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Mighty Bamboo Towels Mighty Bamboo Towels or Alternatives
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Mighty Bamboo Towels are disposable paper towels made from bamboo viscose. Aside from the kitchen, they're also meant to be used in other areas in and around the home. You can get these towels in sets of two, 12, or 24 rolls, and it's specified that each towel in a 40-towel roll can be reused up to 80 times. Bamboo is commonly believed to be an anti-bacterial agent, so by using these towels instead of standard paper towels, you may be able to eliminate more germs in your home.

Mighty Bamboo Towels Mighty Bamboo Towels or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Mighty Bamboo Towels is $11.99 plus $4.99 shipping for a total price of $16.98.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Wipe up Spill

    Once you've removed one individual towel from a roll of Mighty Bamboo Towels, you'll be able to use it to wipe up virtually any spill, from spilled food to pet waste to craft supplies. These towels can hold as many as 22 pounds of a spilled substance, so even if the spill you need to deal with is large, your towel will likely be able to handle it.

  2. Rinse Towel

    When you're done wiping up your first spill, you can then rinse your towel with water and wring it out. After that, it'll probably be clean enough to be used again, so you can store it in a safe, dry space until you need it. If you don't think it's clean enough, though, you can toss it in your washing machine for a more thorough cleaning.

  3. Use Towel When Dry

    If you've put your towel through your washing machine, it's best to hang it somewhere to dry, instead of putting it in your tumble dryer. When your towel's completely dry, regardless of whether it's been in the machine or not, you can pick it up and use it to wipe up the next mess you make. You can actually dry the towel and reuse it up to 80 times, although it should be retired early if it starts to disintegrate (which is unlikely, due to the durability of bamboo viscose).


  • Sets of Different Sizes

    You can get just two rolls of the Mighty Bamboo Towels at once, or go for a larger pack of 12 or 24 rolls, based on your household's needs. Even if you just get the package of two, you may be able to clean up 3200 messes with that package, if you're able to use each towel in the package 80 times. No matter how many rolls of towels you obtain at once, they'll last you longer than the same number of rolls of single-use towels would.

  • Durable

    Bamboo viscose is considered to be a durable material, which means that these towels will be unlikely to disintegrate, even if they're cleaned in a washing machine dozens of times. In fact, just as you may be able to use one towel 80 times before throwing it out, you may be able to wash it that many times before it loses its form, too. You can contrast this with the flimsy nature of single-use paper towels, which tend to start falling apart almost as soon as they get wet.

  • Anti-Bacterial

    Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, so it follows that the Mighty Bamboo Towels are anti-bacterial towels. That means they won't become smelly, due to bacteria growth, or spread germs around your home if you choose to reuse them in different places. Through specific tests, it's been scientifically proven that they're resistant to two types of bacteria that can cause flu-like and respiratory infections in humans: Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumoniae.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Paper towels that need to be thrown out after one use are hard on the environment since they create a lot of trash. Fortunately, you'll accumulate far less trash if you use the reusable Mighty Bamboo Towels instead of paper ones.

Positive Points

  • Highly Absorbent

    Some paper towels or cloth rags aren't very absorbent, so if you use one to wipe up a spill, they'll just end up rubbing the spill around instead of cleaning it up. On the other hand, these bamboo viscose towels will quickly absorb up to 22 pounds of a variety of substances. That means they're an ideal choice if you want to clean up a large or dense spill as quickly as possible.

  • Can Use on Various Surfaces

    The Mighty Bamboo Towels are suitable for use on a wide variety of hard surfaces, including tile, wood, plastic, and glass. Similarly, they'll likely be able to absorb a runny or gooey spill from a carpeted area or a throw rug. As a result, you'll be able to transport them from room to room to clean up nearly any mess in any area of your home.

  • Could be Handy at Work

    Outside of the home, you might find a roll of these towels to be a handy thing to have at work, especially if you work with substances that can be easily spilled. Even if you're an office worker, you may want to keep a roll beside your desk, so you can use and reuse the towels to clean up any spilled coffee or tea. One roll will take up just about a foot of space in your vehicle, and it may also be of assistance if you spill something in there.

Negative Points

  • Stains May be Visible

    These bamboo towels are white (with light green logos), so if they happen to pick up stains, the stains will show on their white surfaces. While the stains won't interfere with the way the towels perform, if the towels have been washed, they may make the towels look like an eyesore in your kitchen. White towels can be advantageous as you clean up a spill since they'll let you see if you're getting it all, but for aesthetic purposes, having more shades of these towels available would be beneficial.

Save Time

If you were to spill a pitcher of sticky orange juice all over your kitchen floor, it could take you up to an hour to clean up the spill with standard paper towels. Since standard towels will only absorb a few pounds of liquid at once (if that!), you'd have to keep adding more towels to the pile, to avoid simply rubbing the spilled liquid around. Alternatively, if you were to attempt to clean up the same spill with Mighty Bamboo Towels, you might need only a few of these to do the job, due to their super-absorbent nature. Consequently, taking this quality into account, you'd likely be able to eliminate the spill from the floor in just several minutes.

Critical Advice

Although these kitchen towels are recognized as being anti-bacterial, they aren't meant to be a substitute for the hand sanitizer, soap, or wipes you'd use to protect yourself from the Coronavirus and other viruses. You should still be cleaning your hands with soap and water, hand sanitizer or wipes each time you return home, as opposed to just giving them a wipe with one of these towels.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Mighty Bamboo Towels online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Mighty Bamboo Towels online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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