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Met-rx 180 Met-rx 180 or Alternatives
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Met-rx 180 is a program that you can use virtually anytime and anywhere. It can make you feel physically fit and healthy in just 90 days. With the brand name trusted all over the world, Met-rx 180 is a sure way to help you achieve the body that you want.

Met-rx 180 Met-rx 180 or Alternatives
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The Claim

The program is set to give you amazing results in just 90 days of work out because of the advance training method called Progressive Resistance Training. It progressively increases the intensity of your work out phase as days go by. The combination of techniques included in the Met-rx 180 program increases your strength, tightens loose muscles and shapes your body. The step-by-step, easy to follow guidelines found in the Met-rx package is laid out completely providing you an ultimate road map to success with achievable results. This comprehensive program includes 12 DVDs equipped with 16 body transforming work outs averaging of only 45 minutes each. It includes exercise steps for getting you active and toned. It has also work outs to target specific body areas such as chest, back, shoulders, arms, abs and legs for total body shaping and definition. As you go through all the phases in this program, great results are awaiting that will surely make you look and feel better.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Met-rx 180 is $119.85 and the shipping is FREE!

This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page which was taken offline due to Met-rx 180 being discontinued. Met-rx 180 may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page which was taken offline due to Met-rx 180 being discontinued. Met-rx 180 may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

Complete Met-Rx 180 Review

The Met-Rx 180 is a unique fitness and body-toning system that has been proven to work for millions of people. The system that’s used is different from a lot of other fitness regimes as it encourages the user to keep an eye on their progress at every stage. This means people get to see how they’re doing every step of the way and that increases confidence. Met-Rx 180 helps goals to be achieved and gives every user the strength and toned body they’ve always wanted.

How Does Met-Rx 180 Really Work?

Met-Rx 180 provides three different stages of exercises: Conditioning, shaping and definition. Each one of these stages improves fitness and works the body so the metabolism speeds up, muscles are built and the body is re-sculpted. Because the user can clearly see the progress that’s being made, they’re more likely to stick to the plan and get great results.

Build Strength And Confidence.

Met-Rx 180 will help to build strength and confidence thanks to the fat-blasting exercises that are found in all three stages. As each stage is entered, the intensity of the work-out is increased, but it’s done at a steady rate that makes it easier to manage and great at giving real results that target specific areas of the body every time.

How Met-Rx 180 Is Different

Met-Rx 180 is different because it introduces the user to the fitness regime slowly and it doesn’t expect everyone to be in great shape from the start. Not only does it do this, but the regime also helps every single person to see the progress that’s been made, every step of the way. A lot of other fitness regimes tell you to copy the fitness trainer, but they don’t allow record-keeping and they don’t always train different parts of the body. Met-Rx 180 is unique and that’s what makes it stand out from the crowd

What Workouts Are Included?

There are a number of workouts included in the Met-Rx 180 fitness regime:

  • Cardio workouts
  • Kick-boxing workout
  • Resistance training
  • Advanced abs workout
  • Stretching workout

Each one of these workouts will encourage the metabolism to speed up, the body to become toned and confidence levels to increase. While it’s important to get fit and stay in shape, an enjoyable routine needs to be found so the desired results are achieved. Many people love Met-Rx 180 as they have a lot of fun and it gives them the body they’ve always wanted.

A Special Formula

The Met-Rx 180 system is a special formula that works in three different ways to get fitness levels up to where they should be. It helps to get muscles strong and the body toned while helping people to monitor the progress that’s been made every step of the way. The chart that comes with this system clearly lays out all the exercises and routines so it’s easy to see how much progress is being made.

Putting Met-Rx 180 To The Test

Millions of people have already put Met-Rx 180 and they’ve all discovered that it works well. This system works by:

  • Building strength
  • Building confidence
  • Building muscles
  • Firing up the metabolism
  • Targeting specific body parts
  • Reshaping
  • Re-sculpting
  • Re-energizing
  • Defining muscles
  • Sculpting and toning the body
  • Making the body toned and strong
  • Giving each user the amount of motivation they need to keep going
  • Giving each user the body they have always wanted

Demanding A Little More

Met-Rx 180 demands a little more at every stage, but it also ensures everyone is prepared to work a little harder, which makes it less of a challenge and more enjoyable. By slowly and steadily increasing the intensity of the workouts, no-one needs to worry about injury or getting over-tired. Demanding a little more at every stage helps the user to get the results they want, while making the work-outs enjoyable.

A Good Level Of Motivation

When it comes to taking on a new fitness regime, a good level of motivation is required. If the fitness regime is too tough or it’s not a lot of fun then people will simply give up. Thankfully Met-Rx 180 works well to keep everyone motivated so they stick to the program and get in great shape in a very short space of time. The Met-Rx 180 workouts are made to be fun, enjoyable, easy to stick to and motivational, and it’s this which helps them to stand out.

Where To Buy Met-Rx 180

Met-Rx 180 is available to buy online and not in stores. There are a lot of fitness DVD’s available in stores, but they’re not always as intense as the Met-Rx 180 workout. Because it’s only available online, Met-Rx 180 is cheaper than some fitness regimes because it’s sold online which means getting in shape and staying that way can be less expensive and a lot more fun.

Looking And Feeling Better

Everyone wants to look and feel better, most people begin a fitness regime with great intentions but they are not always easy to stick to. Met-Rx 180 provides a high level of motivation while targeting many areas of the body and getting fitness levels up to where they should be. The three stages of the program will help everyone to get in shape while keeping an eye on their progress. Many people have reported looking and feeling better thanks to the work-out DVD’s and the chart that helps monitor their progress.

Re-shape, Re-sculpt, Re-energize

Met-Rx 180 will help to re-shape the body, re-sculpt the body and re-energize it too, thanks to the cardio-workouts that are combined with many different exercises. While the routine may seem like a lot of hard work, the creators of this fitness regime ensure it’s a lot of fun and it really works. The Met-Rx 180 fitness regime makes it easier to stick to a work-out that has results many people are looking for. It also encourages people to stay fit forever, so they continue to have the body they want.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Met-rx 180 online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Met-rx 180 online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 25 Jan 2019 Joe - (Philadelphia, PA)


Tried most of the 90-day program programs. This is the only one I stuck to the very end. I am restarting it again. Will probably make this my permanent training program. No dread factor and trainer Sepe is a top-notch motivator👍.

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