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Morph is a very interesting mouldable compound for children that has many interesting and enjoyable properties that are very different from the conventional modelling clays and sands that children are used to. One of the most interesting characteristics of Morph is that it is very light weight, and that it tends to fluff out. Yes, Morph increases in volume the more you play with it. Another interesting quality is that the colors don’t mix, which means that children can create different structures, shapes or even structures, with Morph, using different colors to achieve the different effects.

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The cost of Morph is $14.95 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total price of $24.90.

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How it's Different from Competitors

Since the colors don’t mix together, it allows a child to give free rein to their imagination when making shapes. Whereas conventional modelling clays would eventually mix together if you use different colors in the same object, with Morph the colors are easily separable into the original shades. It is also elastic, which means that it can be moulded into a ball, and then that ball would actually bounce. This massively increases the “fun factor” for children. Even more interestingly, Morph actually floats on water, and this is a very magical thing for children to see.


  • Six Versatile Colors

    Morph is marketed in six colors that are very versatile and are just the sort of colors a child would use in making a complex shape, object or character. There is pink, which is always useful to create a skin effect. Green can be used to grass. Blue can be used to simulate water, or the eyes of a friendly unicorn. There is also tangerine and yellow, which can be used to make flowers or fruit, and there is purple, in case a child wants to make an octopus or a dragon.

  • Innovative Formula

    Morph is not really a clay. Instead, it is made of a lot of very tiny and very light spheres. About 75% of the substance consists of these spheres, and the remaining volume is a synthetically created polymer. These spheres are the reason why Morph fluffs up to many times its volume, why it floats on water and why it’s elastic enough to bounce when rolled into a ball.

  • Completely Non Toxic

    Both the sphere and the polymer that make up Morph have been tested to be completely non toxic and non reactive. It meets the most stringent safety requirements of countries around the world, and is completely safe for children.

  • Allows for Detailed Moulding

    Morph is such a versatile material that a child or even an adult could create the most precise details when moulding it, lending itself to improving your child’s artistic skills and abilities.


  • Ease of Storage

    Unlike many modelling clays used by children in homes and schools, this product does not dry out if left exposed in the open. While it will take no damage in the open, it is preserved even better if it’s stored in a polyethylene bag, preferably one of the resealable variety. Food storage containers are also an excellent way to store the substance.

  • The Substance Floats

    This can be used to create many interesting effects, including floating boats that will occupy your child for hours. You can even make a floating island or a floating castle. The possibilities are endless, but do remember that the product must never be flushed down the drain. Instead, the water easily squeezes out of the substance, and then in can be dried to return to its original form.

  • Can be Inked and Colored

    The product can actually be drawn or colored on with chalk pastels. This vastly adds to the fun of using it, and gives further rein to the creative capabilities of a child.

  • It Bounces

    If the substance is squeezed and compressed into a really tight ball, it gains a lot of elasticity and bounce, so it can actually bounce very high. Children can make interesting little shapes and bounce them around the room.


  • It Can Get Sticky

    When the product is used at too high a temperature, it can get sticky. This condition is very easy to reverse. All you have to do is place it in a refrigerator until it cools down slightly. Alternatively, it can just be allowed to stand at the ambient temperature of the room, and it will cool down and lose its stickiness in a very short while.

  • Crumbs May Break Off

    If a piece of the dough is fluffed up to a considerable extent, crumbs of it may break off. This is very easy to deal with. All you have to do is compress a larger piece of the substance and press it into the crumbs, and they will automatically adhere to, becoming a part of the bigger piece.

  • Changes When Mixed With Water

    If you mix it with too much water, the substance tends to absorb a portion of that water and may become difficult to use. This only happens if you use it with too much water. If this happens, it’s easy to deal with. All you have to do is compress it to squeeze out the water and then spread it on any dry and flat area. As the water evaporates, the product will return to its original consistency.

  • Shouldn’t be Flushed Down

    Since the substance is essentially made of synthetic spheres and polymers, it’s advisable not to carelessly flush it down the drain. It’s perfectly non toxic and safe for your child, but it’s not good to carelessly add synthetics to the environment. While the substance can be made into a ship that floats in a bath, it shouldn’t be moulded in the water. If it’s used to play with in water, it must under no condition be sent down the drain.

  • Beware of the Allergies

    The product does not raise allergies among people who are allergic to wheat, or nuts, or casein. It’s also absolutely non toxic. However, if your child happens to be allergic to synthetic polymers, you should not buy this modelling clay for your child.

Save Money

Unlike many other modelling clays, this product does not mix into one grayish or brownish color. It means that you can simply separate the colors and use it again, which cannot be done with conventional modelling clays. This can lead to considerable savings in the long run. You only buy this product once, while other substances have to be bought whenever they become too mixed up to use, or else when they dry out, as they inevitably do.

Easy to Use

  1. Compress it

    When you first take it out of the box, you need to mould and compress it with your hands before you give it to the child.

  2. Fluff it up

    Folding the substance several times and flipping it a little causes it to fluff up. It usually expands to at least three times its original volume, which makes it much more fun to play with. The more your child plays with it, the more the volume will increase.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Morph online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Morph online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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