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Martial Art Extreme Martial Art Extreme or Alternatives
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Martial Art Extreme is an at-home workout program that'll help you lose weight and gain flexibility and endurance, along with developing the skills you may need to defend yourself against attackers. The program consists of a 14-DVD set full of workouts that will enable you to exercise your entire body, including your arms, legs, and core. The entire thing has been developed by Jerry Bola, a martial arts teacher with more than 40 years of martial arts experience.

Martial Art Extreme Martial Art Extreme or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

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The cost of Martial Art Extreme is $199.75 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total price of $209.70.

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  • Lots of Leg Work

    When going through more than half of the DVDs in this 14-volume set, you'll exercise your legs by moving them in various directions, while learning various kicks. You'll start with more basic kicks as you work with the first and second DVDs, and work on more advanced skills from there. By the time you're finished with all 14 DVDs, your legs will likely be much more toned, flexible and strong than when you started.

  • Includes Cardio Exercise

    Most of the DVDs in the Martial Art Extreme set will incorporate cardiovascular work, which will cause you to burn fat and calories—and lose weight as a result. Plus, after completing the cardio workouts in this program, you'll probably find that you're able to move your body with more intensity, for a longer period of time, without getting tired.

  • Will Tone Arms

    Besides working your legs, you'll also exercise and tone your arms as you learn the various punches within these martial arts videos. Even though these videos won't involve you picking up a weight, you may find that you're able to lift more weight than before once you've finished the program. Your arms will likely look better in tank tops and swimsuits, too.

  • Teaches Defense Techniques

    If your weight and physical appearance aren't your only focus, and you want to learn to defend yourself, too, almost all the moves you'll learn throughout these 14 videos will help you do just that. Although you may not have bullies in your life, and you may never be faced with an attacker, it's always good to learn self-defense skills in case you do end up in a bullying situation.

  • Comes With Diet/Training Guide

    Along with your 14 DVDs, if you decide to obtain one of these programs for yourself, you'll also receive a diet and training guide. This guide will help you with food choices as you train and will provide you with some extra fitness advice that isn't included in the training videos.

Positive Points

  • For All Ages

    This particular martial arts training program is suitable for teens and adults of all ages, regardless of gender. If you can walk, you'll probably be able to complete the entire thing without experiencing pain. However, if you have a medical condition or haven't exercised in years, and are concerned about your performance, just talk to your doctor before starting. You may also want to talk to a doctor if you'd like your child to do this program with you.

  • Can be Done at Home

    You won't need to go to a gym or studio to participate in this program, as you'll be able to play the DVDs at home or anyplace with a TV and DVD player. This makes the program an ideal choice for anyone who feels self-conscious at a public gym or studio or lives a far distance from the closest one. Furthermore, no matter how you feel about gyms, using this program means you won't have to arrange your exercise times around the times your gym is open.

  • Created by Pro Teacher

    Jerry Bola, the teacher who has created this entire set of DVDs, is a professional martial arts trainer with more than 40 years of experience in the sport. That means you'll get a quality educational experience, in addition to some great physical workouts, by choosing to work with these 14 volumes.

Negative Points

  • May Need Supplies

    While you'll be able to complete this training program without obtaining any additional supplies, you might need them in order to give yourself a full, optimum experience. On the DVDs, the people shown training will be wearing punching gloves, holding onto chairs for stability when kicking, and even hitting punching bags. Without these tools, you'll still be able to work out your entire body, but you won't be able to do exactly what they're doing.

Critical Advice

When you embark on this program, you should always start with the first DVD and work your way up through the other 14 in numerical order. Each DVD builds on the last, so if you jump into the middle of the program or skip some volumes along the way, you may not have the necessary skills for certain exercises. At best, this could frustrate you, and at worst, you might actually injure yourself by attempting something you're not ready for.


  • Don't Wear Socks

    No matter what DVD you're using at the time, you should not be wearing socks for any of the exercises within this program, as they could cause you to slip and fall. Martial arts should be done with athletic shoes on or no footwear at all.

  • Pay Attention to Balance

    If you think you'll have trouble balancing as you complete any of the kicking exercises, make sure you have an object such as a chair or stool nearby to hang onto (if necessary). Without something like this, the power of your kicks may send you flying backwards onto your bottom.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Martial Art Extreme online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Martial Art Extreme online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 27 Jan 2019 Carol A Purdy - (Victoria, BC)

Awesome Package

The instructor is patient, passionate and keeps the student aware of the proper technics to avoid start-up injury. The basics are broken down into easily understood steps with volume 11, & 12. The amount of skill and fitness development possible is limitless with the many diverse and progressive workouts. Also, the videos are inspirational to work along with, a lot of fun getting fit with the knowledge you are learning to defend yourself.

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