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Oxypure Smart Air Purifier Oxypure Smart Air Purifier or Alternatives
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The Oxypure Smart Air Purifier is an air-purifying machine for the home or office that offers a five-stage filtration system, unlike some air purifiers that just contain one HEPA filter. It's specified that this five-stage design will help filter small airborne particles (such as viruses and germs) out of a room, while a HEPA filter may only filter out larger substances like dust and smoke. This air purifier can be run at various speeds and has an energy-efficient mode.

Oxypure Smart Air Purifier Oxypure Smart Air Purifier or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Oxypure Smart Air Purifier is $599.94 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Plug Purifier Into Electricity

    Once you obtain an Oxypure Smart Air Purifier, you can place it anywhere in the room of your choice, since it's able to take in 360 degrees of air from an entire area. It weighs 26 pounds, so two people may need to maneuver it into a particular room together. Once you've got it in a location you find suitable, you must plug it into an electrical outlet to start using it.

  2. Turn on and Select Mode

    When your air purifier is plugged in, turn it on by using the power button on the left-hand side of the control panel at the top. Let the device run for a few minutes, and the right-hand side of the panel will show you how clean (or dirty) and how odorous your air is. Following that, you can choose from the six fan speeds based on that reading. For highly dirty and odorous air, a higher speed is best, while a lower, energy-saving speed is ideal if your air is already fairly clean and free of odors.

  3. Turn Off Appliance

    After the air quality and odor indicators have begun to show a good (green) reading, you can turn your air-purifying appliance off, if you'd like. Simply use the power button on the left-hand side to do so. Another option is leaving the appliance on automatic (eco-friendly) mode, or the ultimate clean mode. The former will keep the device off until it senses bad air or odors again, while the latter will keep it running at the lowest speed available.

How It Works

Ordinary air purifiers with HEPA filters are great at trapping and eliminating large particles of pollution, such as those created by cigarette smoke and pollen, within a particular environment. However, they sometimes can't trap smaller particles, such as bacteria, black mold, and the H3N2 viral particles that can cause people to catch the flu. On the other hand, with its five filtration stages, the Oxpure Smart Air Purifier will trap 99.96 percent of the viral particles in your environment, and 99.99 percent of the bacterial particles present. First, its outer stainless steel filter will trap larger particles, while the Bio-Guard filter behind that will work at trapping microscopic ones. Next, the ozone removal filter will eliminate potentially dangerous ozone emissions from the environment, and then the combination HEPA / carbon filter will trap pollutants like dust mites and airborne particles created by cleaning chemicals.


  • Durable

    When you obtain an Oxpure Smart Air Purifier, you can expect its body and most of its parts to last you for about 20 years. The only part that you'll need to replace once a year is the HEPA / carbon filter, the innermost filter within the device. To get you started with that, four extra ones are included with each appliance, and you can obtain more replacements from the manufacturing company in the future.

  • Quiet

    Although this air purifier is powerful, especially due to the fact that its Bio-Guard filter contains an 8000-volt electrostatic charge, it won't make a lot of noise. At its lowest speed, it's capable of making less noise than a standard household fan or some soft music. That means you'll be able to undertake quiet activities such as reading, knitting, or studying while you're sitting beside your air purifier, without being disturbed by it. The same goes for other members of your household who want some peace and quiet or are listening intently to a television program.

  • Eco-Friendly

    This can be considered an eco-friendly appliance since you won't have to run it constantly to keep the air in a particular room clean. Instead, you can put it on its energy-efficient mode so that it'll only turn on when necessary (when it senses stinky or polluted air). The ultimate clean mode is also fairly eco-friendly, as it'll consistently run the device at the lowest level possible.

  • Sleep Mode

    Another custom mode that this device offers is sleep mode. True to its name, this is a fantastic mode for you to use if you want to run the appliance while you're sleeping in bed. With this mode, all the indicator lights will turn off and the fan will run at the lowest, quietest level possible without compromising the air quality of your room or allowing unpleasant odors to circulate.

  • App Available

    If you download the NuWave app and connect your air purifier to Wi-Fi, you can monitor the air quality of the room it's in and control the appliance from another room or building.

Positive Points

  • May Reduce Sickness

    Having polluted air in your home can lead to increased symptoms of asthma and allergies, and if your home is full of viral particles, everyone may catch the flu or other flu-like viruses quickly. Fortunately, adding an Oxypure Smart Air Purifier to your residence will reduce the chances that you'll suffer from these types of sickness. The purifier will be able to effectively eliminate various allergens, chemical smells, and viral particles that can lead to difficulty breathing and general malaise.

  • Can Aid With Sleep

    Even if dirty air and odors in your home don't end up making you seriously sick, breathing them in could make you have trouble falling asleep or cause you to awaken periodically throughout the night. If you clean the air of your bedroom with your Oxpure Smart Air Purifier each day, though, and run the appliance on sleep mode during the night, you'll likely experience more restful sleep. This, in turn, may allow you to be more productive and energetic during the daytime.

Critical Advice

At least every six months, you should be cleaning your appliance's Bio-Guard filter with water. Otherwise, it'll accumulate dirt and its performance will become less effective. To clean it, remove it from your device (while it's powered off) and spray it with a degreaser that's mild in nature. After that, give it a soak in warm water and let it dry before adding it back to your device. You can also clean your device's stainless steel filter, but you must substitute soap for degreaser, and you must never clean any of the other filters in the device.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Oxypure Smart Air Purifier online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Oxypure Smart Air Purifier online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Oxypure Smart Air Purifier Infomercial
Oxypure Smart Air Purifier Infomercial
Oxypure Smart Air Purifier Infomercial

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