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Miracle Hot Plate Miracle Hot Plate or Alternatives
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Miracle Hot Plate is a device that's meant to heat up a plate so that it's 50 degrees warmer, in as short a time as two minutes. Each device consists of a plastic base, along with a soft gel pack that should be warmed in the microwave and placed on top of the base. The idea is that once you place a plate of food on top of the gel pack, it'll warm up the food on the plate and keep it warm until you're finished your meal.

Miracle Hot Plate Miracle Hot Plate or Alternatives
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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Warm Up the Gel Pack

    To use one of your Miracle Hot Plates, you'll first need to heat the soft navy blue gel pack in the microwave. Consult your instruction manual to see exactly how long you should heat it for, or try heating it for 30 seconds to see how warm it gets. If you need to, you'll be able to heat all four packs in your set of four plates at once, although you may need to increase the heating time to effectively warm up all four.

  2. Place Pack on Base

    Once you've warmed one or more gel packs, place each fabric-covered pack on top of the corresponding white plastic base. You must also make sure that the base is positioned correctly on a flat surface—if it is, you should be able to clearly see the navy blue accents in each of the four corners.

  3. Add Plate to Device

    Finally, you'll need to place a plate of your choice on top of your navy blue gel pack. This could be a plate of food, or it could be an empty plate that you'd like to warm up before adding food to it. Once you place your chosen plate on top of the pack, the pack should begin contouring to the base of your plate and thereby warming the plate up. After about two minutes' time, the plate should be about 50 degrees warmer than it originally was.

  4. Eat Food Off Plate

    If you've got food on your plate already, you can begin eating it as the Miracle Hot Plate warms the plate, or wait until the plate is fully warmed. Alternatively, if there's no food on your plate, you can go ahead and add food while its base is resting against the gel pack, and consume it at your leisure.


  • Works With Most Plates

    Some heating pads or hot plates will only work with serving plates of a certain shape or size, or those that are made from certain materials. However, the soft, fabric-covered gel pack that's included with each Miracle Hot Plate will contour to the size and shape of nearly any serving plate and heat the plate properly. As a result, if you get a new set of plates, you won't have to change your warming method. The hot plate's versatility will come in especially handy if you're using plastic plates instead of fine china while camping or cottaging.

  • Comes in Sets of Four

    These hot plates come in sets of four, so if you've got a family or household of four, you'll have one for each person and won't have to pass one or two around. If you've got a larger family or household, you could always order two or three sets of four in order to have more hot plates on hand.

  • Stackable

    Due to the shape of these hot plates, they'll nest on top of each other in a stack while they're not in use, which will save you storage space in your kitchen.

  • Chillable

    Aside from warming your food, a Miracle Hot Plate will also be capable of keeping your food cool, if you chill one of the gel pads in the freezer first. When you pull it out, after at least an hour, you can place it on its base in the same way as you would when it's hot. Following that, it'll be able to cool a plate of food that tastes good when it's chilled, such as a plate filled with raw vegetables or eggs.

Positive Points

  • Useful at Any Meal

    Since this hot plate is compatible with various serving plates, and it's capable of warming such a wide variety of food, including potatoes, meat, pasta, and desserts, you may find it useful at every meal. Normally, by the time you serve a handful of people at the same table, you might find that the food you're serving has cooled. Miracle Hot Plates will solve that problem, though, by keeping everyone's plate warm until it has food on it and they're ready to dig in.

  • Good for Slow Eaters

    If you or anyone else in your household eats slowly, or at a slower pace than the rest of the group, you may greatly appreciate the Miracle Hot Plate's warming capabilities. Those leisurely eaters who often find that their meal is cold by the time they're almost finished will be able to use one of these plates to keep it warmer for much longer. Although each hot plate will eventually cool down, using one will give you at least several extra minutes of warming.

  • Ideal for Work

    Along the same lines, a Miracle Hot Plate is an ideal thing to bring to work if you want to keep your food warm while you complete tasks or talk to coworkers during lunch. If you have to stop eating and have a conversation, take a call or look at your computer, your food will likely still be warm when you get back to it. Plus, the two pieces of that make up each of these hot plates are highly compact, so they won't take up much room in your vehicle or on your desk.

Negative Points

  • May Not Warm Bowls Effectively

    One of these hot plates will warm plates of various shapes and sizes, regardless of what they're made of, but they may not warm serving bowls as effectively. Each gel pad may not be able to curve enough to contour itself to the size and shape of each bowl, which will lead to less effective warming. If you're fine with eating anything off a fairly flat plate, this might not be a problem for you, but if you prefer to eat certain foods out of bowls, you may be disappointed.


  • Do Not Heat Base

    The fabric-covered gel pack is the only part of each Miracle Hot Plate that should be heated. You should never put the plastic base in the microwave, as this could melt the plastic. Without being propped up by the base, each gel pack won't be able to do its job as nicely, so you'll need to make sure each base stays intact. You must also refrain from putting either part of each Miracle Hot Plate into any heating appliance besides a microwave oven.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Miracle Hot Plate online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Miracle Hot Plate online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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