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Mold Police Mold Police or Alternatives
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Mold Police is a spray-on substance that's been designed to remove mold from various surfaces within a home, such as walls, window frames, and grout. This solution was created by a group of German scientists, and its formula is based on one that's used to remove mold from industrial buildings. Aside from mold, this spray is meant to be used on mildew, too, and it's claimed that once you remove some mold or mildew with the spray, it won't come back in the same spot.

Mold Police Mold Police or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Mold Police is $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Mold Police by paying an extra fee of $0.00 for a total price of $27.98.

This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page which was taken offline due to Mold Police being discontinued. Mold Police may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page which was taken offline due to Mold Police being discontinued. Mold Police may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Spray Affected Area

    Once you've got a bottle of Mold Police in one hand, position yourself very close to an area affected by mold or mildew and spray the area with your bottle. Ideally, the bottle's nozzle should be only a couple to a few inches away from the affected area as you deliver the spray. After the spray has been delivered, the solution that comes from the bottle will begin to penetrate deeply into the surface that you've used it on.

  2. Deliver Second Spray

    Next, deliver a second spray from your bottle to the same area. This second spray will chemically react with the first spray, and the reaction will begin to kill off the mold or mildew that you want to get rid of.

  3. Spray A Final Time

    As the second-last step in your mold-killing process, spray the affected area with your bottle one more time. This will pull the mold that's been killed directly out of the surface that it previously seeped into. Once this occurs, you'll be ready to wipe it away—never to be seen again!

  4. Wipe Surface

    Finally, to complete your mold removal initiative, wipe down the surface you treated with a clean cloth in order to wipe away any dead mold that's resting on top of it. At the same time, you'll also wipe away any residue left behind by your Mold Police solution, leaving the surface mold, mildew and toxin-free. The cloth that you use to perform this step shouldn't be soaking wet, but it should be dampened with a bit of water before use.


  • Compact Spray Bottle

    Each spray bottle that holds a portion of Mold Police is about the size of a bottle of nail polish remover or body spray. Therefore, you won't feel like you're lugging something heavy around while you carry it from place to place in your home. Since each bottle will allow you to spray out the solution instead of pouring it out, there's little chance that you'll accidentally use too much or spill some.

  • Works On Various Surfaces

    This solution is suitable for use on virtually any hard surface found within the home and outside of it, including wood, metal, and tile. The only surfaces you shouldn't use it on are ones that anybody (including animals) may be eating off of, in case the wiping you do afterward doesn't remove 100 percent of the solution's residue.

  • Goes On Clear

    When you apply it to a surface, Mold Police will come out clear, so there's no chance that it'll stain a wall, a piece of furniture or anything else you use it on. If you accidentally get some on your clothing, it won't stain that, either.

  • Six Bottles Per Set

    This mold-removal solution comes in sets of six bottles, which means you'll be able to deliver hundreds of sprays to areas affected by mold or mildew without replacing your set. If you've got a cottage or a workplace that sometimes becomes infested by mold, you may want to take a single bottle to either (or both) of those locations and leave the rest at home.

Positive Points

  • Has Won Four Awards

    The Mold Police solution has won an International Innovation Award four times, which indicates that it's perceived as being high-quality by the community at large.

  • No Scrubbing Required

    After you've treated a particular surface in your home with this solution, you won't have to scrub and scrub to rinse the surface clean. Instead, in most cases, several simple wipes of the treated surface with a damp cloth will get rid of all the mold and the solution after treatment. That means you won't have to deal with incredibly fatigued arms after a mold-removal session, even if you've used Mold Police on a variety of different surfaces.

  • One Treatment Should Suffice

    You should not have to treat the same surface multiple times a year with Mold Police. One treatment should remove absolutely all of the mold, so there isn't even any buried down deep, and thereby prevent it from growing back in the near future. After you've treated all the currently moldy surfaces within your home, you may not need to go through the mold-removal process again for several years or more.

Negative Points

  • Gloves Needed

    When using Mold Police, you should be wearing a pair of plastic or rubber gloves. The solution contains chemicals that could be hard on your skin if you don't. This means you'll need to make sure you always have an appropriate pair of gloves on hand to wear⁠—or run the risk of giving yourself a rash. Even if you wear gloves, you must also wash your hands after each use of this solution, so you don't accidentally transfer a bit of it to your mouth or eyes.

  • May Cloud Up Glass

    While this solution will work on window frames made out of wood or metal, it's unclear whether it's a good thing to use to remove mold from window panes made out of glass. It could end up clouding up the clear glass, which means you'd end up having to get out a brush or rag that's suitable for scrubbing after all. When removing mold, your best bet is to just spray your window's frames, regardless of what they're made of, while trying to avoid spraying the glass next to them. The same goes for a glass-windowed shower.

Save Money

Without a solution like Mold Police to remove small or large bits of mold and mildew with, you might end up calling professionals to remove these substances from your home. However, you likely won't need professionals once you've got this solution on hand, as you'll be able to spray and wipe all this gunk away yourself.

Critical Advice

If you decide to use Mold Police outdoors to remove mold from a particular surface, be sure that you do this on a nice day when it's not snowing or raining. The snow or rain (and the cold temperatures commonly associated with these types of weather) could affect this solution's performance.


  • Not For Kids To Use

    Don't let kids use this solution, as it does contain chemicals, and children might not remember to refrain from touching their faces after using it. They might also forget to put on their gloves. When it comes to teenagers, use your best judgment as to whether they're mature enough to use it safely or not. If they do use it, it's best to watch them at least the first few times.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Mold Police online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Mold Police online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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