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Makeup Junkie Bags Makeup Junkie Bags or Alternatives
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Makeup Junkie Bags are cosmetics bags that are spacious and do not let your cosmetics tumble about when you open them. It is just deep enough to keep all your cosmetics within reach. The bag features great construction and has a washable interior. In addition, it lies flat on a surface and features a sturdy zipper to allow it to remain gape open for easy access to all the cosmetics inside. These bags make great statement pieces with their characteristic colorful zippers and suede tassel.

Makeup Junkie Bags Makeup Junkie Bags or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Makeup Junkie Bags is $32.00 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total price of $41.95.

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Buying Guide

  • Purpose

    It is important to decide the main purpose of the cosmetics bag you want. This will help you determine the type of makeup bag that you need so that you can save time on your shopping. Many women have at least two makeup bags; one for daily use and the other for travel. Making a decision upfront will help simplify the decision-making process.

  • Simplicity

    If you are looking for a bag that allows you to access its contents easily, consider choosing a simple bag with few pockets. Rummaging through a spacious bag looking for that elusive lipstick can be quite frustrating. If you need a large bag for large amounts of makeup, consider buying with many pockets to help your organization.

  • Separate Compartments

    Some people like to have makeup bags with separate compartments for brushes and applicators. Others buy an extra bag just so they can keep their brushes and applicators separately for easy retrieval.

    There are many reasons why you should keep your brush and applicators stored separately. It helps to lengthen the lifespan of the accessories by keeping them away from dirt, dust, and other unwanted particulates. Keeping brushes and applicators in a separate compartment also helps to prevent the bristles of the brushes from becoming broken due to overcrowding with larger items and bottles.

    To maintain the shape of your brushes, be sure to store them with handles down. In addition, consider buying makeup bags that are made of satin or cotton. For added protection, keep your brush bag inside the main cosmetics bag.

Important Considerations

  • Water Resistance

    It is important to buy a makeup bag with waterproof lining because makeup and toiletries are prone to leaking. Waterproof makeup bags or ones with waterproof inner lining can also protect your bag from damage by water or rain. PVC, nylon and artificial leather are some of the water resistant materials that are used to make cosmetic bags.

  • Standalone

    Many people prefer to buy makeup bags that can stand up on their own because of the extra level of convenience that they provide. Soft makeup bags often fall over and can allow contents to fall out. Consider buying makeup bags with flat bottoms because they work well when placed on a desk, counter or makeup table.

    Sturdy cosmetics bags with stiff sides can also be very convenient and user-friendly. These bags are less susceptible to falling over, which could break fragile bottles and powders if  they were to fall off a counter.

  • Shape and Design

    There are many makeup bags on the market. Therefore, finding the one with the right shape and design should not be a problem. Although function is an important quality of a good cosmetics bag, many people buy makeup bags that match their personalities.

    Many people consider their makeup bags to be personal and private items. While makeup bags are often kept in a larger bag or purse most of the time, it is still fun and fulfilling to have a bag that matches your personality.

  • Zippers

    A good makeup bag offers convenience; it is one large bag with a sturdy main zipper and smaller inner compartments with their own zippers. Consider buying a cosmetics bag that you can open and close easily. This will make it easier for you to grab the item that you need easily.

    Some people like cosmetics bags with various compartments to help them organize their products. If you like to keep your makeup and toiletries organized, consider buying a makeup bag with compartments or pockets.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Clear Bags

    The key to having a makeup bag with accessible content is: organization. Like socks and T-shirts, makeup can also be organized. Consider using clear bags to organize the makeup in your bag. Keep your everyday essentials in one clear bag and the rest of your stuff in other labeled bags.

    Separate all your makeup products and organize them according to a category such as face oils, primers, concealers and serums among others. Organize eye and lip makeup according to color or texture. You may organize your makeup according to lips, face, and eyes.

  2. Simplicity is Key

    When it comes to organizing your cosmetics bag, less is more. What you really need are the essentials. Once you determine the products that you use every day, you have an organized cosmetics bag. Consider packing versatile products with multiple uses.

  3. Lipstick

    If you have a large lipstick collection and want to carry all of them, consider using a bobbin box to keep all your lipstick in one place.

  4. Cotton Swabs

    Be sure to keep a pack of cotton swabs in your cosmetics bag at all times. One of the best things about cotton swabs is that they are highly versatile; you can do a whole host of things with them. You can use the cotton swabs to remove that smudge of mascara or clean up bleeding lipsticks.

  5. Old Products

    Throw away those old products that have been in your cosmetics bag for years. Some of them may be broken or even expired. Replace your mascara at least once every three months and eye shadows after a year or two. You can use your lipstick and foundation for a year and six months respectively before replacing. Be sure to get rid of all broken items in your cosmetics bag.

  6. Keep It Tidy

    Be sure to keep all the small items in your cosmetics bag tidy. Consider using a pencil case to store all small items including eyeliners, lip liners, and tweezers. Alternatively, tie together all your eyeliner pencils together with hair elastics.

Buying a New One

It is recommended to buy a new cosmetics bag each year. Buy ones that are spacious enough for all your daily essentials to avoid breakage. Consider buying a cosmetics bag that is made of water resistant material; one that you can easily wipe down with a piece of wet cloth.


Makeup Junkie Bags come in a wide range of colors, sizes, styles, and designs. These cosmetics bags are spacious and sturdy to fit all your beauty products. In addition, they are flat bottomed to prevent items from falling off and becoming damaged. It is important to research and take some time to find the makeup bag that fits your requirements.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Makeup Junkie Bags online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Makeup Junkie Bags online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 18 Feb 2022 Angela Watts - (Madison, MS)

Original Review is WRONG!

I'm not sure who wrote this initial review on Makeup Junkie Bags, but they are wrong. The brand "Makeup Junkie Bags" is NOT discontinued or only available on Amazon or eBay. They are going strong, still making and releasing bags. They frequently release new fabrics and have expanded their line with MANY different types of products. I would recommend actually having some knowledge about the product you review before writing the review. It might save you from some embarrassment.

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Makeup Junkie Bags Infomercial

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