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Night Vision Tac Glasses Night Vision Tac Glasses or Alternatives
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Night Vision Tac Glasses are glasses you wear in order to block out nighttime glare that can impair your vision, or anytime the visibility is not very good. They are modeled after glasses used in the military. The manufacturer claims that the glasses will even enhance the look of the colors around you so you can see much more clearly than without them. They have a special anti-reflective surface that protects your eyes and allows you to see when it's dark.

Night Vision Tac Glasses Night Vision Tac Glasses or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

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The cost of Night Vision Tac Glasses is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Unbreakable Frames

    You can bend or even step on these glasses, and the manufacturer claims that they are guaranteed not to break. They are made of a break-resistant polymer which is extremely strong. They apparently can withstand harsh conditions.

  • Blocks Out Glare

    The special anti-reflective surface protects your eyes from the damage of glare, and it allows you extremely clear and accurate visibility. This provides you with much more safety and security both when you're driving and other times when you need to see clearly. It allows you to see according to your natural night vision.

  • Modeled After Army Glasses

    These glasses were modeled after glasses that soldiers wear in the military when they have to see the exact details of what is before them.

  • See Colors More Clearly

    These glasses make colors stand out much more clearly, which in turn will make objects stand out much more clearly. Obviously, this is a real safety benefit, particularly when you're driving at night.


  • Allow for Safe Night Driving

    Driving at night can be treacherous, especially when you can't see what's in front of your very clearly. The glasses sharpen your vision and make objects stand out more clearly, so you're much safer when driving at night.

  • Reasonably Priced

    The glasses are not expensive, and the company is offering a special whereby you can get a second pair of glasses for a drastically reduced price. They also cover all of the shipping costs.

  • Strong Frames

    These frames are built very strong, according to the manufacturer. They will not break and the lenses will not fall out of the frames with use like with some other glasses.

  • Frames Are Lightweight

    The frames are very light, made of light materials, and as such, they are quite comfortable to wear.


  • Amber Glare is Unpleasant

    Although these glasses allow you to see very clearly at night and to see colors more prominently, they have a yellowish tint which makes everything around you look a bit sickly. This isn't a particularly pleasant way to view the world.

  • Lenses Are Cheap

    The glasses may be made of unbreakable polymer, but the lenses themselves are extremely cheap. Other online reviews demonstrate that the lenses do actually pop out with use, meaning some of the company's claims are simply false.

  • Better and Cheaper Options

    If you do a quick online search, you'll find many, many other similar products on the market, some better quality and quite a few much more affordable. There's nothing about this product which is significantly better or which stands out from the rest.

  • The Glasses Are Ugly

    These glasses may have been designed for a specific practical purpose, but the manufacturer certainly could have made them a little more attractive. They are not nice looking and they don't look particularly good on. The yellow color is very unappealing, and all in all the glasses look cheap.

Does It Really Work?

Several reviewers who have tested out this product extensively when night driving claim that the glasses simply do not work at all. They don't improve your night vision, or enhance colors, or improve your ability to drive well at night. They don't reduce glare either. So the claims made by the manufacturer may be unsubstantiated.

How it's Different from Competitors

There are many other similar products on the market to choose from. Some have the same features but are cheaper, or at least the same price. There are other nighttime vision glasses that are a little more expensive, but they are much better quality and much more visually attractive than these glasses. Many of these are much more appealing, even at the slightly higher price. They would do best to lower the price or enhance the quality of the materials used to make the product if they want to be more competitive.

Problematic Product

To conclude this review, it's important to stress that there are some real downsides to this product. The manufacturer claims that these night vision glasses will reduce glare and improve your night vision immensely. However, customers who have tested out the product have come back with the conclusion that the glasses do not do what the manufacturer claims that they do; at least not as good as claimed. Therefore, these seem like either false or greatly exaggerated claims. It's very doubtful that they were really modeled after military grade night vision glasses. The fact that they are being advertised as a safety feature, improving your night driving and reducing the possibility of accidents, is quite unethical if they really don't work. What's more, as mentioned, the glasses are not attractive, the lenses are cheaply made and the yellowish tint they give to everything is quite unappealing. All in all, the Night Vision Tac Glasses are not highly recommended.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Night Vision Tac Glasses online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Night Vision Tac Glasses online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Night Vision Tac Glasses Infomercial
Night Vision Tac Glasses Infomercial

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