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Mitlitz are mittens that can be turned into wristlets. When you need to keep your hands warm, you simply roll them down so that they act as mittens. When you have any delicate work, that requires the hands, these mittens can be just pushed up to the wrists. This keeps them from getting lost, looks very good and allows them to be replaced whenever you need your hands covered again.

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The cost of Mitlitz is $19.95 plus $4.95 shipping, for a total price of $24.90.

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  • Allows Delicate Manipulations

    The advantage of the Mitlitz is that they allow for delicate manipulations while still keeping your hands warm. The fingerless style allows the benefits of a conventional glove in terms of warmth and comfort, but leaves the fingers free and allows for delicate manipulations without necessitating the removal of the gloves.

    With conventional mittens, when delicate manipulations are required, you have to pull the glove off, and this can lead to the fingers becoming very cold. With fingerless gloves, you can, for example, send a text on the phone, or take change at a grocery store. You can even look through a box of tools while picking up tiny screws, and all without removing your gloves.

    Not only is it much easier to do these things when you’re wearing these mittens, but they will keep your fingers warm while you’re doing these things. This is not at all the case with gloves, where your fingers can become numb and unresponsive on a cold day.

  • Perfect Sensitivity

    There is a distinct advantage to not having a glove material between your fingers and the objects you’re manipulating. It’s not easy to feel delicate surfaces through the material of thick gloves, and your fingers’ ability to feel is not inhibited in any way. As you can imagine, this gives you many advantages when performing delicate tasks or picking up extremely small objects.

  • Multiple Applications

    Not only are these mittens more flexible and maneuverable in a large number of ways, but they can also keep germs off your hands when shopping for food or while buying gas.

  • Two for the Price of One

    The official sales page at has a double offer running, where you get an extra pair of these mittens when you buy the first pair. As if that wasn’t enough, the company also ships you a matching scarf entirely for free if ordered from the official website.


  • Wonderful When Travelling

    Taking your bags off and rill when traveling can be quite tedious and you could also lose the gloves very easily. These mittens become perfect for traveling, because you can just keep the mittens on and roll them up when you don’t need them.

  • Variety of Colors

    These mittens are very good for children because every parent knowns how children tend to lose their gloves all the time. With these mittens, gloves will never be lost again. Children will simply roll their gloves into wristlets when they don’t require them.

  • Warm, Soft and Comfortable

    The mittens’ high-quality material makes them especially comfortable to wear, and they will keep your hands warm, and the soft fabric will keep you feeling comfy all through the day. They’re especially useful in universities or offices, where you can simply roll down the mittens to continue working with your hands warm.

  • Allows Air Circulation

    These fingerless mittens allow the air to circulate around your hands, letting the skin breathe an making this. Far more hygienic than the average mittens. Your hands will not get sweaty when. You happen to be in a warm environment for a certain period of time, and you can be certain of going through your day with your hands. Feeling comfortable, clean and fresh.

  • Quick Drying

    These mittens are. Very easy to dry, and the special fabric has actually been designed. To this end. If you happen to wet them, you can be assured that they will dry out quickly. This is helped by the air circulation created by the special design of the mittens themselves.

  • Dual Method of Wearing Them

    One of the strongest points of. These mittens is that they can be worn two ways: unrolled and pulled up.

How it Works

Gloves or mittens are the usual choices when you want to keep your hands warm in cold weather. Mitlitz are a new kind of mittens that are practical in a number of ways and very convenient. They are especially useful if you regularly move between a warm and cold environment in cold weather, for example, if you regularly have to go outdoors. When you move outside the house, you simply pull down these mittens, so that they snugly cover the fingers.

They can also be adjusted so that they only cover half the fingers, keeping the fingers warm while leaving the sensitive tips open so that you can still do delicate work. You can imagine how convenient these special mittens would be when you walk out of a warm office environment to your car, where you would want your hands to be covered warmly. When you reach the car, you would simply pull the mittens up to your wrists, open the car and get started driving right away. With conventional gloves, you would pull off the gloves when you got into the car and could very well forget them inside the vehicle when you reached your destination.

Another good possible use for these mittens if you suddenly wanted to answer the phone or text someone on the street, which might be clumsy in thick mittens or gloves. Best of all, these mittens look very good whether you’re wearing them as mittens, or whether they’re pushed up to your wrists to look like wristlets.


  • Inadequate Protection

    As the mittens are open in front, they might provide inadequate protection from rough surfaces. Since you essentially get to touch surfaces with your fingers, you could hurt yourself against a rough surface that gloves would ordinarily protect you against.

  • Can't be Bought in Stores

    The mittens aren't available in stores and must be bought online, which can be a disadvantage if you want them in a hurry.


Short gloves are very cheap and durable and can be easily bought in just about any store, anywhere. They are very comfortable, often being lined with fleece. However, they do not offer the sensitivity in the fingers that these mittens do.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Mitlitz online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Mitlitz online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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