Miracle Chef Air Fryer Oven

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Miracle Chef Air Fryer Oven Miracle Chef Air Fryer Oven or Alternatives
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The Miracle Chef Air Fryer Oven is a cooking device that will cook a variety of food items with just super-heated, rapidly circulating air (plus electricity). With this device, your French fries, chicken fingers, chicken wings and the like will taste like they've come from a deep fryer. However, since you won't need oil to cook them in this oven, they won't contain the extra fat and calories that they would if you were to use a deep fryer.

Miracle Chef Air Fryer Oven Miracle Chef Air Fryer Oven or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Miracle Chef Air Fryer Oven is $159.96 and the shipping is FREE!

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How It Works

Each of these plug-in ovens contains three stainless steel cooking racks that allow for the effective flow of air, regardless of what you've filled the racks with. Once you turn your device on, the powerful motor (between 1500 and 1700 watts, depending on the size of oven you've chosen) will circulate a whirlwind of heated air. This hot air will then cook the food on the racks quickly and evenly, making them crispy like the deep-fried food you'd get in a restaurant, as opposed to overly dry, soggy or soft. Meanwhile, the drip tray within your oven will catch any extra oil and fat that might drip from your food during the cooking process, so you won't end up eating it.


  • Two Sizes Available

    You can get this air-frying oven in either a six-quart or an eight-quart size. The larger option is a bit more powerful and holds a bit more food, making it an ideal size for families, while the smaller size might be a better choice for singles and couples. Regardless of the size that you choose, you'll have the option of getting a white, black or red oven. All of these ovens have a rectangular-shaped base and will sit comfortably on a countertop.

  • LED Panel

    The front of each cooking device has an LED panel that will enable you to set the cooking time and temperature (up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit) you desire manually or choose between 10 preset options. Due to the LED lights that light up the panel at all times, as long as the oven is plugged in, you'll always be able to clearly see your choices.

  • Transparent Window

    Each Miracle Chef Air Fryer Oven comes equipped with a transparent window, so you can watch your meals cook and see how they're coming along. This will help you recognize if something has gone wrong, too, such as if a piece of food has fallen out of position.

  • Large Handle

    This oven has a large handle that will enable you to transport the oven from place to place, if necessary. You may want to move it from room to room, but you'll also be able to transport it to an alternative location in your vehicle if you'd like. While each one isn't exactly tiny, each will take up less than half the space an ordinary oven would take up inside a car, truck or van.

  • Automatic Shut Off

    After a cooking cycle is completed, your air fryer oven will automatically shut off after a certain period of time. Therefore, if you accidentally leave it on when you go to bed or leave the house, you won't need to worry about it catching on fire. You also won't need to be concerned about it consuming an unnecessary amount of your electricity.

Positive Points

  • Other Cooking Options

    Besides air-frying traditional fried foods, your Miracle Chef oven will perform many other tasks. You'll be able to use it to cook meat on a rotisserie, dehydrate vegetables and fruit, bake a pie, toast bagels and much more. You'll have to make some physical adjustments to your oven to enable it to complete some of these jobs, so you should always consult your instruction manual before cooking something new.

  • Accessories Included

    With each oven, you'll receive some accessories, including stainless skewers, a stainless rotisserie spit, and a stainless mesh basket in which you can cook French fries. You'll also get three recipe books that will give you a great deal of guidance as to how to proceed with using those accessories and the air fryer oven itself. If you're not sure what to make first with your oven, these books contain dozens of recipes that involve fried food, rotisserie cooking, and food dehydration.

  • Some Dishwasher Safe Pieces

    The stainless steel racks, along with the stainless skewers that come with each air fryer oven are dishwasher safe, so if you've got a dishwasher, you won't need to wash those pieces by hand. Any other pieces, including the heating element and the door, can be cleaned by hand with non-abrasive soap applied to a non-metallic sponge. Before you clean the heating element or any inner part of your oven, make sure the oven is off and unplugged.

  • Promotes Healthy Eating

    Although you might choose to add oil to the food you cook in this oven to give it flavor, you'll never have to use oil or any other lubricant when cooking with it. As a result, if healthy eating is important to you, you'll be pleased to realize that you'll avoid the extra calories and fat you'd normally consume after using oil or any fatty lubricant. You may end up consuming up to 70 percent fewer calories than you would if you were to eat oily, deep-fried food.

Negative Points

  • Electricity Required

    You'll need electricity to operate your Miracle Chef Air Fryer Oven, and the cord attached to each is between three and four feet long. Consequently, it won't be a good choice for camping, unless you've rented a campsite with electricity. What's more, unless you want to hook up an extension cord to make its electrical cord longer, you'll be limited as to where you can use the oven at home. You'll need to place it somewhere close to one or more electrical outlets.

Save Time

With this air fryer oven, you'll be able to cook frozen foods without defrosting them first, so you'll never need to wait for anything to defrost on your counter. Furthermore, unlike a standard oven, you won't have to wait for this one to heat up before you can use it. If your oven hasn't been on for a few hours, all you'll need to do is add three minutes to your cooking time in order to accommodate that cold start. Due to this lack of waiting, you'll be able to prepare your food much more quickly with this device than you'd be able to with a standard oven and stovetop.

Save Money

If you regularly eat fried food at restaurants, you may find that you can get the same great taste at home by using your air fryer oven. That means you may not eat out as frequently, or you might go just for the socialization and eat less, due to filling yourself up at home beforehand.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Miracle Chef Air Fryer Oven online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Miracle Chef Air Fryer Oven online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 01 Feb 2020 Cat - (Phoenix, AZ)

6 Months of 3-4 Times/Week Use, and I LOVE IT!

I've had mine now for just a hair over six months and I use it for nearly everything! I got the XL version and I haven't had any major issues except for the shrinkage of the birds on the rotisserie creating issues spinning. We solved that with a little cooking twine and went on with life. I've used it to fry, bake, reheat, broil ( lower heating elements do heat on broil - but not enough to damage whatever I'm working with, just enough to not) toast, almost every function. We haven't baked a pizza in it because there isn't a way to get my ginormous Chicago deep-dish pan into that oven, large though it may be!;
NONE of the button letterings has worn off, but then again I'm careful about where I place my claws when pushing on them. It can be noisy, but in use, I have it sitting on my island in a large open kitchen/dining/living room with vaulted ceilings, so that doesn't help. My microwave can be loud, too. It's just the acoustics in the house.

My only major issue is trying to clean the top of the inside. I can't tilt me upside down so I turn the oven onto its side ( to the ) and the door does *not* like to stay open in that position. The oven itself is so lightweight that I actually move the oven trying to keep that door open with my elbow when I'm working inside. But if that's my only major malfunction with it, I guess I can't complain too much!:.

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Miracle Chef Air Fryer Oven Infomercial
Miracle Chef Air Fryer Oven Infomercial

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