Nuwave Moxie Power Blender

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Nuwave Moxie Power Blender Nuwave Moxie Power Blender or Alternatives
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The Nuwave Moxie Power Blender is a vacuuming blender that removes the air from the blending jar and allows the natural oxidation process of ingredients to be slowed down. This in turn gives better tasting and looking results. It has all of the settings of a traditional blender and also includes a timer. The product is great for those who want to create bright looking and fresh tasting smoothies or combinations to serve to themselves or their guests. This blender comes with multiple cups to use and is very high tech.

Nuwave Moxie Power Blender Nuwave Moxie Power Blender or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Nuwave Moxie Power Blender is $199.95 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Commercial Grade Vacuum

    The vacuum is what sets the Nuwave apart from other blenders. It allows air to be quickly removed from the blending jar. The website states that it is 3x stronger than a traditional vacuum you use at home.

  • Plunger and Vacuum Lid

    The plunger lid allows you to put fruits and vegetables through the opening while you are already blending. This lid is similar to that of a traditional blender. The vacuum lid works with the vacuum to allow you to remove excess air from the inside of the blending jar. You can remove the air with this lid before you blend and even after you blend.

  • LCD Display

    The LCD display on this blender allows you to clearly and easily see how much time you have left on your blender timer. It is bright and bold so that the information is displayed in the clearest way possible.

  • Advanced Control Dial

    On this dial, you have 7 different settings to choose from. These settings include vacuum only, ice, frozen, fresh, nuts, soup, and clean. You also have the ability to choose between 1-10 different power settings. These settings range from 5,000 to 27,000 RPM.

  • Stainless Steel Blades

    This blender includes 4 stainless steel blades that are made for durability and precision. These blades will easily slice through your ingredients on each of the settings to give you your desired consistency and texture.

  • Plunger

    The plunger allows for the user to remove any food from the blending jar if necessary during the blending process. It is a safe way to remove ingredients from the jar. The plunger is designed to reach the food being blended, but not to touch the blades at the bottom.


  • Two Different Models

    The Nuwave Moxie Power Blender has two different models that you can choose from. This allows you to choose only the model that gives you the features that you absolutely want or need. The first model includes everything including the vacuum and the plunger, while the second model includes everything but the vacuum features.

  • NuWave Cooking Book and App

    Each of the blender options comes with a complimentary cookbook and app to download. The cookbook includes over 300 different recipes that you can make using either one of the blender models.

  • Healthier, Tastier Results

    The company states that when using a vacuum blender that removes air from the chamber such as the Nuwave Moxie Power Blender, you will get healthier, tastier, and more colorful results. By vacuuming before or after blending, you also get results that last longer than traditional blenders.

  • Timer

    This blender has a built-in timer that is used to count down the amount of time a recipe needs to be blended, and then turns off when it's done. The website claims that this is a true touch and go blender because of this feature.

  • Multiple Cup Sizes

    The Moxie Power Blender jars come in a few different sizes for blending and storage use. A traditional 64oz jar comes on the blender automatically. The blades are built right into the jar. There is then a storage jar that does not have any blades so that you can pour the contents in there for storage. Lastly, there is a travel cup that is 24 oz and can be used for vacuuming and also taking the contents of your blending creation on the go.


  • Noise Level

    Although being an advanced power blender, this noise level that it makes when blending is considerably high. It is not a deafening sound, but it can be clearly heard through the walls of an apartment. For those who wanted a silent or low sound blender, this may not be the blender for you.

  • Vacuum Seal

    There have been some reviews that state that the vacuum seal from this blender can become faulty very shortly after purchase. It is important to check out all of the parts of the blender including the vacuum and the plunger once you receive it so that you can return it for a replacement if necessary.

  • Smoothies Heating up

    It's important to be careful when blending items for too long. This has been seen to cause the smoothies or blending creation to heat up. It would be best to blend in smaller amounts if you fear the ingredients heating up. Another benefit would be to follow the timer instructions carefully.


  • Vacuum Feature

    The company states that it is important to ensure that the vacuum lid is attached correctly to the blending jar. If the vacuum lid is removed from the jar prematurely, the blender will automatically turn off to ensure safety.

  • Vacuum Arm Attachment

    Please make sure that the vacuum arm is attached properly to the vacuum valve and that the seal is actually set to "close". When you are ready to open it you can switch the vacuum seal to "open" before opening.

Critical Advice

To clean the Nuwave Moxie Power Blender, you can either put it in the dishwasher or wash it by hand. There is also a self-cleaning feature on the blender for easy cleanup. To use that feature you would need to add water and up to two drops of dish soap into the blending jar. After closing the lid, you can turn the dial to "clean". You can adjust the time to clean it for as long as you want. Then, press either start or stop, when you're done. Once it is done, all you need to do is rinse out the jar and then place it on a drying rack or hand dry it.

Does It Really Work?

The Nuwave Moxie Power Blender works based on the natural science of oxidation. In regular blenders, you may notice that over time the color of the content may change colors and the smoothie juices may begin to separate. This is due to the oxidation that occurs naturally with fruits and other ingredients when air comes in contact with it. The Moxie blender is combatting that issue. It uses a vacuum-sealed jar to remove any excess air from the blender so that the oxidation process is drastically slowed down. Nuwave also shows a demonstration video of examples of fruits and other ingredients being vacuumed in the blender and how the removal of air affects them in real-time. Overall, this blender is backed by scientific evidence and has been shown to work based on videos and reviews.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Nuwave Moxie Power Blender online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Nuwave Moxie Power Blender online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Nuwave Moxie Power Blender Infomercial
Nuwave Moxie Power Blender Infomercial

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