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Molar Muncher

The Molar MuncherTM is a unique dual-purpose device that not only serves as a teether but also as a pacifier. This device has been built in such a way that all you need to do is insert it comfortably within your baby’s mouth and allow it to stay there on its own. There’s no need for the baby to constantly keep holding the device in the mouth nor is there a danger of it falling.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Molar Muncher is $12.99 plus $3.00 shipping, for a total price of $15.99.

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Molar Muncher Commercial

How It Works

The way this device is built and designed, it works as a conventional pacifier while simultaneously being specially made to be U-shaped so that it comfortably reaches all the way around the entire biting surface. With simply one device placed just once into the mouth of your child, your child can feel comfortable at all possible points of irritation over the entire chewing surface of the gums. There is also very little danger of the child dropping the teether out of their hands, as this device does not involve being physically held by the child while they pacify themselves.


  • Medically Safe

    Due to the nature and application of a product like this, what is one of the most important factors a parent has to consider is how safe it is. This is not just in the sense of its physical construction, but also in its toxicity level and food-grade quality. With the Molar MuncherTM, one need not worry about this problem. Molar MuncherTM has been constructed using high quality silicone material that is of a highly superior grade that is medically non-toxic for humans.

  • Single Mould

    With this device, one need not worry about it coming apart into pieces within the child’s mouth due to it being made up of multiple pieces. You don’t even need to allow yourself to get concerned about bacteria and debris getting stuck in nooks and crannies within the device. The Molar MuncherTM has no nooks and crannies and will not suddenly fall apart, because it is comprised of a single integral unit molded as one.

  • ‘no Hands’ Design

    No more does your child need to juggle with his teether while trying to play and have fun. This is a device that offers your child the ability to have their hands unoccupied while they play around and have fun with their toys or simply crawl around the house exploring their new world.

  • Light and Soothing

    The device is also built to be light in weight and very soothing on the gums, which helps the child recover quickly and most effectively from their teething issues.

  • Covers Entire Mouth

    No more does your child need to soothe part of his gums at a time, still in pain while they attempt to relieve the pain from the entire surface of the gums in stages. With just one motion of chewing down on the Molar MuncherTM, your child will be able to get that soothing feeling through their mouth, rather than one part at a time. It is the U-shaped design of the device that helps covering the entire mouth, from the anterior to the posterior portion.


  • Prevents Nipple Confusion

    Generally, when a child gets the habit of regularly biting onto the teething device, this might lead to them continuing to bite even when brought in the vicinity of the nipple on a mother’s breast. Even though just a child, this biting can be quite painful to a breast-feeding mother.

    Furthermore, if done on the nipple of a bottle, this biting tendency could also prove quite destructive on the rubber of the feeding bottle’s nipple.

    The beauty of the Molar MuncherTM is that is helps prevent this confusion. It helps satisfy your child’s need to teethe so well and effectively that the child is no more constantly and desperately looking for something to bite onto.

  • Multi-stage Compatible

    This product suits all stages of teething, from newborn babies all the way up to one’s who are a whole 2 years of age.

  • Homegrown

    When one is a resident of the United States, or any country for that matter, there is a natural tendency to want to buy products that are produced and manufactured within the U. S. Itself. One prefers to avoid products imported from other countries, and that is perfectly healthy for a given country’s economic stability and self-sufficiency ability. The Molar MuncherTM is a device that is something that is completely made in the U. S. , without any branding or affiliation that is associated with any other country.

  • No Tooth Displacement

    This device has a unique design to prevent the child’s growing teeth from being displaced due to it being chewed on regularly throughout the day.

  • Safe for Dishwashing

    Since this device is used within your child’s mouth, it is best to get it washed within a dishwasher rather than washing it under a tap using a dishwashing liquid. Not to worry, this device is perfectly safe to use with a dishwasher and will not change its shape or lose its integrity after it comes out of the wash. It will stay exactly the same as you had first bought it.

How it's Different from Competitors

Compared to other devices out there in the market, this item has something rather unique about itself. It is able to not only function hands-free as, both a teether and pacifier, but also provide a soothing and relieving feeling to your baby all across the entire surface of the gums simultaneously. Thus, this product, evolving after two long years of research and development, is finally able to create something that can be used to completely replace the traditional pacifiers and teethers.

Furthermore, devices of this nature generally don’t bother going through the trouble of applying for a patent. However, the fact that this device has a patent application pending internationally and with the U. S. Simply goes to show that the manufacturers do actually believe in their device working as prescribed and designed to.


  • Not Safe to Freeze

    Although this product is totally capable of being stored inside a fridge, it should never ever be allowed to freeze within a freezer compartment.

  • Save the Eye

    It goes without saying that this device should only be given to a child to use under adult supervision. Its choking hazard is much lesser than the potential hazard of eye injury. While the device is OUT of the child’s mouth, please ensure the child does not get hold of it and accidentally poke themselves in the eye.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Molar Muncher online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Molar Muncher online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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