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No Stitch Magic Powder

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No Stitch Magic Powder is an adhesive powder that's been designed to help you mend clothing or other items made out of fabric without actually sewing them. It's meant to be used as an alternative to adhesive glues, too. Each bottle of this powder contains six ounces of the substance, which is purported to be enough for hundreds of fixes. For the purpose of helping you mend holes and create hems, a heat wand is also included with each bottle of powder.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of No Stitch Magic Powder is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Apply Powder

    To use this adhesive formula, you'll need to shake a bit of the powder onto the piece of fabric that you want to mend. You must shake it very close to where the hole or tear is that needs to be fixed, or the place where you want to create a hem. Try to shake it evenly over your chosen area of treatment, without leaving any areas bare or allowing clumps of powder to form in certain places.

  2. Use Heat Wand

    Next, fold over the specific piece of fabric that you want to attach to the area you covered in adhesive powder. This folded-over piece could be part of the same garment or part of another one entirely. Regardless, when the second piece of fabric has been folded over the first, you'll need to push the base of the wand against the second piece and gently glide it over the entire thing. Keep in mind that your heat wand must be powered on and plugged in before you'll be able to use it like this.

  3. Let Garment Cool and Use

    After you're done using your heat wand, you'll need to let the garment you altered or repaired (or the two garments you fused together, if applicable) cool for a few minutes. Following that, your garment(s) will be ready for normal use. Do not allow your heat wand to touch any garment a second time unless you've made a mistake. In a case like that, running the heat wand over the same area of fabric again will "erase" what you've done and allow you to start again.


  • Compact System

    The two parts of each No Stitch system, including the bottle of powder and the heat wand, are very compact. They're small enough that you'll be able to fit them into nearly any handbag or backpack, while still leaving room for the rest of your essential items. That means you'll be able to carry these two things with you and make last-minute repairs with them, as long as you have access to a source of electricity for your wand.

  • Works On Various Fabrics

    No Stitch Magic Powder will work on a variety of heavy and light fabrics, including denim, cotton, wool, rayon, corduroy, and even silk. You'll likely be able to use it to repair any fabric in your home without turning to another method such as sewing with a machine or using fabric glue.

  • Fixes Won't Dissolve

    The bond that each portion of this powder will create, in conjunction with the heating wand, will be an extremely strong one. You can expect it to stay in place even throughout multiple washes in a machine. As alluded to above, the only way to undo your heat wand's work is by using the heat wand itself.

  • Makes Little to No Mess

    Unless you accidentally spill your No Stitch Magic Powder, using it to fix your fabric items won't create a mess at all. It's pretty hard to spill a lot of it since the opening on the top of each container it comes in isn't huge. On the other hand, if you use fabric glue, you might end up with sticky stuff in unwanted places on the fabric you're repairing or on your own skin. Even with a sewing machine or a needle and thread, bits of thread might end up being scattered around.

Positive Points

  • Safer Than Sewing

    Using this adhesive powder and the heat wand that accompanies it is much safer than sewing on a machine or with a needle and thread, especially for kids. The reason for this is that no needles or other sharp objects that could prick a person's skin are involved. You might be reluctant to let your children use sewing needles, but as long as you warn them to keep this powder away from their mouths, you can let them use it with little concern. When it comes to the wand, just supervise them and warn them not to touch is base.

  • No Need For Thread

    If you decide to sew a piece of clothing or another fabric item in a traditional way, you'll have to find an appropriate spool of thread—one in a color that won't clash with the fabric. When using this powder, though, you won't have to worry about keeping some thread on hand, or what color it should be, as you'll be able to repair fabric with no thread at all.

Negative Points

  • Electricity Required

    Since the heat wand that comes with each bottle of adhesive powder is shown with an extension cord attached, it can be assumed that you'll need to plug each one into electricity. If you normally use a needle and thread for sewing or fabric glue for mending, a switch to the No Stitch system could make your electricity bill increase. Plus, you may have to wait a certain number of minutes to use your heat wand after you've plugged it in and turned it on, in order to give it a chance to warm up.

Save Money

If you often enlist the services of a tailor or some other professional because you don't know how to sew, and using fabric glue is somehow unappealing, you may not need to any longer. Once you've got a bottle of No Stitch Magic Powder and the included heat wand, you'll likely be able to repair any fabric item at home in minutes. Even if you must obtain a replacement bottle of the adhesive powder at some point, your old heating wand will still be compatible with it.


  • For Fabric Only

    This mending system is meant to be used on fabric only, even though its powder is an adhesive. If you were to use it on paper or plastic, it may not work correctly, and using the wand on paper, plastic or another non-fabric material could damage the material or perhaps start a fire.

Critical Advice

If you find it awkward to work with the heating wand, make sure your hand is in the right position. You should always hold it with your dominant hand, if possible, and curl your fingers around the black grip, instead of the top. Holding the black grip instead of the top of the wand will offer you more precision and control.

Wise Advice

Do not buy No Stitch Magic Powder online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy No Stitch Magic Powder online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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