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Novus 365 Blender Novus 365 Blender or Alternatives
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The Novus 365 Blender is an innovative kitchen tool which is supposed to be more powerful than a lawnmower. It has a strong DC motor which uses 4.7 horsepower and 3x the torque of the average blender. In addition, the Novus 365 contains 7 incredibly sharp Japanese-forged steel blades. The result is that this piece of equipment processes everything, leaving absolutely no lumps behind. This product is even capable of turning a golf ball into dust.

Novus 365 Blender Novus 365 Blender or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Novus 365 Blender is $9.95 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total price of $19.90.

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:


  • 10-Speed DC Motor

    This product contains a 10-speed DC motor which is far more powerful and efficient than the motor on an average blender. It's a better motor because it's capable of converting direct current into mechanical energy. This type of motor generates torque, which gives it tremendous power. The Novus 365 has 3 times more torque than the average blender and uses 4.7 horsepower.

  • Japanese Steel Blades

    The Novus 365 Blender contains 7 extremely sharp forged Japanese blades. These blades can slice through anything in record time. According to the manufacturer, the product is capable of shredding a brick and a golf ball quickly and without causing the blender any damage. When it comes to food, this means that the Novus 365 blends everything beautifully leaving no lumps.

  • Vacuum Technology

    This blender uses vacuum technology. The benefit of this system is that it prevents oxidation, which means that the freshness of the food is preserved. It does this by sucking the air out of the pitcher before you start blending. Not only does this keep in the freshness, but it also retains most of the nutrients. Loss of nutrition during the blending process is a problem that many other blenders have. If air gets in the pitcher, it speeds up oxidation and nutrient-loss.

  • Smart Pitcher Design

    The product has is called a 'smart corner design'. This means that when you add food to the pitcher, everything gets processed in the middle and proceeds on to the blades through a 'self-feeding vortex'.

  • Intelligent Power Module

    This is a computerized system which adjusts the speed and torque automatically during processing. It normally keeps the speed constant at low torque and high RPMs.

  • 100-Year Warranty on Motor

    The manufacturer is offering a lifetime (100 years) warranty on this blender. They are very confident that the product is very unlikely to break down at any time.

  • 54 Ounce Pitcher

    The pitcher for the blender is 54 ounces. In terms of typical blenders, this isn't particularly large. The average blender holds up to about 64 ounces.


  • Less Energy Consumption

    The Novus 365 Blender is considered to be 40% more energy efficient than the average blender. There's always a reason to consume less energy. It never hurts to try to lower the electricity bill a bit, too. Every little bit helps.

  • Much Quieter Than Average

    Unlike most traditional blenders, the Novus 365 is very quiet. The manufacturer states that it's 20% quieter than the average blender. This is a huge benefit because of how unpleasant it is to listen to the sound of most traditional blenders.

  • Durable Motor

    The manufacturer states that the DC motor used in this blender is much more durable than the average blender. A typical motor on a blender may last an average of about 5 years. Apparently, the motor on the Novus 365 is capable of lasting 100 years. For this reason, the company is offering a lifetime guarantee.

  • 5 Color Options

    The Novus 365 is a very attractive-looking blender which would look good in any kitchen. There are 5 color options to choose from for the base. These include white, yellow, rose, gray, and red. In this way, you can coordinate the product with the color design in your kitchen.

  • Self-Cleaning

    Apparently, the Novus 365 is a self-cleaning blender. There are no real details about how this works on the official website, such as whether it includes the pitcher only or also the blades. Cleaning a blender is an awful task, so this is certainly an appealing benefit. Hopefully, this feature works well, without leaving bits of food on the blade or pitcher.

  • BPA Free

    The design of the Novus 365 Blender is BPA free, so you don't have to fear that chemicals in the materials will get into your food and cause you and your family harm.


  • Pitcher is Small

    It's really a shame that with such a high-powered device, such a small pitcher is provided. For the majority of blenders powered accordingly, the pitcher holds about 80 ounces. This could create a real hassle if you're trying to process quite a bit of food and you have to refill the pitcher a number of times.

  • Blades Are Dangerous

    It's great to have a blender with so much power and with sharp blades, but blades can be very dangerous. These are particularly sharp blades which could pose risk to children and adults. It's not necessarily a reason not to buy the product, but more of a warning to take care always when using the blender.

  • Warranty is Exaggerated

    The manufacturer is offering a lifetime guarantee on this product - a 100-year warranty. This is simply a lofty claim. It's nice that they have confidence in the product, but no blender is going to last for 100 years. There's no way to prove this, and at any rate, nobody would try to return a blender after decades. It's a statement that nobody will ever challenge.

  • Power is a Waste

    There's really no reason to have a blender with this much power. Why would anyone require a blender that has more power than a lawnmower? Most of us are just trying to blend up some vegetables for soup or some fruit to make a smoothie. There are very few people out there who are actually interested in grinding up a brick or a golf ball in the blender. So it seems a little needless to have such a strong motor.

  • Food May Be Too Liquid

    This blender really seems to process the food to death, which is not always necessarily what you want. A blender which makes food too liquidy is not very beneficial. You don't necessarily want a bowl of soup or a smoothie, for example, which is 100% lump-free.

Save Money

If the Novus 365 Blender is as durable and high-quality as the manufacturer claims, then it certainly could save you money. Under normal circumstances, the motor on a blender only lasts a few years. If Novus is really endlessly durable then you won't ever have to replace it, and these items can be costly.

A good, easy-to-use blender may also cause you to waste less food in the house. You can throw those vegetables all into the blender and make a soup instead of letting some of them go bad.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Novus 365 Blender online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Novus 365 Blender online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 05 Dec 2019 paula - (Staten Island, NY)

I like to order, how much is it?

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