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Murbles is a lawn bowling game that's meant to be played outdoors on almost any type of terrain, including grass, sand, or even pavement. Each Murbles set includes seven balls (enough for two players or teams), all packaged into a drawstring canvas bag with the game's instructions displayed on the outside. The aim of the game is to first throw the white point ball and see who can get one of their red or blue balls closest to where that white ball is sitting.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Murbles is $49.95 plus $7.95 shipping, for a total price of $57.90.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Throw White Point Ball

    After all the balls have been emptied out of your drawstring Murbles bag, one player or team will have to start by tossing the white point ball underhand like a bowling ball. If neither player or team agrees to let the other do this, a coin can be flipped to determine who will get to make this move.

  2. Take Turns Throwing Balls

    Once the white point ball has landed somewhere nearby, don't move it. Instead, teams or players must take turns throwing the red and blue balls underhand, to see who can get their ball closest to the white one. Logically, one player or team must use all the red balls while the other team or player will use all the blue ones. If you're on a team, a different person should be throwing each time. After all six balls have been thrown, the player or team with the ball that's sitting closest to the point ball will score a point.

  3. Repeat Second Step (Optional)

    You might decide that the person or team who just scored a point is the winner of the game, but many players or teams may choose to continue on. If so, it's best to repeat the second step multiple times, while setting a target score (such as 10 or 30 points) for the winning team to reach. Anyone on a large team who didn't get a chance to throw during the first round should be next in line for a chance during later rounds.

  4. Clean Up Equipment

    Once a target score has been reached and a team or player has been deemed the game's winner, it's best to pack up all your balls and put them back in your drawstring bag. That way, there's no chance that they'll roll away and get misplaced, or get soaked if it happens to rain.


  • Lightweight Balls

    Some lawn bowling balls are heavy, which means that a game played with them can be hard on the body, but all the balls in a Murbles set weigh less than a pound. With their self-powered hydraulic spring, they're also designed to be buoyant, so even if you don't have a high level of strength or coordination, you'll likely be able to throw one fairly far. Once all of your balls have been put in the included drawstring bag, it'll only weigh a few pounds, so most people won't have a problem carrying that, either.

  • Suitable For All Ages

    Due to the simplicity of the game and the lightweight nature of the balls used to play it, Murbles is suitable for people of virtually any age group, except for babies and perhaps toddlers. People in wheelchairs can even play the game, as long as they have at least one good throwing arm. As a result, an entire family may be able to enjoy this type of fun, instead of just the adults or just the children alone. A team can have an unlimited number of players, although a larger team means fewer chances for each member to throw.

  • Can Be Played Almost Anywhere

    With some outdoor games, you'll need to play in a specific location and set up things like nets or stakes before playing. On the other hand, you can play Murbles in any outdoor location where it's safe to walk, and you'll need no additional equipment besides the seven balls included in each set. If only lumpy terrain is available for you to play your game on, you may want to use it to your strategic advantage by throwing your balls in a certain way to avoid lumps.

Positive Points

  • Makes A Good Gift

    A Murbles game will make a good gift for almost anyone—child or adult—who enjoys recreational activities outdoors and has at least one other person to play with on a regular basis. If you give someone this game as a gift at an outdoor party, you may want to unpack the game and start playing right then and there. Once you start, everyone may continue to be entertained for hours.

  • Low Potential For Injury

    People who aren't in optimum physical condition or use bad throwing technique could injure their shoulders or backs while lifting and tossing heavier bowling balls. Fortunately, there's little potential for that type of injury when you're playing with Murbles balls, because they're so light. Even if someone were to get hit by an accidental high-flying ball by mistake, it's unlikely that they'd be seriously hurt by its relatively soft impact (in comparison to that of a heavier bowling ball).

  • Requires Little Storage Space

    When all of your Murbles balls are packed into their storage bag, they'll require only a couple of feet of storage space in your home, your garage or wherever you choose to leave them. The same goes for your vehicle if you decide to transport this game away from home. If no vehicle's available, most people will actually be able to toss the storage bag over their shoulder and carry it on their back while walking to a nearby destination.

Negative Points

  • Not Meant For Solo Use

    This game has been designed for two or more people to play. You could attempt to play by yourself and act as both the "red" player and the "blue" one, but that wouldn't be very fun or challenging. You'd know that you were always going to win, regardless of how close you could get your balls to the point ball. Therefore, this game may not be an ideal one for people who choose to (or for some reason have to) spend most of their time alone.

  • Can't Play Indoors

    While you'll be able to play this game almost anywhere outdoors, it's not a safe one to play indoors, unless you've got access to a large gymnasium. If you were to attempt to play it in your home or office, a ball rolled the wrong way could end up breaking or damaging some delicate object in the immediate area. Consequently in the event that it's raining where you are, you'll probably have to wait until the weather clears up to get out this game and play it.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Murbles online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Murbles online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 25 Nov 2019 jeff adair - (Cocoa, FL)

To Expensive

The game is not worth the cost.

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Posted: 30 May 2019 Brad Levine - (Long Beach, NY)

Garbage. Expensive Ripoff of Bacci

I would have given it a negative amount of stars.

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