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My Facelift My Facelift or Alternatives
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My Facelift is a compact, human-powered device that operates with the goal of helping any user look as if they've had a facelift, but without requiring that they undergo surgery or even visit a salon. If you place this device under your chin and complete the two provided exercises for two minutes a day, your chin, neck, and cheekbones may begin to look better in just a few days' time. The exercises won't be uncomfortable for most users, as they only involve nodding the head and opening and closing the mouth. 

My Facelift My Facelift or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of My Facelift is $19.99 plus $4.99 shipping, for a total price of $24.98.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Add Resistance Coil

    The first thing you'll need to do is add the light (white) resistance coil to your device before using it. To do so, open the device up by pressing down on the four horizontal lines below the logo, and then split the device into two. If you need help inserting the white resistance coil inside, consult your instruction manual. Don't use the medium (blue) or strong (black) resistance coils just yet, as they're for more experienced users.

  2. Slide Device Under Chin

    Next, slide the top of the device (the end that contains the logo) under your chin and place the bottom against your collarbone, directly below your chin. The bottom should be sloping downward towards the chest and upward towards the neck. This is the position you'll need to keep My Facelift in so that you can complete your exercises.

  3. Start Doing Exercises

    Once your tool is in position, start bobbing your chin up and down as if you're nodding yes. Do this for two minutes with your mouth closed, and two more with your mouth open. The first exercise will strengthen your neck, and the second will strengthen your chin and jowls.

  4. Remove Tool

    When you've completed your two exercises, remove the tool from under your chin and store it someplace safe until the next day.

How It Works

As people age, the muscles in their faces and necks lose strength due to the pull of gravity and a lack of exercise. This can make the skin that covers these muscles look saggy, too. It follows that if you complete the two strengthening exercises that you can do with your My Facelift, your face and neck muscles will get stronger and position themselves more firmly around your facial features. In turn, the skin sagginess that may make you look older will also begin to disappear.


  • For Men and Women

    Although My Facelift has been designed with middle-aged women in mind, adult men and women of all ages will be able to use it and get positive results from it. It doesn't matter how much space there is naturally between your collarbone and chin, as you'll be pushing the device's top down with your chin anyway.

  • No Batteries, Electricity

    This tool is powered completely by human action and requires no batteries or electricity for operation, so you'll be able to use it almost anywhere when you get a spare minute.

  • Three Resistance Coils

    Each My Facelift comes with three resistance coils, including a white one that offers a low level of resistance, a blue that offers a medium level and a brown that offers a high level. You should start off by using the white one and gradually progress to the black one once the other levels become easy for you. If you were to start with the black one, you might cause yourself some neck or jaw pain. Whenever you want to switch resistance coils, you'll need to pull the existing one out of your device and insert the new one.

  • Portable

    This tool is about the size of a shampoo bottle, which means that you'll be able to transport it in your vehicle without a hassle. It'll fit comfortably in most glove compartments, gym bags, suitcases, backpacks, and briefcases, along with some purses. If you find yourself with free time while you're waiting in the parking lot for an appointment, you just might decide to pull out this device and get a round of facial exercises in.

Positive Points

  • All-Natural Process

    Instead of cutting your skin open or filling it with chemicals, the process you'll use to lift your face with this device will take advantage of your natural strength. You won't even need any creams or other beauty products to help things along—just your face!

  • Results Increase Over Time

    As you use this face-lifting device each day, your muscles will become stronger and stronger. You'll look better and better instead of being back at square one after each night's sleep. If you miss one day, any older-looking saggy skin won't return immediately, either, as long as you get back to your exercises the next day.

  • Makes You Look Younger

    When performed regularly, the exercises that you do with your My Facelift will make you look at least a few years younger, and may even make you look more than a decade younger. This could give you more confidence and more opportunities in both the social and professional realms of your life.

Negative Points

  • Only Comes in Pink

    While men can use this device just as effectively as women can, they may be disappointed that the only shade it's available in is pink. It would be helpful if more shades could become available. After all, not even all women like pink and some users may find it embarrassing to pull a pink device out in public (especially in a professional setting).

  • Could Aggravate Neck Issues

    If you've got neck issues due to an old or current injury or physical problem, you may find doing the exercises you're supposed to do with My Facelift unpleasant. Most people will be able to handle them, but people with pre-existing issues may not be able to do them as frequently as others, and therefore may see less of a positive effect.


  • Not For Kids

    My Facelift is not suitable for children since their necks and chins may not be strong enough to withstand the impact of even the lightest resistance coils included with it. Teenagers who are as large or almost as large as adults may be able to use this device safely, but you should check with a doctor first, and supervise them as they use it. It's unlikely that most children or teens will have saggy skin at that point in their lives, but it could be an issue for overweight teens.

Save Money

Without a device like My Facelift, you might be tempted to have cosmetic fillers added to your face or even go under the knife for a surgical facelift. Besides draining your bank account, these things aren't always completely safe. Fortunately, you'll be able to avoid either of these procedures by committing to the daily use of your My Facelift tool.

Wise Advice

Do not buy My Facelift online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy My Facelift online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 26 Mar 2022 Carol - (Vine Grove, KY)

I'm very satisfied with this device am an older woman and have been using it for a month or so daily. I can already see a nice difference. I would recommend this device and have it to several people.

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Posted: 07 Sep 2019 Mercedes - (Las Vegas, NV)


I have been waiting over a year for my product. All I keep getting are post cards telling me they are sorry for the delay. Do not buy this scam!

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