your topper's in place, you'll simply need to lie down on it and attempt to get some shut-eye. Due to the extra comfort that the topper can provide, you may fall asleep more quickly while lying on top of it than you would while lying on just the sleeping surface underneath. When you wake up, you can either leave the topper where it is or roll it up for storage purposes.


  • Six Sizes Available

    When obtaining an OCTAsmart Topper, you'll have a choice from six different sizes, including twin, extra-large twin, full (also known as double), queen, king, and California King. To choose the right size, you'll need to identify the size of the bed you'd like to use your first topper on and select the corresponding topper size. If you'd like to use one of these toppers on more than one bed in your home, you can opt to obtain any number of toppers in any combination of sizes.

  • Smart Support Zones

    Each mattress topper contains three smart support zones that have a different firmness than the rest of the topper does. These zones have been created to provide extra support to the back, hips, and shoulders—three areas of the body that can get stiff, sore or thrown out of alignment while you're sleeping. Aside from making those body parts feel better during the night and when you wake up, the smart support zones will help ensure that your spine stays in an ideal, natural position as you sleep.

  • Cools Sleep Space

    Since the memory foam within each mattress topper and the fabric that makes up the outer cover are both breathable, one of these toppers can cool your sleeping space by up to five degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, if you tend to wake up in the night because you've become hot and sweaty, this may become a thing of the past once you start using an OCTAsmart Topper.

  • Rolls up for Storage

    When you're not using one of your toppers, or you want to bring one with you on a vehicle trip, you'll be able to roll it up in order to save storage space. After you've rolled it up, it should resemble a rolled-up sleeping bag.

  • Machine Washable Cover

    The OCTAsmart Topper's outer cover is machine washable, but you must detach it from the rest of the topper first, and you should wash it at a water temperature of 40 degrees. It's best to let it air-dry, though, instead of putting it in an electric dryer.

Positive Points

  • May Give You More Energy

    If you often wake up still tired, due to sleeping on a somewhat uncomfortable mattress, you may find that you're more energized in the morning once you add an OCTAsmart Topper to that mattress. This increased level of energy may give you the motivation you need to be more productive during your day, whether you're going to work, going to school or participating in other activities. You might even find that you need less sleep than you did before since you'll probably sleep more deeply and steadily on top of one of these mattress pads.

  • Can be Moved Between Beds

    It won't be difficult to move one of these mattress toppers from bed to bed in your home if you've got more than one bed of the same size. If you haven't got enough toppers for everyone in your household, you may want to move one or two from bed to bed, depending on who's especially stiff or sore on a particular day. To move a topper, just roll it up like you're going to store it away and carry it to the next room, where it can be rolled out again.

  • Free Pillow Included

    In the event that you're short on pillows in your household, you'll be happy to find out that you'll receive an OCTAsmart pillow with each mattress topper you get. The fact that each pillow is called an OCTAsmart one implies that its design is similar to that of each topper and that it'll offer similar benefits. Each pillow is white with orange piping and appears to be of a standard size, which means you likely won't have a problem getting any of them into an ordinary pillowcase.

Save Money

Without an OCTAsmart Topper, you might choose to go out and get an entirely new mattress once your old one starts to become worn-out and uncomfortable. If you place one of these toppers on top of an old mattress, though, you might not need to pick up another one after all. With the topper added, you may feel like you're lying on a new bed, and any discomfort you experienced in the past may be instantly alleviated. Having one or more of these toppers might also relieve you of the responsibility of obtaining air mattresses for camping trips, as these toppers can double as camping mattresses, too.

Wise Advice

Do not buy OCTAsmart Topper online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy OCTAsmart Topper online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 21 Jun 2021 M L THEOBALD - (Nice, PAC)

Octa Smart Topper

In one word


Why it's not as expected far too shallow out of shape in less than 3 hours need I say anymore and the supplier ignored me for 5 days until I sent an email asking if this was a scam the postal service did not deliver I had to go and get STUFF is not to be trusted.

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Posted: 11 Jul 2020 Gail Atkinson - (New York, NY)

2 or 3 " ?

I am leaning strongly to purchase this topper. However, I am undecided about which thickness to buy. I already sleep on a 2" me. Ory foam. And I still have hip pain. Agoukd purchase the 3"? I am not heavy at 135 lbs.

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Posted: 14 Oct 2019 jennifer barnacott - (Chadstone, VIC)

If Deliver to Australia

Can you please tell me if you deliver to Australia and if you do the cost.
Regards Jennifer Barnacott.

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