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Monster Zapper Monster Zapper or Alternatives
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Monster Zapper is a device that will attract wasps, flies, mosquitoes and other pests. Once it attracts them, it'll then zap them, so they won't be flying or crawling around your home and annoying you. All the pests are collected in a single tray in the bottom of each device, so all you'll need to do is pull out the tray and dispose of the dead bugs regularly. The Monster Zapper can be used in any room indoors or even outdoors.

Monster Zapper Monster Zapper or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Monster Zapper is $39.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Choose Location

    The first thing you'll need to do is choose an ideal location for your Monster Zapper. Since each one has a tight-knit protective safety grid that will keep out fingers and other small objects, you'll be able to use yours in any room you choose. You might also want to use it outdoors on your patio or deck, or in your garage. Each device has a handle, so you'll be able to carry it to whichever location you choose without picking the whole thing up in your arms.

  2. Plug in and Turn On

    Next, set your device on a flat surface and plug it into the closest available electrical outlet. If there are no electrical outlets available in the location of your choice, you'll need to move the zapper to an alternative location, as these are powered only by electricity. Once your device is plugged in and you've flicked the power switch, you can leave it for one to a few days so it can collect up bugs.

  3. Remove Tray and Wash Bugs Away

    After one to a few days, remove the tray from the bottom of your device and see if there are any dead bugs in it. Typically, unless the area in which you've plugged in your Monster Zapper is already quite pest-free, you'll see a bunch of them. You can then run the tray under your tap to wash off the bugs. As you do so, the bugs will end up in your sink like stray pieces of food, and you can wash them down the drain as you would those food pieces.

  4. Dry Tray and Put Back

    Your final task, after all the bugs have been washed off your tray, will be to dry the tray and slide it back into your device. If you forget to put it back in, the bugs will collect on the surface that your device is resting on instead, which will create a mess for you to clean up.

How It Works

Each Monster Zapper contains two 20-watt ultraviolet light bulbs that have been proven to attract almost all insects. These will cause insects to fly or crawl right through the protective safety grid and into the device, where they'll be almost instantly zapped by the 2800-watt electrical grid inside. Once they've been zapped, they'll fall down onto the device's inner tray so you'll be able to wash them away later.


  • Covers 3,000 Square Feet

    One of these devices will trap and kill bugs throughout an area of up to 3,000 square feet. Since most rooms in homes and commercial buildings are between 200 and 500 square feet in size, it follows that one device will keep at least a few rooms pest-free for you. You'll only need more than one Monster Zapper if you want to completely rid an incredibly large home or building of bugs, but you can install more than one if you'd like.

  • Safe and Chemical Free

    You won't need to use any harsh chemicals to operate one of these zapping devices, so taking into consideration the protective safety grid covering each one, they're safe to use around pets and children. Adults also won't end up being stuffed up by chemical smells while they're trying to sleep. As for the safety grid, it's not tight-knit enough to keep insects out, but it's tight-knit enough that children or pets won't be able to stick fingers, paws or small objects in.

  • For All-Season Use

    Some devices that trap or otherwise eliminate the presence of bugs are designed to be used only in the summer, but you can use this one during any season you choose. Although there may not be as many bugs around your home in the winter, you still may find one of these devices useful for trapping flies and keeping them away from your food.

Positive Points

  • Will Help You Sleep Well

    If you've got tons of flies, mosquitoes or other bugs buzzing around your head, you'll probably find it difficult to sleep, regardless of your age, gender or other attributes. You could close the windows of your home to try and keep bugs out, but then you might be hot if you don't have air conditioning, and bugs may sneak in through cracks anyhow. Fortunately, you'll be able to keep your windows open without keeping yourself awake all night when you use a Monster Zapper, as it'll trap pests quickly—perhaps before they even approach your bed.

  • Touching Bugs Isn't Necessary

    With this device, you'll never have to touch bugs with your two hands, as they can be moved directly from the tray inside to your sink. If you think bugs are simply gross or are worried about any germs they might be carrying, this will probably come as a relief to you.

  • Reduces Need for Flea Collars

    Those individuals who currently have their cats or dogs wear flea collars may decide not to use them any longer after installing a Monster Zapper in their home. This zapping device will trap and zap fleas just as it does flying bugs, so there'll be little chance that fleas will invade your pets' fur unless the pets leave your zapper's coverage area.

Negative Points

  • Won't Preserve Lives of Pests

    It would be nice if a device like this could trap flies, mosquitoes, and other pests and then allow you to let them go free outside, but unfortunately, this one doesn't. The electrical grid inside will kill each pest that enters almost immediately on impact, without giving any of them much of a chance to fight for their lives. For people who don't like to kill any living things, this could be upsetting.

  • May Increase Water Use

    If monitoring your household's water usage is important to you, you may also be disappointed with the Monster Zapper. Each time you need to get bugs off your device's inner tray, you'll need to rinse it with water, which may increase your water use overall. If you were to try to dispose of the bugs on the tray without using water, they'd probably end up staying stuck to the tray. As a result, you'd have to leave them there and put the tray back in without cleaning it or use your hands to pull them off.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Monster Zapper online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Monster Zapper online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 24 Jun 2020 Rita cady - (Newport, MI)

Replacement Bulb

Where can I order replacement bulbs?

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Posted: 04 Aug 2019 Bill English - (Gladewater, TX)

Made in China ?

I ordered two Monster Lanterns from Bell and Howell and the switch would not turn them on. You have to turn the switch on, then pound on the top of the lantern a couple of times to get it started. I also ordered two of the solar bug zappers and had to re-solder the printed circuit boards before they would work. Good thing I am an electronic technician! Not happy that I had to do this for the price I paid.

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Posted: 05 Aug 2019 Bill English

Since I wrote the review above I have found a fix for the ill-designed Monster Zapper. The Monster Zapper has a plastic fan inside that is supposed to shred the insects that are attracted to the light. The design flaw in this product is the grill surrounding the entrance is too large. When a large insect such as a wasp or a June bug is sucked through the fan it can jam the fan. When the fan jams it turns the unit off and you can't turn it back on again until the fan is cleared. Unplug the unit and take the bug catcher off. Take the four screws out of the cone that covers the fan and spins the fan by hand until you clear the jam. You can find small spaced hardware cloth at your local hardware store, Using tin snips, cut out a piece and wrap around the bug entrance to keep the wasps and June bugs out.


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Posted: 02 May 2019 Wayne Wade - (Forest, VA)

I ordered the Monster Zapper. You received the order on 4/16/19. I have not received it. Please send or cancel my order.

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Posted: 25 Feb 2019 Tanya Baylis - (Melbourne, VIC)

Do They Kill Cockroaches.

Does the Monster Zapper kill cockroaches?

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