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Mermaid Pillow

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Mermaid pillow is a set of unique pillows all sewn by hand. These pillows have covers with sequins which are reversible and fun to play with. On one side you will find an inspirational message and image while on the other side you will find sequins you can change with a single swipe of your hand. Disconnect from the electronic devices children so often use and swipe, replacing them with one of these fun pillows instead.


  • Free Shipping

    These pillows come with free shipping around the world.

  • Custom Designs

    You can get custom made pillows if you want them.

  • Wholesale Options

    There are wholesale Mermaid Pillows available if you need them.

  • Discounts

    Purchasing three or more pillows earns you a discount.

  • Pillow or Cover

    You have the option of buying the entire pillow insert and cover, or the cover only. If you choose to purchase the cover only, you get a discount on the price.

  • Handmade

    Due to the fact that they are hand made, these pillows are long lasting.

  • School Discount

    Schools can get discounts based on how many are ordered. Discounts are given if 25 pillows, 50 pillows, or 100 or more pillows are ordered.

  • Fundraising

    The company offers a fundraising program which can be used for any charity or school. They give a high payout of 20% along with a free fundraising page for the school or the organization in question.


  • Autism Pillows

    This company has an Autism Speaks fundraiser where they donate five dollars for each Autism Speaks pillow that is purchased.

  • Calming Effect

    The Mermaid Pillows have calming effects. With the gentle swipes and the beautiful colors, these pillows are unique and fun for everyone. Kids love the pillows. People love to watch the reactions generated from brushing across the pillows and revealing a piece of art underneath.

  • Fun Gifts

    They are unique gifts for any child. It is sophisticated and with a swish it becomes a disco ball. Kids can add a bit of sparkle to their bedroom or a living room.

  • Relaxing

    These pillows are relaxing. They help people to gather thoughts and calm themselves. With so many options out there, you can get one or two pillows and really have three or four pillows. For kids they give an opportunity to practice writing things like letters or numbers.

  • Conversation Piece

    With so many fun ways to play with the pillow it is a wonderful conversation piece. You can use the sequin area to write messages back and forth. Write love notes and leave them for others to find. Give them as gifts for parents or set them in business areas for clients to enjoy. What's more, these match any décor.

How It Works

The sequins sewn by hand onto the back of the pillows are reversible. They have two colors, one on the front and one on the back. So, when you flip the pillow over, you can swipe the sequins back and forth to create different. This means that you can change the back side color to one of two colors and you can also swipe different messages or designs into the sequins on the back. It is this that seems to popularly addictive among buyers.


The company has a fundraising program open to all organizations, schools, and non-profits. Groups looking to raise money can create free fundraising pages for the pillows and get 20% of each order that is placed. There is no hassle. Your fundraising page is set up to include the bracelets and / or pillows you want to include. No worrying about paperwork or inventory. Everything is web based. Every purchase from that fundraising page earns you 20%, and you can monitor these earnings in real time. Payouts are generally given once per month for fundraisers but if you need something special, all you have to do is ask. Products sell themselves. Hundreds of customers are doctors, counselors, teachers, and more who love the instant impact the pillows have on children. Videos, graphics, social media content to share, and advice are given throughout the campaign.

Critical Advice

This line is an exclusive line that can only be purchased online. Similar companies have put their products in stores, but these are not the same product.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Zipper

    The pillow cover comes with a zipper along the bottom edge. You can stuff the pillow easily into the cover by following the instructions provided with your purchase.

About the Company

  • Origins

    The company is a family owned business located outside of Omaha. They had help from their 5 and 8 year old kids when they first created the Kids Positivity pillows. These were pillows featuring positive content, messages, and graphics on one side with reversible sequins on the back. Said sequins were unique because you could swipe your finger across them and “draw” on them.

  • Progress

    The first Mermaid Pillows were so successful that they started another line of pillows for kids including fairies soar, dinosaurs discover, unicorn magic, and pandas achieve. Lines like these were successful because parents found them to be addictive, calming, and a healthier alternative to simulating electronics.


  • 4 or Older

    This pillow is recommended for children who are 4 or older. The sequins are all sewn by hand so with force or regular use they could be removed. If removed, they could pose a serious choking hazard or be placed up the nose and cause issues breathing. For this reason it is not recommended that children use this product.

Different Types

Mermaid pillows have “imagine” on one side with a sewn mermaid, and on the other side are turquoise and purple sequins. Unicorn pillow has iridescent and silver sequins on the back, with the words “unicorn magic” with unicorn on the front. Customize your own positivity pillow with words like “believe”, “accept”, “understand”, or “love”. Fairs soar comes in light purple, dragons dream is in a fun red and black. Dinosaurs is in green with pandas in black and white. Love is pink and silver with fun pink / silver sequins on the back. Discover with dinosaurs has silver and green sequins. Bright purple and iridescent sequins are on the fairy pillow. Lake blue and silver are on the believe pillow. Aqua and purple sequins are on the confidence pillow.

Of course, if none of these suit your fancy, then you can customize your order and select from a number of different sequin designs and other colors. Autism awareness has blue and silver on it with words instead of pictures on the front.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Mermaid Pillow online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Mermaid Pillow online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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