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My PurMist is a steam inhaler and a class 1 medical device, which uses all natural ingredients to clear airways. This handheld steam inhaler uses new breakthrough technology that will help to deal with allergies, colds, and other breathing problems. My PurMist is a highly rated piece of equipment according to previous customers who had a chance to try out the product. This product provides fast relief from sinus congestions, allergies, and colds; this drug-free steam inhaler is capable of relieving those symptoms, by only using steam! Currently, there is a 60-day, 100% Risk-Free Trial offered by the official retailer so that they may prove it's usefulness.

My PurMist My PurMist or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of My PurMist is $149.95 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Easy To Use

    My PurMist is easy to use and does not require any waiting, preparation, maintenance, or cleanup time, because the fan that is built into the machine it is self-cleaning.

  • Advanced Technology

    The technology in this steam inhaler is claimed to be so effective that as soon as it is turned on and breathed in, the mist will penetrate deep into the nasal, throat and sinus passages. This could then help remove mucus or bacteria that is causing the blockage.

  • 100% Natural

    This device is an all natural, drug-free decongestant that is allegedly recommended by 90% of its users and only uses water to create a better stream of air throughout a person's airways.


  • Convenient & Kid Friendly

    This device can be convenient when suffering from being nasal congestion or other minor lung problems. It is claimed to be easy to use and beneficial for all ages. The all-natural mist that is released into the nasal, sinuses, and throat passages is reported to clear airways in seconds.

  • Provides Symptomatic Relief

    My PurMist provides symptomatic relief for people who are suffering from allergies, sinusitis, laryngitis, colds, touches of flu, headaches, sinus inflammation, sore throat, and any other negative symptoms. These symptoms can affect the way a person breathes and functions on a day to day basis. The steam inhaler provides relief using the heat and steam that is inserted into the user's air passages.

  • Remove


How It Works

My PurMist is already assembled and ready to use as soon as the customer takes it out of its packaging. All one has to do is turn the steam inhaler ON and they will be ready to start clearing their sinus, nasal and throat passages. Since this handheld steam inhaler is portable, a person can travel anywhere with it and use it at any time. It only uses water and is drug-free, therefore it can be used wherever and whenever needed to clear sinuses for breathe better.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Remove The Item From The Box

    Take the item out of the box, and remove all the necessary plastic that is protecting the product during delivery.

  2. Fill Inhaler With Water

    Fill the inhaler up with the distilled water that was included in the packaging. Only leave the water in the inhaler for when using it. After filling the inhaler with water, put the sealed cap on it to avoid spilling the water.

  3. Snap-In The Mask

    Insert the mask where it is to be inserted on the top of the inhaler and open it up to experience the flexibility of the mask.

  4. Plug My PurMist Into an Outlet

    Use the cord provided to plug the steam inhaler into a power source.

  5. Turn The Device On

    Switch the power switch on then a blue power light will come on. The machine will start to heat up for maximum effectiveness within a few seconds. The temperature can be controlled with the click of a button found near the power switch.

  6. Dawn the Mask

    The mask will need to be securely fitted over the nose and mouth to seal it as tight as reasonable so that not much air will escape from the mask.

  7. Breathe in to Feel the Change

    Upon sealing the mask around the nose and mouth, the user will breathe in the steam for a desired period of time. Depending on the patient's symptoms, they can use this product until they start to feel better (which should only take a couple minutes). The temperature can also be adjusted to their liking.

  8. Turn The Device Off After Use

    After satisfaction is achieved using the My PurMist, the user will need to turn the machine off and empty the remaining water if they don't plan to use it within a couple days. The fan will go on for 10 minutes, which cleans the device so no bacteria builds up and it is fresh for the next use.

Save Money

This device can save money in that it is reusable and only uses distilled water. The price of the device, when compared to the effect it has on a user's health and well being is quite reasonable. My PurMist claims to have satisfied over 92% of the people who have invested in the handheld machine. Once the device is purchased, not only can the buyer use it over and over again, but so can their whole family whenever they feel nagging congestion.

Save Time

If a person owns a PurMist they would likely not waste time running around or researching how to clear their sinus and nasal passages. (that is if it works as claimed) This steam inhaler can be delivered directly to a customer's door and comes with a warranty and a risk-free trial to ensure customer satisfaction. This handheld piece of equipment is not meant to cure serious problems which affect a person's health but rather provide relief to the symptoms. The PurMist which uses all natural ingredients that are cost-effective and it is registered with the FDA.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Treat Symptoms When They Come

    The best tip to remember when using this handheld machine is to use it at the first sign of symptoms. Then, a person should continue to use My PurMist on a daily basis relief is provided. Continuous use will give the best results without having spray saline, a substance that is curated using drugs- which can negatively affect health over time.

My PurMist Inhaler Summary

If this steam inhaler works as claimed, it can improve a person's health while saving time and money down for years due to its ability to use repeatedly. For some, this device will eliminate the need to spend hundreds of dollars (over the period of a few years) at the drug stores buying pills and nasal sprays that will only temporarily treat symptoms. This steam inhaler should last for many years and only uses distilled water. Too many people turn to steroid sprays when they are experiencing congestion while a natural solution is always best. Since this handheld machine is small and portable, it can be taken and used anywhere to provide natural relief from nasal congestion.

Is it Worth It?

The official retailer of My PurMist reports that out of 649 people who used the device, 92% were satisfied and saw improvements in their symptoms. If steam inhalers are as good as they claim to be (which is reasonably believable) it is a worthwhile purchase.

Wise Advice

Do not buy My PurMist online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy My PurMist online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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